AGM: 2018 Edition

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Posted 6 years ago

It's time for the society's most important event of the year! Without an AGM and elected exec members the society cannot exist, and therefore neither can the events we run!

So, to help the society function, we need as many members to submit motions, run for exec roles, turn up, debate and vote as possible. Full details are on our website. They will also be announced gradually on this event, so make sure you mark yourselves as interested or going to keep updated!

If you want to run for a position or vote, you MUST be a member of the society by 14th February 2018!

The current order of business is:
- Introduction
- Society update
- Voting rules and procedures
- Motions
- Comfort break
- Exec elections
- Any other business
- Election results
- Wrap-up

Useful links:
Facebook event:
SU Guidelines on AGMs:


Anyone who has been a paying society member from before 14th February can vote.

The same as above.

The current list of roles is:
- President
- Secretary
- Treasurer
- Boardgames Rep
- War Games Rep
- CCGs Rep
- RPGs Rep
- LARP Rep
- LARP Equipment Officer
- Communications Officer
- Web Admin
Please note this may change due to motions passed.

You can message the Facebook page, post in the forums or speak to one of our exec members at one of our many events. Even if they can’t answer your questions, they will be able to point you to the exec member that can.

You can post on this event, or reply to the forum post saying which role you would like to run for. We recommend you write a short paragraph on why you would be a good fit for the role, which will be read if you cannot make the event.

After nominating yourself as described above, you should try and make it to the AGM itself. There, you will be asked if you would like to give a short speech as to why you should get the role, after which there will a short period for those present to ask questions. Then, the position will be voted on and the provisional results given at the end of the event.

Just turn up! We will be using a secret ballot method, which will be explained fully on the night.

If you can’t make it but would like to vote, please contact the society and we will endeavour to sort something out for you.

Anyone who has been a paying society member from before 14th February can.

You can post on this event, or reply to the forum post stating the motion you’d like to propose. We recommend you attend the AGM to back up your proposal, and answer any questions on it that other members may have.

The following layout should be used:
On Hats
The Society Notes:
1. That very few members routinely wear hats to games meetings
The Society Believes:
1. That hats are easily and cheaply obtained from many retailers
2. That hats add a jaunty air to proceedings, and encourage good cheer.
The Society Resolves:
1. To require each of our members to wear at least one hat during the boardgames.

Just turn up! We will be using a hand raising ayes/noes/abstentions system that will be explained fully on the day. This will be after a short discussion on the motion.

Well why not? We do understand you may have your reasons, but you should still come along! You can join the questioning of potential exec members, as well as discuss any motions that are proposed.

You can contact us via any number of methods. On our website, Facebook page/groups or in person! If you have any official complaints, our returning officer Dan will provide his contact details on the night.

Dan, Former Society Secretary (I used to be someone man...)

Avatar for Jon_Bell Jon ( Jon_Bell )

Posted 6 years ago

Right, as I've mentioned to a few people, I would like to run for position of RPG Rep!
I'm someone in love with tabletop RPG's, and I've kinda thrown myself into as many as possible since arriving at Warwick last term (currently I'm playing in one of Tim's Curse of Strahd campaigns, Thomas' Mysteries of Midshore and running my own custom 5e game on Sundays). In the role, I would hope to continue the upward trend of popularity RPG's have been having, and the surge in society members, by keeping up with the termly oneshot days. Interspersed with this (since they've been so popular not everyone could find a game), I would hope to scatter a few individual oneshots throughout the term for both those who still would like that introduction to tabletop RPG's, and some other ones for more experienced players to test their mettle (especially GM's who otherwise don't get to play much). Additionally, I would hope to scrounge what budget I can to get some sourcebooks for more simple and self-supported systems. Much as I love D&D, it's expensive and not so worthwhile for the society to collect beyond a PHB (which I believe we already have). What I would like to get, is some nice little systems which are simpler and a bit more varied (I've got my eye on Dusk City Outlaws, currently). On advice from a few other GM's, I might also try and put together a doc or poster with advice for GM's on what support is available, how we book rooms, advertising, etc.
So, yeah, throwing my hat into that ring.

Avatar for ash Ash ( ash )

Posted 6 years ago

Hi all. I'm Ash and I'm re-running for Webadmin.

Over the course of the year I have created and managed this website, and I believe I am the person best equipped to continue to do so.

If I am re-elected I pledge:
- to continue to dedicate time to maintaining the site;
- to respond to feedback and develop features based on demand;
- to provide technical support to the best of my ability;
- not to delete everyone's accounts.

Happy AGMing!


Avatar for Callum Callum ( Callum )

Posted 6 years ago

As many of you probably already know, my name is Callum and I am re-running for the RPG Rep position.

I was elected last year as a first year student after standing with the goal of improving the systems used when signing up for campaigns, in the hopes of ensuring sessions became more consistent. I think most would agree that the new website has facilitated this improvement and that anyone who witnessed the state of Saturday RPGs before me would agree that this past year things have improved a great deal.
In both terms this year, we have had very consistent sessions being run - covering a wide variety of genres.

I believe that this years' term 1 intro/oneshot session was one of the most popular/successful ever, leading to a larger influx of new players than in previous years. The decision to run a oneshot/intro session at the start of each term has been very well received, and I have more plans regarding oneshots (such as more regular oneshot sessions instead of campaigns during term 3, helping to work sessions around exam schedules) and much more besides. A big goal for the next year would be to get a comprehensive message alert system put in place, by working closely with the webadmin to get an effective solution implemented such that users are notified of messages and events posted on the website (naturally helping in organisation of RPG sessions, amongst other things). I've also toyed with the idea of "Learning to GM" sessions - as when I was elected I had never GM'ed before, and after having to learn so quickly I feel I have a good deal of information that may be of help to aspiring GMs.

I am very open to feedback, raising any issues mentioned or suggestions made to other exec members at the first opportunity, resulting in budget being spent on things members want and concerns being dealt with in a timely manner. I have also contributed to several other areas of the society, running oneshots whenever there was a demand at weekend events and being responsible for ordering the society branded dice we gave out to members this year. I have enjoyed every part of being more involved in a society I love, and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to be so involved again next year.

-Callum Marvell

-Callum Marvell (Eggs President)

Avatar for morrowkei Ares ( morrowkei )

Posted 6 years ago

Hi, I’m Ares! I’m currently a 3rd year physicist, going into a masters next year, and I will be running for secretary at the AGM.

I joined the society this year and I regularly attend boardgames and CCGs, run a D&D 5e campaign on Fridays, and play a Gloomhaven campaign on Sundays. Balancing this with my degree takes organisation and dedication, both essential skills that I will bring to the role. As for relevant experience, I’ve used the room booking system and I’m also a freelance illustrator in my spare time, so I can bring my design skills to help the communications offer create promotional material (as I already have this year, with the LGBT dice and the Star Wars crossover event logo). I am currently in the process of learning how to Facebook (I kinda missed the boat there) so I can help run the society and group pages as needed, and communicate effectively with the other exec. I’m more than happy to coordinate meetings and help with running events, having helped with setup and tidy up after boardgames previously.

My aim to keep the society running as smoothly as Dan has in these previous few years. I want to help facilitate and implement improvements that current and future exec and society members may suggest.

All in all, I’d just love to give back to the society for the improvements it has made to my life by introducing me to loads of new people and boardgames.

Here’s to another great year for the society next year!

~ Ares Osborn

Avatar for MagicalStardust Jakub ( MagicalStardust )

Posted 6 years ago

Hello everyone. I'm Jakub, a first year Computer Science student and I am going to be running for the position of LARP Rep.

Since joining the society I have regularly attended LARP events almost every week so I am well acquainted with the Unity system, both lore and rules wise. In the past I have been the leader of my Sixth Form's Tabletop Society and as part of that I hosted weekly DnD sessions for some of the members. Regularly organising both of these helped me develop skills that will ensure weekly LARP sessions will run as smoothly as they do under James. In order to further ensure that I am fit for the role of LARP Rep I have volunteered to run the Week 7 LARP adventure, which will give me experience and preparation in running LARP sessions.

If elected, I pledge to continue running fun and interesting adventures every week. I think that the puzzle-based sessions we held this and last term were very successful and I will either run some myself or collaborate with the person who ran them to have some more happen next year. I also pledge to make sure the Unity rulebook is well maintained with regular balancing updates and have plans to design official Unity Character Sheets so there is a unified template for storing character information in a convenient way. I will also be open to any feedback regarding the rules and new content for Unity.

Thanks for your time.
- Jakub Hajdus


Avatar for Patrick Patrick

Posted 5 years, 12 months ago

Hello to anyone reading this, my name is Patrick and I would love to be your new Boardgames Rep.

Over the last 5 months, I've really come to admire the word done by our exec and all our wonderful members. You all make our society one of the most welcoming, friendly environments I've ever had the pleasure to experience. It's because of the fantastic example set by all of you that I want to take on the role of boardgames rep next year, so I can do my part to welcome the newest wave of people into our family.
I've yet to finalise my manifesto (expect to be blown away on Wednesday), but let me assure you that, if elected, I am ready, willing and able to take the torch. Josh has carried it so well this year and I want to ensure boardgames stays just as awesome, if not better.

Good luck to everyone else running for exec; look forward to seeing you all at the AGM!
Patrick Kiernan

Avatar for Toughtee Dan ( Toughtee )

Posted 5 years, 12 months ago

A big thanks for all the motions and nominations submitted so far! If anyone you know has yet to nominate themselves, then please remind them to do so!

What I think is more important now is posting motions, as our members need time to think of responses to the proposals. So if anyone would like to put forward a motion, if they could do that as soon as possible, that would be great! You can see our previous posts for guidance on how to do this.

Ciao for now!

Dan, Former Society Secretary (I used to be someone man...)

Avatar for ct Nigel ( ct )

Posted 5 years, 12 months ago

Good evening all,

This is Nigel, your current president(ial spokesbeing), declaring my intentions to run for an UNPRECEDENTED third term. Many of you will recognise me from popping into every event we run occasionally, though my main hangouts are Wargames and Board games.
This year has been exceptionally successful, in almost every way. RPGs has got back on its feet with the help of the launch of the new website, and every part of the society has seen some increase in popularity. My pledge for the next year is to make sure this success continues, carrying the banner over to the new exec, making sure we don’t rest on our laurels with regards to publicity or our new high standard of maintenance and support.

I also think there are some improvements to be made and problems to be solved – our advertisement of events beyond term 1 could be more consistent, and CCGs could use some support in starting and maintaining communities for games other than magic, so some outward publicity specifically promoting these would help significantly, I believe. Some recent developments, the details of which I am not publicly discussing right now, mean that we may also be approaching a permanent solution to our storage woes. I will endeavour to make this solution a reality during what would be my third term.

Yours faithfully,

Avatar for James_Sampson-Foster James ( James_Sampson-Foster )

Posted 5 years, 12 months ago


My name is James Sampson-Foster and I will be running for reelection for Wargames Representative. This will be the fourth time I'm running for the position and the previous three years of experience leave me ideally suited to the role.

Throughout my tenure, wargames has grown and has diversified in the number of games systems played. We have more terrain and run more events. We have lots of new society armies for various different game systems. I also play the vast majority of the games that are regularly played at wargames and I'm ready to learn more.

As last year, my intention this year is to run wargames in a collaborative way with other society members, and largely to keep doing what I've been doing - because it seems to be working.

Over and out.

Avatar for James_Sampson-Foster James ( James_Sampson-Foster )

Posted 5 years, 12 months ago



Shrouded in the mists of prehistory just shortly after the dawn of time itself walked a man who was truly the stuff of legends. Runemasters, soothsayers and sages, augurs, haruspexes and druids, scholars, scientists and priests all agree on one thing - there lived a man, and that man was named Rob. Those of us who were lucky enough to have lived alongside Rob tell tales of a being who had seen the very genesis of things, a man who had served the great Hydra Tagarople before it was even known by that name by mortal men. And he served. Oh yes mortals, he served. Throughout the eons and throughout the first and second great ages of this universe he served. The hills and the trees and the fields were at the mercy of his hands, and the first terrain he did build.

Throughout the annals of time, sacred texts whisper of game systems long forgotten. Some systems simply died, others were killed by the great Wyrm Geedubya. But known in Rob's mind of minds, heart of hearts, and soul of souls, were the secrets to game systems long forgotten. It was with him that I, weary traveller, took to the field in the fantasy battles before the end times were upon us.

I must give a word to the naysayers - who say that there is and never was a Rob. You are fools! If you had beheld what I beheld - and known the things I know, truly you would not speak as you do. There was a Rob - aye, but now he is gone from this place. Some say that Rob is gone and never to return - they say that he failed in his service to our great Hydra Tagarople, and that he succumbed to the vile assaults of the Wyrm Geedbya and its leeching price rises. I must set your minds at rest - this is not true. Rob is gone, but he had truly become a great WARMASTER and the magics of creation and destruction were his to command. Riding his great chariot, pulled by white wolves of purest winter, Rob did lay down a great spell and defend it against enemies near and far in order to bring his work to fruition. When his spell was completed, Rob entered into his final form. I beheld him, bedecked in glorious gold - he had become Doctor Lockley. Against that might, Geedubya could not survive, and the Wyrm was finally vanquished. But in its death throes, the Wyrm entangled Rob with its poison sting - ending the world and sending metallic warriors, clad in greedy gold to hold him ransom forever.

Thus began a new age. Some call it many things - I prefer to think of hope, of the possibility that if Geedubya is reborn, then it will be reborn changed. I call it the third age - but some have called it the Age of Sigmar. It is in these dark times, and since the Rob was snatched from us that I, James have waged war against the darkness. For near as long as Rob have I battled, and it is at this moment I proclaim that it is time to honour the sacrifice that Rob gave.

Wargames Representative does not capture even a sliver of the primordial war against the powers of evil which Rob, and now I, have fought. Instead - LET IT BE KNOWN THAT THE WARGAMES REPRESENTATIVE BE KNOWN AS NEW ROB IN HONOUR OF THE GREAT ROB THE FIRST.

If there comes a time when I am too snatched from this world, then my successor must know what is to be done. They must take on the mantle of NEW NEW ROB, and their successor must do so likewise and become NEW NEW NEW ROB. This dynasty of Rob will let us see out the long night, and eventually will fulfil the ancient prophesies so at the end of time all the Robs will be joined together in a final battle against the Wyrm Geedubya, so that the Hydra of Tagarople, with its heads of LARPs, Wargames, RPGs, Cardgames, Casual Cardgames, Boardgames, and with its regrown head of Library will reign supreme!



Avatar for Biliousace Nathan ( Biliousace )

Posted 5 years, 11 months ago

Salutations fellow tabletop members!
For anyone who has not met me my name is Nathan, a 1st year Biochemist, and i have decided to run for treasurer at this years AGM.

These last few months in tabletop have been truly remarkable. Before coming to university, i thought that i knew board games. Upon coming to the first event my thoughts were quickly proven wrong and i was put in my place. The society has allowed me to meet a variety of people i never thought i would meet, and allows us to forget all our problems for a few hours as we sit around a table with competitive spirit and good sportsmanship. Since that first event, attendance to the Wednesday event and the BG weekends has been a goal i strive to keep due to the complete enjoyment i experience. So in one sentence, i enjoy tabletop and i'd like to give back to the society.

As treasurer, i'm planning on communicating with every corner of our society in order to understand and utilise our society budget in the most efficient way. By this i mean, i would like to avoid focusing our budget on one or two section of tabletop unless that is the best way of using it.

In terms of experience, being a fresher, i must admit i do not have as much experience as i would like to say. However, i like to think of myself as a good listener and a quick learner. In addition, during secondary school i was elected president of the speech and drama society where one of my duties was to manage funds for the teams trip across Greece to an annual competition.

Thank you for reading this, and i hope you will consider voting for me


P.S - Good luck to everyone else, regardless of the roles they're running for!

Avatar for Toughtee Dan ( Toughtee )

Posted 5 years, 11 months ago


Our 2018 AGM is happening in the Oculus tomorrow! Come along to help shape the future of the society. If we don't get enough people, then we can't run the AGM and can't carry on as a society! We've got a lot to cover, so we will be starting fairly promptly.

Motions and nominations are coming in thick and fast now, so if you've left it late make sure you submit yours soon. Take a look at the Facebook event and forum post to begin thinking of questions to ask and points to discuss. Even if you've not nominated yourself or proposed a motion, you should turn up to debate and vote!

We'll see you there!

Dan, Former Society Secretary (I used to be someone man...)

Avatar for finnbar Finnbar ( finnbar )

Posted 5 years, 11 months ago

Hi everyone!

I'm Finnbar, a second year computer scientist and I have decided to run for Communications Officer! (yes, it took me a while, shhhh)

I feel I would be a good fit for the role as I have previous experience with organising a board games society/club - I started up the board games club in my sixth form which included organising and publicising events within the club, collecting donations so that we could buy new games and organising trips to the local board games café outside of term. I also have previous experience writing newsletters as part of the satirical Pi News within sixth form, introducing not entirely true but relatively funny facts about the various digits of Pi (some of which are up on here). I have also organised a few smaller events including Netrunner drafts and the introduction of Bullet Rhino Hero (the best esport) of which most of them have started on time! Wow, I know.

As Communications Officer, I would aim to continue John's excellent work of providing funny and helpful weekly newsletters as well as trying to publicise some of the smaller events on the society website on other platforms. I have a lot of experience with the website (I already check through Ash's code when they add a new feature) so I would be able to help the Webadmin with their work on the website.

Thank you for your time, and see you at the AGM!
Finnbar Keating

i'm free

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