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It’s time for the actual last newsletter of the academic year, and there are still things to say because it turns out the university keeps going even when term is finished?! As an undergrad this is extremely surprising. While the newsletter will not be continuing during the holidays (what would I say, anyway? “Nothing has happened in the society this week because barely anyone’s there. But hey, I saw a cute dog when I was walking to the shops today.”) there are still society things happening, so let’s a-go:

If you’re a member of the Wargames, Board Games or CCGs Facebook groups you’ll have likely already seen this, but there are still bookings during the holidays! With exception to the weeks beginning 10th and 17th September (where we are in WA0.24), all of our bookings are in WCE0.10. Wargames is on Mondays (17:00-22:00), Board Games is on Wednesdays (16:00-22:00) and CCGs is on Thursdays (17:00-22:00). There’s a handy timetable attached.

Thursday July 12th, 17:00-21:00 The Dirty Duck
Our last event in the Duck went really well, so we’re doing it again! Come down and try some board games, whether you’re new to this kind of thing or you can play Arkham Horror in your sleep. Friendly members of the society will be around to explain and suggest games, so just turn up and be ready for fun!

We had an Apocalypse tournament on Saturday! The team of Chaos + Xenons won overall, but I’m sure there was enough destruction for both sides to be happy. Or something like that, I assume that’s how it works. Either way, the armies look huge which does sort of fulfill the purpose of Apocalypse (aka Big Warhammer) as you can see in the photos!

Also, our charity efforts paid off - through the bake sale we raised £145 thanks to Nigel, Ares, Ross and Sonia making such great cake. Overall the effort of various societies through the Blanket Fort scheme raised £5539 for LWS Night Shelter and made a blanket fort more than 100m² larger than the previous record holders!

I guess at this point I should say goodbye for real now! I got a practice run last week with being unsure whether I’d write this newsletter, so I can use that to my advantage, ha. Have a fun and restful summer everyone, and see you soon!

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