EGM 2019: The Details

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Posted 8 months ago

The Egg Emergency General Meeting

[Lights spin around, cameras pan towards a host, big band music playing. They seem to be panickedly looking at some notes with the words "Compiler Design" written on them, but quickly turn to the camera and drop the notes when they realise it's pointing towards them.]
Hello everyone, and welcome to our great new show, the EGM, featuring me, your Secretary and general mess. We've got two important things to deal with in this here meeting, but first, a friendly reminder.

The EGM is on Wednesday 19th June, 6pm in B2.02 (Science Concourse, interrupting boardgames). Please RSVP on Facebook!

We're sorry that it interrupts boardgames, but we need people to show up to reach the required quorum of 30 standard members. That's the size of a secondary school class! Or at least it was back in my day. If we don't get enough people to show up, we likely won't be able to organise another one before the end of term, and this EGM is really important. Please note that you must be a standard member by Wednesday 5th June in order to take part in the EGM.

If you have any questions, the AGM FAQ is mostly still applicable to an EGM (except the dates, of course), so please consult Ares' helpful FAQ here.

Thing 1: A Whole New Draft Rep

Daniel Grieve has stepped down as Draft Rep, and while Ares has fortunately taken his place for the mean time, we need to elect an official Draft Rep (temporary reps can only hold the position for ten weeks before we need to actually elect one). This is your chance to become the new Draft Rep! Being an exec member is a great way to get even more involved in the society and as someone who's been an exec member for a year and a bit now I absolutely recommend it!

As Draft Rep, you must do the following:

  • Run the weekly Draft session every Tuesday.
  • Organise the purchase of new product.
  • Manage our connection with Games Den.
  • Manage the money and lands box.
  • Record people's results to be submitted.
  • Organise unusual drafts.
  • Help run the CCGs Facebook group.

It goes without saying though that the rest of the exec will be there to help, so even though this sounds like a lot you will be fine. You'll be closely working with Alisdair, our CCGs Rep, which may be a pro or a con depending on how you see it. ;)

To run, you just have to state your intention in this thread as a short manifesto, or just run on the day! We'd rather you posted your intent to run here first, however, as it gives members a chance to research who's running first.

Thing 2: That Constitution Malarkey

During the last AGM, many motions were proposed to generally shorten the Constitution, which can be seen in this PDF on pages 2-12, ignoring pages 5-8 (which contain motions rescinded before the event). We will be reproposing some of these to fit our changes to the constitution along with any others deemed necessary - the majority of these were skipped as the motion on page 11 ("On the Constitution") passed. These will be proposed in due course in this thread.

Here's a timeline for how this will pan out:

  • Wednesday 12th June, 6pm: This is the deadline for constitution-changing motions, which unsurprisingly an overhaul of our existing constitution comes under. At this point we will also open up the floor to amendments - you will be able to propose amendments to the motions on our website from this point until the next deadline.
  • Tuesday 18th June, 6pm: This is the deadline for proposing amendments to these motions. We cannot introduce new amendments during the meeting (aside from factual and grammatical corrections). EDIT: Amendments can now be posted to this thread.
  • Wednesday 19th June, 6pm: We actually run the thing. The motions will be proposed, discussed and voted on, along with any amendments proposed before the deadline. If any amendments arise during the EGM and are necessary to vote on, these will be put to electronic vote (as advised by the SU Democracy Team).

Keep an eye on this thread for our motions! You may also propose a motion yourself - you need a proposer and a seconder, two standard members who want this motion to be discussed. These motions should be in the form The Society Notes, The Society Believes, The Society Resolves. As always, here is the example motion about hats!

On Hats
The Society Notes:
1. That very few members routinely wear hats to games meetings

The Society Believes:
1. That hats are easily and cheaply obtained from many retailers
2. That hats add a jaunty air to proceedings, and encourage good cheer.

The Society Resolves:
1. To require each of our members to wear at least one hat during the boardgames session.

Anyway, thank you for reading and see you at the EGM!

tl;dr: post your intent to run for draft rep and motions below!


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Posted 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Exec Motions

These motions are all proposed by me (Finnbar Keating, Secretary) and seconded by Callum Marvell, President and Co-Writer. The biggest thanks go to Callum for his original cuts to the Constitution - I just cut it down further, made sure it was in line with SU regulations and formatted it as motions.

Due to difficulty formatting these on the website, I have put these in a PDF document for your perusal. This can be found here. For simplicity, the motion titles are listed below.

  1. Fixing the Preface
  2. Removal of Redundant Information
  3. Restructuring Core / Additional Elected Officers
  4. On “Executive Committee Communications”
  5. On the Running of General Meetings
  6. On Special Events
  7. On “Elections”
  8. On “Society Communication”
  9. On The Anonymous Complaints System
  10. On “Collaborations and Sponsorships”
  11. Please, The Exec Can’t Meet During Holidays

For reference, we've provided a copy of the Constitution assuming that all the motions pass, which can be found here. The current Constitution can be found here.


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Posted 7 months, 2 weeks ago

The Society Notes:
Many Exec members don’t use titles
The Society Believes:
Titles add an air of authority to proceedings
Titles can also add an air of joviality to proceedings
The Society Resolves:
To give each exec member a title, that is possibly vaguely alliterative

  • Captain Keating

  • Mr Marvell

  • Master McRae

  • Officer Osborn

  • Brigadier Bell

  • Commander Cheah

  • Headman Hajduś

  • Bailiff Bruce

  • Scout Smith

  • Sir Smith

  • Khan Kidd

  • Speaker Scriven

  • Nanny Newbigging

  • Hidalgo Heathcote

(proposed by myself, seconded by Ryan Murray)

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Posted 7 months, 2 weeks ago

Hi all, I'm Ares, and I'll be running for the position of Draft Rep! For those who don’t know me, I was Secretary during 2018-19, am now Graphic Design Officer and Acting Draft Rep, and I’m a research postgraduate starting my PhD in October.

Having worked closely with previous draft reps, and as current acting draft rep, I have a pretty solid idea of what the role entails and how to do it (as I've... been doing it...). On a serious note, there are a few things that the new draft rep needs to take responsibility for going forward, including:

1) Maintaining a good connection with The Games Den, ensuring tournament results are submitted on time and that promos are obtained. I’ve got a pretty good relationship with Tim, and I’ve been doing these things since Alisdair, Benji, and I formalised the deal.

2) Organising interesting drafts. I think I’ve done a pretty good job spicing up the end of this term with Dominaria, Modern Horizons, and Unstable, and look forward to polling our members more for their funky flashback ideas.

3) Sorting out the money box with Benji, our treasurer. That’s a whole thing. You’ll learn about it if you become exec.

4) Making nice spreadsheets to keep track of tournament results and players. I’ve already formatted a template for result submissions to The Games Den, but starting next year I’ll create a comprehensive, easy-to-use spreadsheet covering all of the draft business.

5) Of course, welcoming freshers come the autumn term, and helping them get into draft. I remember how nervous I was when I began, so I hope I can use that empathy to help newcomers feel comfortable playing a little bit competitively.

So, there is what is essentially my manifesto. I look forward to seeing you all at the EGM, and hopefully becoming your full draft rep for the next academic year.

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