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[Intro to RPGs] Escape From the Fortress of Oblivion!
Oct 3, Midday Online, Discord

wuxiakung fukill six billion demonsbroken worlds

Broken Worlds (Powered by the Apocalypse)

Woe! Horror! The sevenfold world has fallen from the grace of the divine into the hands of monstrous kings and countless lesser evils. Gangsters, slavers, devils and hungry guilds have infested even Throne, the red city at the heart of all worlds that was once home to the gods. But fear not! Solomon David, God-Emperor of the Celestial Empire, yet holds one-seventh of the Wheel, and in that seventh order holds sway and evil is vanquished.

It's a pity you've been judged evil.

You are a collection of misfits,…

Run by: Alex ( QafianSage )

Players: 4/6