2018/19 Term 1 Week 5 Exec Meeting Minutes

31 Oct 2018

Posted by Ares ( Avatar for morrowkei morrowkei )

You can view the full powerpoint minutes for this meeting here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1sD6d8OQ2DJejSbWDKbz5xz8MSODp0Idik5yVNMtr3g/edit?usp=sharing This meeting was conducted on 31/10/2018 at 1300 in B2.02

Exec Present: Nigel (Pres.) Ares (Sec.) Josh (CCGs) Finnbar (News Dude) Callum (RPGs) Ash (Web Admin.) Jon (RPGs Ass.) Nathan (Treas.) James SF (Wargames) Ellie (CCGs Ass.) Jakub (LARP) Patrick (Boardgames)

Exec Absent: Tim (LARP Ass.)

Orders of Business: Reminders/Updates inc. Postgrad board games and and Tabletop Weekend)

  1. Quiz
  2. Collab with Star Wars
  3. Welfare Officer Role
  4. Proxies in CCGs

Reminders/Updates: Info/To Discuss

  1. Who’s available to help run the postgrad board games in the dirty duck? a. Friday 9th November, evening
  2. Tabletop weekend duties! Need: a. Saturday morning set up (0930 onwards) b. Saturday overnight c. Sunday morning (10am) d. Sunday evening pack up (2200)
  3. Nigel/Patrick: Rashida???
  4. Nigel: has john’s form been handed in? a. The advertisement form has been handed in (and also the £230 has indeed been deposited in my account from the very first one)
  5. Warwick Economics Summit - want a meeting about our room booking - what should I say/who should I take with me or have conduct the meeting?
  6. WARGS prize! ~£15
  7. Sponsorship


  1. Ares, Nigel, Patrick
  2. People assigned: a. Jakub (Patrick, Callum) b. Patrick (Jakub, Callum) c. Finnbar d. Finnbar
  3. Not done still
  4. Yes, John’s hoodie form has been handed in
  5. Jakub is going to see whether he can book B2.02 for next week, and if he can, then all is well and we can let them have the oculus room.
  6. Needs to be promoted in the newsletter, cost run by Nathan
  7. Nathan is sending some emails at the end of the week - send him any ideas if you have someone you want to sponsor us a. Someone needs to email zatu back! (Finnbar)

1. Quiz Info/To Discuss:

  1. Need to book a room - is Friday week 9 good? a. From 6pm - 10pm just to make sure we have enough time?
  2. Are we booking a pub afterwards (varsity?) or just heading to the duck?
  3. Prelim interest: who wants to do rounds?


  1. Yes cool a. Yes
  2. Yes, we’ll book varsity (Nigel), from 9pm
  3. Callum, James SF, Nathan, Ellie

2. Collab with Star Wars Info/To Discuss:

  • Last time, our collab with Star Wars didn’t go well (none of their exec turned up)
  • This year, the president is a reg at wargs and they’ve got a fresh exec
  • They’re actually going to commit to attending this time
  • Don’t need to prepare much as we have stuff prepared from last year
  • This will be during term 2


  • Yes, we will go ahead with this and give them a second chance
  • One thing we should definitely do in prep is proxy a copy of Secret Sith (Patrick) (either laminated or in our leftover yu-gi-oh! sized sleeves that Ross accidentally ordered)

3. Welfare Officer Role (Patrick) Info/To Discuss:

  • Elected Patrick under the assumption that the Welfare officer was to help out at drunken events
  • However, since going to the SU training, this is not the case
  • The welfare officer deals primarily with mental wellbeing
  • So, if any member comes to an exec with a mental wellbeing worry (or similar) they can be directed to the welfare officer (with the person’s permission) who can then help them get support.
  • Nothing on the SU website about the Welfare officer…
  • It’s not in the SU constitution either


  • Patrick wants to put something in the newsletter and/or on our website
  • Ash: suggest it gets put in the exec bio on the website
  • Patrick will go and talk to the Welfare sabbatical officer about the role of the Welfare officer

4. Proxies in CCGs Info/To Discuss:

  • Proxies have started to be complained about by a few specific individuals, about a few specific individuals
  • Ellie started doing a preliminary poll of view on proxies
  • Josh and I (and Ross, as old CCGs officer) strongly feel that proxies should not be banned outright.
  • However, something needs to be done to address the concerns being levelled
  • Ross and I compiled a comprehensive document about arguments for and against proxies, including various counterarguments. This includes a list of potential actions that could be taken.
  • So, the question now is: how do we move forward?
  • Also, there’s the somewhat separate issue of counterfeits, which are different to regular proxies.
  • Several people, including myself (Ares), believe counterfeits should be banned, especially as they are illegal, and especially given Wizards’ official stance. https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/proxies-policy-and-communication-2016-01-14


  • We need to write somewhere (website etc) that people need to discuss cards, formats, legality etc before beginning a game with an opponent.
  • Josh will discuss counterfeits and associated issues at our next exec meeting once he’s had a week to research
  • Need to explicitly say that DCI sanctioned events run under Wizards’ rules, not our casual ones.

Next Meeting: To Discuss (Focussing):

  • Josh's counterfeit argument (Josh)
  • The power level issue in CCGs (Josh/Ellie)
  • Health and Safety training for LARP (Jakub)
  • Zatu sponsorship (Finnbar/Patrick)