2018/19 Term 2 Week 5 Exec Meeting Minutes

7 Feb 2019

Posted by Ares ( Avatar for morrowkei morrowkei )

You can view the full powerpoint minutes for this meeting here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ufrm91-0bcBTrN-labmSCnh9UK2jKQrQPOVE4o9-vvU/edit?usp=sharing This meeting was conducted on 07/02/2019 at 1300-1400 in H4.22/4

Exec Present: Ares (Sec.) Nigel (Pres.) Patrick (Boardgames) Finnbar (News Dude) Callum (RPGs) Jakub (LARP) Josh (CCGs) Jon (RPGs Ass.) Nathan (Treasurer) James SF (Wargames)

Exec Absent: Tim (LARP Ass.) Ash (Web Admin.) Aleksa (Draft) Ellie (CCGs Ass.)

Orders of Business: Reminders/Updates 1. Tabletop Weekend Duties 2. Group chat #ShameOnYouWarwick 3. Moving exec chat to Discord 4. Star Wars collab 5. Game Design collab update 6. CompSoc borrowing games

Reminders/Updates: Info/To Discuss:

  1. Have we received the leaflets from Zatu for tt weekend yet?
  2. B2.02 cupboard update?
  3. Hoodie update: Bananamoon messed me around a bit with edits to the proofs, but now I’ve approved the proofs and the automated email told me “expected delivery date: Friday 8th Feb.” Whether that’s true and/or it’s actually the dispatch date, I’m not sure. The order page says the hoodies have been “passed to production” and nothing else yet.
  4. Secret Sith??????? Want this in time for tabletop weekend please


  1. No
  2. None
  3. -
  4. Jon will take over printing Secret Sith/laminating it at SUHQ
  5. It will be done.

1. Tabletop Weekend Duties Info/To Discuss:

  • We’re just in B2.02, regular times.
  • Duties that need filling:
    1. Saturday morning set up (room ready for 10am, so arrive at 9.30am please)
    2. Saturday daytime
    3. Saturday overnight
    4. Sunday morning (get there at 10am)
    5. Sunday daytime
    6. Sunday night packdown (booking finishes at 10pm, please try and pack up so the room can be vacated by then).


  • Exec fulfilling the roles:
    1. Finnbar, Jakub
    2. Nigel
    3. Jon
    4. Patrick
    5. Josh, Callum
    6. Nigel, Callum

2. Group Chat (#ShameOnYouWarwick) Info/To Discuss:

  • James SF (motion): add the named group chat participants to our society’s ban list, to prevent them from participating in society events in the future
  • Ellie raised that other societies have released statements regarding the university’s actions/stance on the group chat members - should we do something?


  • It is now the case that the people are no longer returning to the university next year, so James rescinds the motion.
  • Ellie was not present at this meeting, so we decided it would be best to wait on this.

3. Moving Exec Chat to Discord Info/To Discuss:

  • Proposal made by Ares:


  • Multiple channels - means discussion about various issues doesn’t get buried in other discussions…
  • PINNED POSTS!! So the most important information never gets lost and people can find it easily when they need it (i.e. next exec meeting date/time)
  • It would potentially encourage more exec to interact with our pre-existing all-society discord, by requiring them to have discord.
  • Bots for all our needs/convenience - meeting schedule, for example. Yes, I know we don’t “need” bots right now, but it would be cool.


  • Would require people to get discord… However, this should be encouraged regardless, for our society discord. Also it’s no different from forcing people to get Facebook (like I had to), except discord hasn’t had a massive scandal involving people’s personal data being stolen, and also your discord doesn’t appear when people search your name on google. Discord sign up takes 1 minute, tops.
  • Need to make sure we don’t let our facebook page/groups fall into disuse; individual reps and secretary/treasurer/pres should still have facebook and maintain the page/groups.


  • If we do this, it’ll be in the next exec handover - Ares will set it all up prior to the AGM and we can join it, but should keep discussion to the exec chat on facebook until then.
  • We need to make sure that proper discussion on issues is kept to our weekly face-to-face meetings, and doesn’t infringe upon the chat
  • Let’s do it!

4. Star Wars Collab Info/To Discuss:

  • Richard is no longer running Star Wars
  • He’s given us the option of whether to go ahead or not
  • But he cannot guarantee that it will not be a repeat of next time if he’s not around


  • Delay it until Richard comes back

5. Game Design Update! Info/To Discuss:

  • Finnbar talked to them yay!
  • Schedule:
    • Week 7 Weekend: we have LIB2 booked from 10am to 10pm both Saturday and Sunday and overnight
    • Talks from us (Finn) and Game Design from 10am-11am Saturday
    • Followed by game creation from 11am Saturday to 3pm Sunday (overnight shift will be taken by game design exec)
    • Then playtesting from 3pm Sunday
  • Materials:
    • Dan (Game Design, not ex-sec...) is going to make a list of things for both societies to buy, I’ll try and push for us to buy components because spare components are useful for us anyway.
  • Advertising:
    • Ares is going to create an advertising image by Monday next week, then advertise in newsletter, and GD will create a FB event that we’ll share


  • Announcement for this during week 6 and 7 boardgames

6. CompSoc Info/To Discuss:

  • CompSoc contacted Finnbar about borrowing games in two capacities:
    • For their weekly Tea++ event in Curiositea, so people can play small games like Coup and Love Letter.
    • For their Friday Gaming sessions.
  • Things to consider:
    • We have rules in place for one-off bookings by societies, how do we deal with possibly recurring bookings?
    • We were already planning to protect games for the Postgrad Board Games event (sticky pub tables…) and this would be needed for Tea++ also. How’s this going?
    • Do we advertise that CompSoc are borrowing our games?


  • Friday is the one day we can definitely do!!
  • Nigel wants something in return
    • Borrowing some of their equipment - like the vive - for tabletop weekend
  • They need to come to a board games event and talk to Patrick so he can write up and organise what they need to borrow and make sure it’s available
  • Start in a few weeks or next term

Next Meeting: To Discuss (Focussing):

  1. AGM update (Ares and Nigel)
  2. Society camera ideas? (Jakub and Tim)