GUMSHOE- Night's Black Agents


12 Jan 2022


Have you ever wanted to play a modern cinematic spy game in the style of Bond, Bourne or the Hitman franchise? How about a modern cinematic spy game where you're fighting a vampire conspiracy. Then, Night's Black Agents is the game for you!

Built in the GUMSHOE engine (Trail of Cthulhu, Mutant City Blues, Esoterrorists), it's a rules light-narrative focused investigative game. Look for clues, interpret clues, hunt down vampires and then battle against them, whilst dodging conventional law enforcement.

From Pelgrane Press' website:

Vampires exist. What can they do? Who do they own? Where is safe? You don’t know those answers yet. So you’d better start asking questions. You have to trace the bloodsuckers’ operations, penetrate their networks, follow their trail, and target their weak points. Because if you don’t hunt them, they will hunt you. And they will kill you. Or worse.

Nights Black Agents