Paranoia - Acute Paranoia


10 Mar 2022


Acute Paranoia

This massive upgrade to Paranoia gives you new ways to play and enjoy the darkly humorous Paranoia experience. You know, the one where everyone accuses each other of treason and characters die repeatedly.

Acute Paranoia includes:

  • Troubleshooter's Survival Guide
  • Gamesmaster's Despotic Power Book
  • Mission Book 2.0
  • Bot Character Cards
  • Mental Disorder Bingo Cards
  • And a brand new card deck with new Mutant Powers, Secret Societies, Bot Chassis cards, Coretech, Bestiary and Equipment cards!

This is meant to be a supplement after Paranoia - Red Clearance Starter Set, click on it for more details on Paranoia in general.

Acute paranoia