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[You’re stood in a mostly empty room, silent, looks untouched for about the length of an Easter holiday. Not even tumbleweed will pass through here, because it’s a closed room and there’s no wind. You wait for what feels like an eternity, no games to help pass the time. All you can see is a laptop with a note: “Tabletop Society Newsletter Sending Machine”. You remember those newsletters, the great poetry written by the inimitable charmdateBabs, the previous Comms Officer. Suddenly, the door is kicked down, airhorns blazing, a new figure enters the room playing a trombone…]


I’m Finnbar, your new Comms Officer, and this is my first newsletter! First of all, thank you for electing me even though R.O.N was a very strong candidate, I hope I can do as good a job as John! Hopefully you all had a restful Easter and are ready for some fun gaming, even with exams probably looming but shhh we don’t need to talk about that. Anyway, events:

Saturday 28th 10:00 to 22:00, MTC Gibbet Hill Campus
Wil Wheaton, The Patron Saint of Boardgames [citation needed] has decreed that this coming Saturday is the return of Tabletop Day, even though it’s exam season. We’ll be working with the Medics’ Games Society again, so come join us for some great gaming. Gibbet Hill isn’t that far away, I promise!

Monday 17:00 to 22:00, OC1.04 Oculus Building
There’s a wide range of wargames to be had! Maybe you’ll play X-wing and be up against lots of small Imperial ships and have a bad TIE-me [Editor’s Note: Booooooo], or do whatever they do in Warmachine (which looks really cool and definitely another game to add to my list of games I’d like to try if there were enough hours in the day). Your best bet as always is to check the Wargames Facebook group and see what people are bringing.

The Magic draft won’t be happening this week, however it will return next week using the Dominaria set. Five minutes of Googling tells me that it has fewer dinosaurs than Ixalan, making it a worse set than Ixalan. (As you can tell, I know very little about Magic so rate sets based on their dinosaur content alone.)

Wednesday 14:00 to 22:00, B2.02 Science Concourse
I’m sure if you’re like me you’ve not had enough board games over the holidays because we’ve not had the joy of the entire weekly eight hour Wednesday slot, but I bring good news! Now you can play BSG for eight hours straight or whatever (why would you do that to yourself though, play basically anything else).

Thursday 16:00 to 22:00, B2.02 Science Concourse
Hey, it turns out there are card games other than Magic! What, madness. You can play the excellent Netrunner, the dramatic Yu-Gi-Oh… oh, you want to play Magic? Fine, you can play that too, there’ll almost certainly be some Commander happening.

Saturday 12:00 to 22:00, Meeting in the Social Sciences Café
As Callum said in his bid to retake the RPG Rep crown, this term he’s going to be running a collection of one-shots. Unfortunately exam timetables are harsh, so this will be beginning in Week 2 instead of this Saturday, but still check his post on the website for details of what’s being run and how to sign up (https://www.warwicktabletop.co.uk/forum/thread/134/). I don’t know about you, but I’m particularly hyped to be a temporary employee for a time-travel company!
Fortunately for International Tabletop Day some one-shots will be happening anyway so make sure to get to that if you want some more RPG goodness. Otherwise your existing campaigns may be continuing, ask your GM!

Sunday 12:00 to 18:00, OC0.01 Oculus Building
After hopefully coming to Tabletop Day, why not make it a roleplaying weekend with some roleplaying of the non-tabletop kind! I’m sure you’ve missed LARP over the holidays, but don’t be afeared as it’s back - I’ve heard there might be a prison break or something.

Last week we helped the SU run a postgraduate board games session at the Dirty Duck, which was very successful! Many people turned up and notably a group played and nearly won Red November (according to Nigel it’s the closest he’s seen any group to winning), which is an achievement in itself!

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Yours excitedly,
Finnbar Keating (Communications Officer)
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