2018/19 Term 3 Week 5 Exec Meeting Minutes

23 May 2019

Posted by Finnbar ( Avatar for finnbar finnbar )

You can view the full PowerPoint meeting minutes on Google Slides. This meeting was conducted on 23/5/19 at 1400-1500 in S0.17.


Exec Present

Finnbar (Secretary) Callum (President) Thomas (Web Admin) Jon Bell (RPGs) Jon Cheah (Wargames) Benjamin (Treasurer) Josh (Boardgames) Jakub (LARP) Ares (Graphic Design, Acting Draft)

Exec Absent

Luke (Comms, had a driving test that he told me about after not filling in the poll...) Anakin (Assistant RPG, with apologies) Timothy (Quartermaster, his shoulder probably still hurts) Nigel (Holiday Rep, has no excuse)

Orders of Business

  1. Lending games to other societies
  2. Sponsorships
  3. Games Den
  4. Boardgaymes and pride week (the squeakuel)


Reminders and Updates

Basically nothing has happened, we've been busy with exams - there has been no progress on society documents, laserquest, the cupboards or the Warhammer tournament. Hoodies have been sent off now (should be done by 6th June if everything is okay) and badges/statuettes should be available by the start of next week.

1. Lending Games to Other Societies

Our current system for lending games to other societies is that we ask for two of their exec to have membership. This is not ideal, because either they have to buy SocsFed (if they're a sports club) or they're only donating £4 to us. We also ask them to advertise for us - after discussion with the society exec wanting to borrow the games, we provide a small bag of games for them to borrow along with some business cards, with the stickers on the games also advertising us. Should we change this? A short discussion lead to a £10 flat fee being decided - now that we know that societies can transfer money between each other (we weren't sure of this in past discussions), this is an easy solution. This is now put into action, with the advertising stuff and the usual process (business cards and stickered games) staying as-is.

An important note: for the events we've run with the SU/RLT we've been paid £50. This is different to lending games to other societies though as no society in their right mind is going to spend that much and for the SU/RLT events we help run the events as well, hence the increase in price. It's important to differentiate between these events and societies just borrowing our games!

2. Sponsorships

Back in Week 2, we discussed sponsorship options (see the relevant meeting minutes). Benjamin went and drew up two systems - a tiers system and a packages system where you could buy advertising on our website, in the footer of the newsletter and so on - you can ask him if you want details. An indicative vote showed that some mix of the two (negotiable tiers) is probably most sensible, as tiers lack flexibility but are simple for companies to choose from. Regardless, once decided the system will be made public somehow (requires further discussion), but will not include the prices directly.

Callum is also going to throw some business cards around at UK Games Expo (UKGE) and see if any companies are interested!

3. Games Den

We have a deal with the Games Den that nobody really seems to have a strong idea about what it entails, so a group (Ares, Ellie, Benjamin and probably some others) will go to Games Den to discuss and hopefully formalise our arrangement. This will aim to be done before UKGE, as Callum will attempt to talk to Wizards of the Coast with the aim of understanding if we can get the Wizards Event Reporter (WER) ourselves despite not being a shop. As an aside, Chaos Cards will be looked into as a sponsor in general (we buy sleeves from them among other things), and will be at UKGE as well.

4. Boardgaymes and Pride Week

Last week we discussed running Pride events during week 8. How's that going?

  • Charity MTG Cube during Tuesday Draft: in progress, is advertised and the money (buy-in costs) can go directly to the Equalitea donations since it's going to the same charity anyway. Prizes will be a Pocket Workshop trophy and a free buy-in to a future draft, a pack from a recent set to all those going 2-1, society die as a participation prize.
  • Boardgaymes and Equalitea during Wednesday: in progress. We have B2.02 from 1pm now, so will start it then. Ares is trying to get hot water canisters from catering for tea, and cake will definitely be made. Current roadblock: SU hasn't responded to the fundraising form.
  • Talks: Ares has a talk on gender, Matt Green has a talk on asexuality/aromanticism. We need to determine whether people would be interested, and if so this can run on the Friday.
  • Any more events? Finnbar might have a one-shot prepared by then, depends if they can get it done by then. The collection buckets should be present at all of our events.

Next Meeting

The following will be discussed, with bracketed members focussed.

  1. Games Den II: Electric Boogaloo (At least one of the crew going to Games Den.)
  2. Mini Societies Fair
  3. Budget III: The Summening (Benjamin, also Josh if we talk about games storage.)
  4. Survey about Code of Conduct (Thomas)
  5. Constitution (Callum/Finnbar, the dynamic duo [citation needed])
  6. Did anything cool happen at UK Games Expo? (Callum/Finnbar, part of the UK Games Expo Sqwode)

BONUS: Dragons

Important discussion was had as to how to characterise dragons. Please consult the slides about this important matter.