EGM 2019: The Results

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Posted 7 months ago

The seven day period has passed, which means the results of it officially come into effect:


Draft Rep: Ares Osborn


  1. Fixing The Preface - PASSED
  2. Removal of Redundant Information - PASSED
  3. Restructuring Core / Additional Elected Officers - PASSED
  4. On “Executive Committee Communications” - PASSED
  5. On the Running of General Meetings - PASSED
  6. On Special Events - PASSED
  7. On “Elections” - AMENDED INTO TWO MOTIONS (7.1 On "Elections" and 7.2 On Single Transferrable Vote), BOTH PASSED
  8. On “Society Communication” - PASSED
  9. On The Anonymous Complaints System - PASSED
  10. On “Collaborations and Sponsorships” - PASSED
  11. Please, The Exec Can’t Meet During Holidays - PASSED
  12. Titling Titleless Exec - PASSED

Thank you for coming to the EGM! The exec will implement the results of this as soon as possible.


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