8 Oct 2020


"Okay, so there's a woman standing on a beach ball, and she's holding a drink and there's a crow on her shoulder... yes the drink has lemon and a straw in it, no parasol... what do you mean 'how many buttons are on her shirt', it's a t-shirt... also the sun is in the top left corner with a huge smile"

Do you want to describe ridiculous art to a group of your friends, do an art show and then mark them on arbitrary criteria? Identik is the game for you. Specifically recommended for people who are bad at drawing, Identik has you taking it in turns describing some mildly psychedelic art while everyone else draws it. It's incredibly funny, and features arguments like "ha, yes his ears aren't below his hands! They're not there at all, so absolutely cannot be below! Points please".

This plays as many players as you have paper for.