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Saturday 2nd October 12-6pm, although will probably end earlier H2.44, how mysterious

Is Finnbar being mysterious or just indecisive? Nobody knows.

From the GM of such chaos as Crash Pandas and Goblin Quest, and the GM and designer of the surprisingly emotive and involved Monsters on a Cruise Ship, comes another one shot! To keep things spicy, this is a mystery one-shot run in a mystery system. However, I do have some facts about this one-shot:

  • It will be in a one-page system, so easy to learn.
  • It will be comedy-focused, even if the system does not lend itself to that.
  • I will continue to i…

Run by: Finnbar ( finnbar )

Players: 0/6

Incident on Greyrock
12 - 6 H0.44

Game System -
Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition is a highly popular TTRPG system, typically used for high fantasy settings but able to be adapted to others. The outcomes of your actions are usually decided by the roll of a twenty sided dice and the particular set of skills of your character.

Setting -
The Brimshaw Archipelago, once run by the great empire, has within the last few centuries fallen into the hands of the (ex-royal) guilds. Despite being long-inhabited, these isles are as unexplored as they a…

Run by: Francis ( Abnermal )

Players: 1/4

The Trapped Wizard (by FED) [ONLINE - Roll20 + Discord]
2nd October, 12-6pm (may be shorter depending on how things go) Online - Roll20 + Discord

It’s been a great day. No work, no fighting, just relaxing on the beach with friends. A rare occurrence in the life of an adventurer! But all good things must come to an end and as the evening draws near you begin to pack up your picnic leftovers. You relish the last warm rays of the setting sun as you make your way up the beach. Time to find someplace to stay for the night. Earlier in the day, a lighthouse in the distance caught your eye. The keeper will surely allow you to stay for the night. After all, …

Run by: Tom ( tompsognathus )

Players: 1/5

Cave of the Black Dragon
02/10/2021 12:00 H3.44

Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition is a well-refined and easy to pick up RPG which provides the ability to play in a variety of genres and settings.

The system utilises many types of dice ranging from a d4 to a d20. The d20 is the most frequently used of all of these, attacks and skill checks all depending on it.

Cave of the Black Dragon will be set in the world of Asoris, a high fantasy world full of different races, cultures and nations, blending together many of the official worlds and sourcebooks int…

Run by: Mars

Players: 2/6

The Sandseer's Scorn

rpgone-shotintro to rpgsfreshers

Dungeons and Dragons 5e

The Game System:
Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition, the most popular TTRPG game system, based around the roll of a d20.
In Dungeons and Dragons you’ll be playing a character with their own sheet, wherein is kept their abilities, skills, weapons and magic. Infinite stories can be told within the system, and player agency and creativity is encouraged, with the Dungeon Master acting as a narrator and referee of events

The Game:
A short and easily accessible cinematic oneshot filled with colourful characte…

Run by: Lancelot

Players: 6/6

Best left undisturbed
Some time past the 13th of July Discord

Dear adventurer,

It is a pleasant day in Denar, the city of the sea. Not only that, today is a momentous day, for it is the first day of the “Exposition of the Ancients” in the Museum of Denar. The new array of items displayed are all unique and mysterious in their own way, and none are as worthy of consideration as the “Pendant of the Deep”. This artifact has quite the history in Denar, as its acquisition was lauded a great discovery and kickstarted many a rumour. Some say it was found among lost ruins of…

Run by: Alonso

Players: 4/4

Twilight: 2000 - “Good luck. You’re on your own.”
Sometime this term Roll20/Discord

That was when the radio static briefly became clear. Someone on
the other end screaming that HQ was being overrun. The last order
from the top to make a break for it. Like you weren’t already. Then
that final message that hung there in the vehicle, like the worst
news in a hospital waiting room: “Good luck. You’re on your own.”


Twilight: 2000 is a roleplaying game about survival in mankind’s most desperate hour. In the year 2000 of a history that took a different tur…

Run by: Sol ( minijester1 )

Players: 5/5