2018/19 Term 1 Week 7 Exec Meeting Minutes

15 Nov 2018

Posted by Ares ( Avatar for morrowkei morrowkei )

You can view the full powerpoint minutes for this meeting here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/14SaJmSlqxWJWbgTjhYOMGEPvoA1Gq7X09gcud7LycY/edit?usp=sharing This meeting was conducted on 15/11/2018 at 1300 in S0.08

Exec Present: Ares (Sec.) Nigel (Pres.) Jakub (LARP) Patrick (Board Games) Finnbar (News Dude) Jon (RPGs Ass.) Josh (CCGs) Tim (LARP Ass.) Callum (RPGs)

Exec Absent: Ash (Web Admin.) Aleksa (Draft) Nathan (Treas.)

Orders of Business:

  1. Quiz Reminder
  2. Health and Safety Training
  3. Zatu sponsorship
  4. Hoodies
  5. CCGs tournament with Cov
  6. Proxies/Counterfeits/Power Level

Reminders/Updates: Info/To Discuss:

  1. Thursday 22nd: Maths Soc, been offered to help run and bring board games from 6pm.
  2. Nigel/Patrick: Rashida???
  3. Aleksa: have you put a poll up for UMA, and seen Ross’ message about what Axion is selling it for?
  4. Nigel: have you booked Varsity for the quiz?
  5. Has the Wargs prize been obtained?
  6. Reminder that you can now buy the stuff you needed to get and that was approved in prev exec meeting
  7. Gentle reminder to everyone: answer messages sent to the FB page/email asap rather than leaving them, even if you just say “thank you for your enquiry, I will put this to the exec then get back to you.” It’s only polite and transparent, and lets the enquirer know we’re actively addressing the situation


  1. Patrick is happy to run this, and check with their exec what games to bring. Invite them to come check the collection on wednesday
  2. Went to see Rashida prior to this meeting. She doesn’t know anything about this, but talked to Rob Johnston. He doesn’t have the keys (but Chemistry might). We need to find the person who negotiated the original agreement. Try and get minutes off old old secretary Tom if possible? He (Rob) doesn’t see a problem with us having the cupboards.
  3. Aleksa isn’t here, message him (Ares)
  4. Varsity said to book online, requires a deposit (do this Nigel)
  5. Customised prize, so won’t buy until this winner is declared
  6. Callum: will be getting campaign books and other materials Patrick: will be getting board games Callum: need to work out a system for RPGs
  7. Yes cool

1. Quiz Reminder!! Info/To Discuss:

  • We now have two (2) weeks to get the quiz rounds prepared! (I’ve booked the room)
  • People who are doing a round: Ares, Callum, James SF, Nathan, Ellie, Nigel
  • Need one more person to get 6 rounds, or I can do an extra round
  • Maybe John will get a bonus round, I'll ask
  • We need to sort prizes


  • I need your quiz slides sent to me (Ares) via email by no later than 5pm Wednesday 28th!!
  • I’d also like to get your themes asap so we don’t have overlap/I can okay them
  • Put the answers on one slide at the end of your document
  • Will contact James SF about prizes (and his round)

2. Health and Safety Training (Jakub/Tim) Info/To Discuss:

  • SU training that James Ellis did doesn’t exist anymore
  • Look for a free St John’s ambulance course
  • Do some online courses.


  • Need to put the details of what we sort out in the handover document so future years don’t have this issue.
  • Chase the SU about this as well

3. Zatu Sponsorship (Finnbar) Info/To Discuss:

  • Contract is posted on the FB group
  • Comment on it if you have any questions ASAP!
  • Need to compile a list of questions to ask to SU and/or Zatu (Bank transfers brought up etc)
  • Need to guarantee we can get receipts for anything we buy for SU money request forms
  • Who should sign it?
  • What’s the time period of the contract? (!!!!)
  • How do we withdraw (need this added as a clause)
  • Need to work out who is fulfilling which parts of the contract


  • Finnbar will take the questions to the SU and email them to Zatu
  • Can sort out who’s doing what when we get a finalised contract
  • Signing: Nigel (or Nathan?)
  • Take the contract to the SU as well to have them look over it in case we miss something

4. Hoodies Info/To Discuss:

  • Dan messaged me (Ares) back about the process so I will start following this up tomorrow/over the weekend and into next week
  • Not sure whether it’s going to be possible to get hoodies done by the end of this term or not? Might be sensible to get people to order at the end of this term/over Christmas then supply them at the start of next term


  • Need to go to the SU about payment for these
  • Need to specifically bring up colour options with the company and enquire whether this costs more

5. CCGs tournament with Cov (Ellie) Info/To Discuss:

  • We need to know what format the magic tournament (and yu-gi-oh! tournament) will be in
  • Entry cost????
  • Young’s hobbies might not be a neutral ground, consider other venues
  • Ask whether there are other groups aside from us and Cov


  • Talk to them about more details (Ellie)
  • Then also talk to our members about interest
  • Try and negotiate a more neutral venue that does not require us to charge our members to attend (ie to cover the table hire cost) - offer to do it here or at Cov

6. Proxies/Counterfeits/Power Level Info/To Discuss:

  • Conclusion on proxies from last time: We need to write somewhere (website etc) that people need to discuss cards, formats, legality etc before beginning a game with an opponent. Need to explicitly say that DCI sanctioned events run under Wizards’ rules, not our casual ones.
  • Now, need to discuss counterfeits, and also power level.
    • While we can effectively ban this, we cannot really police it
    • We are a “venue,” and therefore we cannot be culpable
    • Not enough time to discuss in this meeting


  • Someone needs to write the statement (Josh or Ellie) and okay it with the exec before getting Ash or Finnbar to post it up on the website.
  • Shouldn’t do anything about policing counterfeits (Josh)

Next Meeting: To Discuss (Focussing):

  • Zatu update (Finnbar)
  • Hoodie update (Ares)
  • Tabletop weekend duties (everyone)