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Mystery Box Netrunner Tournament
Sunday 26 September - Approximately 1:30pm - 6pm Discord /

We'll be playing with a randomly-generated card pool following the same format as this event:

The idea is sometime in the days leading up to the event I will randomly select 18 card packs from all of Android: Netrunner history. This includes data packs, big boxes, core sets, gateway, etc. Maybe we'll end up with a weird variant of standard, or maybe there'll be 18 data packs and no hedge fund. Either way this will likely be a unique new meta…

Run by: Am ( proserpine )

Players: 10/419

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Post-Prerelease
1pm-5pm Friday 1st October Online

This is an ONLINE event. We'll be operating under the assumption that you at minimum know how to play Magic: The Gathering for this event. If you'd like to learn, please show up to our in person Collectible Card Games event on Thursday or our online Collectible Card Games event on Sunday on the Welcome Week Timetable.

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt is the newest set of cards for the Collectible Card Game (CCG) Magic: The Gathering. We are celebrating in the only way that we know how: a prerelease event that's to…

Run by: Scarlett ( ORCH1D )

Players: 6/200