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A New Term, a New Painting Competition
Tabletop Weekend 3/12/23, Exact Time TBD Tabletop Weekend, Likely B2.02

The Tabletop Painting Competition once again makes a return albeit with a new judge.
The Painting Competition is designed for people to have fun and celebrate the painting skill of our members or even (if you're like me) just provide an excuse to slowly shrink that pile of shame. Although there will be a winner, it is a friendly competition and members are encouraged to discuss and share tips to help everyone improve and enjoy the process.
Each competition runs a theme which may help provide inspiration wh…

Run by: James ( James_Hurst )

Players: 5/100

Blood Bowl League
Wargames/Board Games

A new year is upon us and so is another season of Blood Bowl.

Blood Bowl is a miniatures game about fantasy American Football. You start with a basic fantasy team from a variety of races (elves, orcs, undead, etc...) and throughout the league will develop them into star blood bowl players.

I will set up a schedule of games for the term, you will be expected to play one game every 2-3 weeks or so, this is probably best done at wargames or board games.

Usually players would build their own teams but I have a…

Run by: Alex ( Alder )

Players: 1/7