2018/19 Term 3 Week 7 Exec Meeting Minutes

5 Jun 2019

Posted by Finnbar ( Avatar for finnbar finnbar )

A note to everyone still dealing with exams right now: good luck! Especially the second year CS students, I very much feel your pain.

You can view the full PowerPoint meeting minutes on Google Slides This meeting was conducted on 5/6/19 at 1300-1400 in H0.03.


Exec Present

Finnbar (Secretary) Callum (President) Thomas (Web Admin) Ares (Acting Draft, Graphic Design) Jon Cheah (Wargames) Benjamin (Treasurer) Jakub (LARP) Anakin (Assistant RPG) Josh (Boardgames)

Exec Absent

Ellie (CCGs, has a cold) Tim (Quartermaster, no idea why he wasn't there because he said on the Doodle he could make that slot) Nigel (Holiday Rep) Jon Bell (RPGs, with apologies) Luke (Comms, with apologies)

Orders of Business

  1. Games Den
  2. Quiz
  3. Pride Week
  4. Camera
  5. Boardgames storage.
  6. Code of Conduct / Demographics
  7. Constitution


Reminders and Updates

  • Society documents? More on the constitution later! Risk assessment is waiting until Jakub's done with exams.
  • Laser Quest? All sorted, CompSoc is handling this. The event is up on Facebook!
  • B2.02 Cupboards? No progress, but with Callum (and now me) free of exams we can start to work on this again.
  • Warhammer tourney? Jon Cheah is looking into the Event Planning Pack - we may need to ticket if demand is high so that Dom can be paid and so that more terrain can be bought. Nigel should be around to run it, as should James SF. Dom is gathering interest to see if enough people will turn up for it to be worth running.
  • How was UK Games Expo? It was so good, we had a blast. More importantly Callum talked to Chaos Cards and gave them some business cards, so we'll see how that pans out.
  • Asbestos? At the time of the meeting there was a possibility that the Westwood store had asbestos so may have ruined our spare LARP kit, but the SU has contacted us now to say that isn't the case.

1. Games Den

Ares, Ellie and Benjamin went on a trip to meet with Tim from Games Den to formalise our deal with them. Two main points were brought up:

  • We can still get scores entered via their WER as long as we keep delivering them to him. We need to have a judge and Tournament Organiser known by Tim to do this (fortunately Ellie and Ares fit the bill perfectly), although after the EGM if Ares is no longer our Draft Rep we'll need to introduce the new rep to Tim. Notably when we submit the results we get promos!
  • Buying boxes from Games Den is slightly more expensive than from Chaos Cards (£83/84 a box vs £75, but only as part of a crate). While we don't have to buy it from Games Den, we do get buy-a-box promos if we do so it is possibly worth it - we could pay the difference out of the budget sometimes (although it comes to £54 a crate which is quite a lot of money) or increase draft prices when using those boxes. Ares is going to poll as to what the membership thinks.

Otherwise, as long as we give them 3-5 weeks warning we can buy the relevant stuff and all is good.

2. Quiz

Quiz is coming up, which means rounds need to be written! The original plan was six rounds and a bonus round, however Callum and I have to be at Socs Awards (much less exciting than the quiz, but hey we might win) and John Humphreys is very busy so we're a few rounds short. Fortunately Jon Cheah has stepped in, Ellie might be writing a round for Ares, Callum might write a round anyway and Ares has had a "very John" idea which they'll write. Basically, we good.

The exec have been asked to post quiz prize ideas in the Discord. Chaos Cards has some sick dealz at the moment so we'll look into prizes from them. Pocket Workshop should be able to provide trophies again, will talk to them about it after they've sorted the trophies for the Charity Cube next week.

3. Pride Week

Pride Week is next week, so people should be around! Let's make sure all the events are sorted for the week:

  • Charity Draft (Tuesday): cubes are built, trophies are in progress!
  • Boardgaymes (Wednesday): catering hasn't replied about hot water for tea, but Thomas has a backup plan. Everything else is set. Ares has put up a Google Form for interest, please fill it in especially if you're making cake.
  • Talks (Friday): H0.03 is booked from 5-7pm, Ares has snacks prepared.

4. Camera

We previously discussed buying a camera for the society for advertising and LARP (see minutes from way back in Term 2, a calmer time). A couple of options were discussed back then, and a few general points were discussed about photos in general:

  • A camera could go on next year's budget!
  • Back when I was Comms, I had the issue of not knowing who had what photos and how to get them. To this end, we could use Google Photos for combining different people's sources of photos - this will be useful if we elect to not get a camera and stick with smartphones.
  • An aside brought up - we need to clean up Google Drive to make sure all the data on there should be up there. This will be discussed in a future meeting.

5. Board Games Storage (also for LARP)

We may have some extra money due to the events we've run for RLT and others (Benjamin thinks £150 but will confirm this after exams), so Callum and I discussed boardgames storage: currently we have some broken boxes, one working suitcase, one suitcase with a broken wheel, a good bag and the semblance of another bag. We should replace some of these. LARP also has some broken boxes so would benefit too. Ideas considered:

  • A trolley for carrying boxes: sometimes we get unlucky with the timetable and have to move our stuff around, and a trolley would help. It would also mean we could buy more boxes than bags and suitcases and carry them around. This would have to be foldable as the trolley itself needs storing. Discussion was had about storing it in B2.01, but those cupboards are even more full.
  • Boxes or bags: cheaper, but we need to get heavy duty ones like those from Catering (these can be hard to carry though). Doesn't have to be translucent as we could label the box with its contents. Toolboxes could be a good thing to look out for.
  • Suitcases: could look in clearance, they don't have to be stylish. Ares has John Lewis contacts that could prove useful. Getting two smaller suitcases is better than one larger one for portability and because it's easier to break the large ones (they're heavier so take more damage when dropped).

Either way, this should be done before the start of next year. We also need to sort the cupboards in general, they're a bit of a tip.

6. Code of Conduct / Demographics

A few points were brought up with regards to the Code of Conduct, which are being put on hold until Thomas is out of exam season. For reference, the points were:

  • A Code of Conduct was discussed at the Inclusivity training, which should be worked on before the new term. Who's writing it?
  • We should also get the opinions of the membership on this, can be merged into a general survey about how we can improve as a society (another point from the training). Who's sorting this?
  • We can get demographic information from the SU, which is useful for this Code of Conduct and improving the society in general. We should get this data!

This has been moved to the next meeting.

7. Constitution

Callum has finished exams, so has been editing the constitution. His efforts are on the Google Drive, so please read them and make comments! I will be cross referencing it with the SU's newly formatted Regulation 9 to make sure nothing important has been removed. We have until Wednesday 12th at 6pm to do this, so make your comments before then!

Next Meeting

The following will be discussed, with bracketed members focussed.

  1. Sponsorships (Benjamin!)
  2. Mini Socs Fair (once the SU tells us when we're needed...)
  3. Is there a proper way (in the SU's eyes) to do Draft? (the new Draft Rep)
  4. Tabletop extrav, and the question of who's gonna do the overnight shifts.
  5. Data security (Thomas)
  6. Code of Conduct / Demographics (Thomas)