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Welcome to the special Tuesday edition of the newsletter! Gotta keep you all on your toes, we can’t have a predictable newsletter at the same time every week. We’ve had a lot of events in the last few days, and we’ve got a few more to end the term with:

Saturday 30th June, 9:00 to 21:00, WCE0.09A Centre For Lifelong Learning (Westwood)
The end is nigh, so it’s time for a big fight! There’s a Warhammer 40K: Apocalypse tournament going on, which seems to be Warhammer but much bigger. Why didn’t they just give it a bigger number, like Warhammer 400K, I mean the number must represent the size right? No idea. Anyway, signups are on the Wargames Facebook group so head over there if you’re interested!

Thursday 28th June from 12:00, meeting in the Social Sciences Café
It turns out Callum really likes Paranoia, so it’s being run again! Enter the dystopian sci-fi world of the Alpha Complex, where the Computer manages all that goes on and you have been tasked with hunting traitors that threaten the future of the Alpha Complex. Signups are on the website here (https://www.warwicktabletop.co.uk/events/38/) - if you’re interested please sign up as the game is highly dependent on enough people signing up and may be moved or cancelled if that doesn’t happen.

Where do we begin? So much stuff happened this week. CompSoc (blue team) was defeated by us (red team) in the third annual Laserquest battle as shown in the most Comic Sans results screen I’ve seen in a long time. Josh Reiners (on the left in the photo) won our Au Revoir Netrunner tournament, and the ultimate prize of an okay painting of the eponymous card Au Revoir and of course a shoutout in the newsletter.

There was our end of term quiz in which the team “We’ll Really Miss Dan’s Quiz Rounds” won, beating the second place team “Salt is essential for life in general” by half a point and retracting their team name after some really, really hard quiz rounds. These included the fabled rap round, where received pronunciation versions of rap lyrics were given - “the hour of hammers is nigh”, as was absolutely said by MC Hammer. The hugest of thanks go to Dan for his continuous quiz-based madness during his time here at the society!

We had our End of Term LARP, where The Master tried to declare his dominion over the south, but the party, with some wild mage friends, took him on. They nearly lost the first time, but were given a chance to turn back time and try again and they successfully drove him off. We also had our Borderlands LARP: a band of totally moral heroes set off to hunt great riches by scraping together enough money to pay off a claptrap to disclose where the vault is. Then they headed over there, defeated a conveniently placed tentacle monster which then conveniently exploded into loads of cash and loot. How useful!

And of course, the extravaganza. Four days of great gaming and much fun had by all, and an excellent way to end a stressful term. Thanks goes to the exec (both new and old) for manning, organising and advertising this great event!

In the most exciting move since the creation of the newsletter, here’s a list of what is happening and where this week, rather than a massive paragraph for each. It really is the apocalypse…

  • MAGIC: THE GATHERING DRAFT: Tuesday 18:00 to 22:00, B2.01 Science Concourse. Note that this is a Battlebond draft rather than Dominaria!
  • BOARDGAMES: Wednesday 14:00 to 22:00, B2.02 Science Concourse.
  • CASUAL CARD GAMES: Thursday 16:00 to 22:00, B2.02 Science Concourse.
  • LIVE ACTION ROLEPLAYING: Not happening this week, as term is over! Sad times.

This may be my last newsletter of the academic year (we may have a special guest (okay not that special) writer for the summer one), so I’ll use this moment to say thank you to everyone for such a great term, and that I hope you have a wonderful summer!

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Much love <3
Finnbar Keating (Communications Officer)
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