2018/19 Term 1 Week 1 Exec Meeting Minutes

5 Oct 2018

Posted by Ares ( Avatar for morrowkei morrowkei )

You can view the full powerpoint minutes for this meeting here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/10wmMDufoVU9o38HfRYoNPCZSpcQQioXKp2GCxdPgxEc/edit?usp=sharing

This meeting was conducted on 05/10/2018 at 1100 in H0.44

Exec Present: Ares (Sec.) Nigel (Pres.) Jakub (LARP) James SF (Wargames and Equal Opp.) Jon (RPGs Ass.) Finnbar (News Dude) Patrick (Boardgames) Ash (Web Admin.) Callum (RPGs) Aleksa (Draft) Josh (CCGs) Nathan (Treas.)

Exec Absent:


Orders of Business:

  1. Socs Council
  2. Welcome Week Review a. Wargames b. Draft c. Boardgames d. CCGs e. RPGs (inc. pub social) f. LARP
  3. Hoodies a. John Payment b. Future doings
  4. Boardgames for Student Housing Guy
  5. Drinking Socials

1. Socs Council Info/To Discuss:

  • Key dates
  • Staff changes
    • We are now under Alice Churm
  • Finance Changes
    • Any SU credit card payments need to be made on special laptop in SU
    • Any amazon purchases on SU credit card also need to be made on SU amazon account
  • Welfare Execs Training
  • Society Exec Mop Up Training
  • Treasurer Training
  • Intercultural Awareness Training
  • Focus Groups


  1. Welfare Execs Training: Patrick, James SF
  2. Society Exec Mop Up Training: Jakub needs to ask SU about health and safety training
  3. Treasurer Training: Nathan needs to ask Georgina whether he needs to go
  4. Intercultural Awareness Training: Patrick, James SF, Nigel, and anyone else who can make the time to go should go
  5. Focus Groups: Patrick (Josh will cover boardgames) and Ares, and anyone else who can make it (Ares: make a post on the facebook group for issues to bring up. At the moment, mostly storage, but also ask them to send us the socs council slides).

2. Welcome Week Reviews 2a. Socs Fair Info/To Discuss:

  • VERY busy
  • Had on hand 100 leaflets and 250 business cards (folded)
  • Ran out of leaflets early and business cards towards the end of the day
  • Table display was great
    • Had d&d rulebooks, magic playmats, dice (inc. society dice), wargames miniatures, xwing set, boardgames
    • A copy of each of our A4 advertisement flyers
    • A copy of our welcome week schedule
  • Lucky we had drawing pins for pinboard and sellotape/scissors as they didn’t provide enough stuff


  • Next time, have 500 business cards on hand and similar amounts of leaflets if possible
  • Need proper laminated logos to put on the pinboard
  • Maybe a large poster/horizontal banner with our name/logo on it to pin up, as well as larger format (A3+) posters of our individual areas
  • Make sure exec hoodies are ordered in time for the start of the fair next time.
  • Next time put our society dice promo on our generic advertisement!
    • And state where you can find our room bookings on it too
  • Would be nice to get 2 tables if possible
  • Tablecloth would be nice, didn’t have time to make one this time round
  • Ares: create an inventory of stuff to have at socs fair next year (in exec handover document)

2b. Wargames Info/To Discuss:

  • Looked really great!
  • Lots of the people who came also came to week 1! Nice
  • Room might not have been quite big enough
  • All the society armies were used up


  • Next year, try and book a secondary room
  • Don’t want to buy new armies; instead, next year, ask exec and members to bring spare armies
    • At the moment, we don’t have space to store the stuff we already have
    • Remember to ask really far in advance, and specifically ask people to run stuff in advance (beginner games, and Warhammer 40k particularly)
  • Maybe have a cut up sheet that has our specific facebook groups on it (slips or something) as people still don’t seem to be aware of stuff
  • Potentially use QR codes again soon/next year on welcome week specific flyers, for example

2c. Draft Info/To Discuss:

  • Busy enough for 3 pods
    • It's now a postgrad workroom with desk dividers like you find in the silent working areas in the library
  • Had more faces in week 1 than week 0 (regulars turned up)
  • Went way to time during Welcome Week
  • Had a pod of purely beginners


  • Next year, at least for welcome week, run a longer session (i.e. start earlier)
  • For next welcome week, save up packs of a newbie friendly set (like M19 or another core set) for the pod(s) of beginners
  • Rename the CCGs group and make it a collab for Draft and CCGs
    • Alex can add all the drafters to the group

2d. Boardgames Info/To Discuss:

  • Booked B2.02 - this was NOT enough space!!!
  • Expanded into and filled B2.01 as well at one point
  • Had a point where people were having a few pre drinks (nothing extreme, just cider) - we need to just clarify for the future that this is NOT ALLOWED
    • Exec told people off for drinking during the sessions and made sure it stopped
  • Was commented to Nigel that we are “too clique-y”


  • Next year definitely BOOK TWO ROOMS
    • B2.02 and B2.01 are our best options
  • Need to be better about playing with new people and not congregating
    • At least for the first 5 hours need to make a conscious effort
    • Patrick WILL CALL YOU OUT
  • Drinks (alcoholic) are NOT ALLOWED TO BE CONSUMED IN B2.02 (say it’s SU policy if you must!)
    • We will get in trouble if the SU sees alcoholic drinks happening in centrally timetabled rooms
  • Don’t make any more serious announcements like the phoach issue!

2e. CCGs Info/To Discuss:

  • Huge turnout in welcome week
  • Despite teaching a lot of new people magic, our turnout in week 1 was low
  • Had yu-gi-oh!, netrunner in welc week
  • Haven't lost members, maybe gained a couple


  • Make sure to frequently use the facebook group for CCGs, like it’s used for wargames, so people know what everyone else is bringing

2f. RPGs

Not enough time to discuss this, will discuss next meeting

2f. RPGs cont. - Pub Social

Not enough time to discuss this, will discuss next meeting

2g. LARP

Not enough time to discuss this, will discuss next meeting

3. Hoodies 3a. Paying John

People who haven't paid: Dan - Ares has contacted him Ash DONE Tim Jakub/Society Josh - owes £2.20 Patrick Ross - Ares has contacted him Nathan DONE

3b. Hoodies - offering them to society members

Not enough time to discuss this, will discuss next meeting

4. Boardgames for Student Housing Guy Info/To Discuss:

  • Background: Ares was approached by a guy at a recent magic prerelease who works in the management of student housing in leamington
  • He has the job of organising socials for the (mainly Warwick) students living there
  • He’s interested in doing a boardgames social for them, and is also approaching the games den about doing it in collab with them also
  • I’ve told him we’d be preliminarily interested, with a few provisos, but that I’d put it to this meeting first
  • However, Josh knows the guy from past experience
  • We may have to back out of this for several reasons (not enough exec available as we already have many other events lined up eg socs fairs or it’s too far away for us in leamington or we’d like official SU support/backing?)
  • Have photos of the accommodation environment


  • Need to know whether the games den is on board with this - contact them first
  • Worth doing 1 event to test the waters, so to speak
  • Providing we get some form of compensation for our services as our other collaborators do this as minimum
  • Need to check the rules on accepting “donations” vs “money”
  • Need to get more preliminary info as well - we need to know what he expects of us

5. Drinking Socials Info/To Discuss:

  • What are the possibilities?
  • Would we have a theme - ie a pub board games event?
  • When would we do these events/where?


  • Varsity is a good option
  • Don’t do socials on a friday night in varsity and duck as they are PACKED
  • Frequency: once a term, middle of term, as we already have the quiz social
  • Circling?
    • We’re not associated with drinking like this currently
    • Partner with someone like compsoc (talk to Amelie about a collab)???
    • Might not be a suitable social merger for our members
  • Need to talk to some potential partners, etc, will discuss this further later

Next meeting:

  1. Hoodies
  2. Online Storage
  3. Secret Hitler

We need a two hour urgent meeting to discuss heavy topics