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December X-Wing Tournament
09:30-16:00. Sunday 5th December B2.04/5

An IN-PERSON X-Wing 2.0 tournament to be held on one of the days of tabletop weekend. This will held on Sunday 5th December.

Important details:

  • Free to enter.
  • 3 standard 75 minute games, swiss-pairings. 1hr lunch break after game 2.
  • Lists should be 200 points, please include your choice of obstacles.
  • I will be accepting your YASB links by direct messages from Wednesday 1st Dec. Please note that your list will be considered locked in once submitted, and only when I have received somebody's list will they b…
Run by: Jon ( Nahjo_Che )

Players: 7/12

Blood Bowl Campaign/League
Monday Wargames

warhammerwargamesblood bowl

Blood Bowl 2020

Hey, so I've spoken about this for a while now and I thought I'd finally throw up the event.

Blood Bowl is a game that combines American football and fantasy. In a league, you get to develop players and watch your team evolve through the weeks and overall it just makes the game a whole lot more fun so I kind of want to run a league.

Feel free to join if you don't quite have a team yet or are just thinking about joining, I'll probably make a spreadsheet for the campaign in a couple of weeks and decide on p…

Run by: Alex ( Alder )

Players: 6/11