2018/19 Term 2 Week 1 Exec Meeting Minutes

7 Jan 2019

Posted by Ares ( Avatar for morrowkei morrowkei )

You can view the full powerpoint minutes for this meeting here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1z4SIrPNTjtav8HY3f3UfovXyLnqw5sNeIegDPRg4nTg/edit?usp=sharing This meeting was conducted on 07/01/2019 at 1300 in B2.03

Exec Present: Ares (Sec.) Nigel (Pres.) Patrick (Boardgames) Finnbar (News Dude) Callum (RPGs) Ellie (CCGs Ass.) Jakub (LARP)

Exec Absent: Josh (CCGs) Jon (RPGs Ass.) Nathan (Treasurer) Tim (LARP Ass.) Ash (Web Admin.) Aleksa (Draft) James SF (Wargames)

Orders of Business: Reminders/Updates

  1. RPG One Shots
  2. Exec Handover Doc
  3. AGM
  4. Borrowing society equipment

Reminders/Updates: Info/To Discuss:

  1. ADVERTISE HOODIES AT ALL OUR MAJOR EVENTS! a. HOODIE ORDER DEADLINE: JAN 14th b. There’s an advertising slide in the google drive! Use it! c. Will be advertised in this week’s newsletter, a new announcement on discord and shared to all the fb channels
  2. Anything more on B2.02 cupboards? (has Old Rob been contacted?)
  3. Any website updates to be reported on (anonymous complaints form)?
  4. Tabletop weekend week 9: we’ll have MR2 from 11.30am on Sat, not able to find a big enough room for the day until we get B2.02 at 5pm
  5. Buying new stuff for the society: following events now in the Duck (messy pub) what about playmats, and sleeves for regularly played board games?
  7. Someone from the SU is currently signing our Zatu contract


  1. It will be done
  2. Rob doesn’t know the physics PhD either - need to go back to Johnston and talk to him about it (Nigel)
  3. Ash began to work on the anonymous complaints form, Finnbar looked into some things. Aim to get the anonymous complaints form done by the handover (ideally by the week 8 AGM).
  4. Patrick knows.
  5. Take a look at the xwing/wargames playmats; otherwise, order a couple of big ones and a couple of small ones. I’ll liaise with Ellie on this. Patrick will do boardgames sleeves. 6 . Patrick will do that this weekend. Laminating can be done at the SUHQ reception desk.

1. RPG One Shots Info/To Discuss:

  • Enough rooms booked, Callum has made the forum thread for the event.


  • Will readvertise via the normal channels leading up to the event.
  • Finnbar will put a discord announcement out.

2. Exec Handover Doc Info/To Discuss:

  • THANK YOU TO: Nigel, Finnbar, Callum, Jakub
  • NOT CONTRIBUTED YET: Nathan, Ash, James SF, Aleksa, Patrick (gets a pass because he's been away all Christmas), Josh
  • Reminder to add stuff to the events that are relevant to you


  • Hard deadline on contributions: end of week 3 (as Ares is probably busy until then anyway)
  • Please do it or Ares will be very upset
  • Will put a reminder facebook post up on the exec group (Ares)

3. AGM Info/To Discuss:

  • Week 8 during board games
  • Who is the returning officer?
  • What do we need to discuss at the AGM in addition to the regular election business?
  • Is anyone thinking of proposing any motions?
  • Is everyone thinking about their successors?
  • Ares will create a mini advertisement for the AGM sometime this week, and we can advertise it starting next week when the hoodie orders close and that business is sorted.
  • Need to create a nomination thread on the website? Last year, both facebook and the website were used and there were separate threads on both.


  • Returning officer has to be someone who’s NOT running for a role
    • Ares may or may not be running depending on PhD
    • NIGEL will be returning officer
    • Nigel can get the powerpoint from last year off Dan
  • Motions:
    • Tim: officially renaming LARP equipment officer
    • Nigel needs to look into electronic voting.
    • We’ll be motioning in the exec handover document
  • I’ll create a forum thread for nominations on the website, and we will link this thread everywhere else (FB, discord) rather than having separate threads.

4. Borrowing society equipment Info/To Discuss:

  • Someone enquired on the discord about regularly “checking out” RPGs equipment
  • Discord server #RPGs, Benjamin M, Tiny Iron Man (Fri 04/01/2019): Exec, for borrowing items in the future, would it be possible to do a standing order sort of thing? Like, every Friday evening, and it's returned by the next morning (b2.02 locks permitting)?
  • What's our system?
    • Callum has a google spreadsheet for RPG orders - will need to update this for recurring orders.
    • Callum is the only one with editing permissions - so basically, the system is go to Callum and he’ll pencil you in.


  • Add a link to the spreadsheet on the website (and an explanation, on the proposed FAQs page?)
  • Add in the details of this to the exec handover document
  • Will continue to keep the sign out book system for board games rather than doing it electronically

Next Meeting To Discuss (Focussing):

  • AGM update probably (Ares)
  • Hoodie update (Ares)
  • Zatu update (Finnbar)
  • Game design update (Finnbar)
  • Locks update (Nigel)
  • Commander tournament idea (Ellie)
  • Set the times starting Thursday next week