2018/19 Term 3 Week 9 Exec Meeting Minutes

19 Jun 2019

Posted by Finnbar ( Avatar for finnbar finnbar )

It's been ten thousand years... but the meeting minutes are finally released. I have a job, it's good but exhausting! Fortunately I've finally got some time to make the minutes happen so I can finally release them to the world. Let's see who's ready for some sweet minuting action!

[Finnbar swings the door open expectantly. There's two people and a dog. One of them is a skeleton.]

Fine barely anyone reads them and that's fair because it's not supremely exciting but let's go.

You can view the full PowerPoint meeting minutes on Google Slides. This meeting was conducted on 19/6/19 at 1200-1400 in S0.50.


Exec Present

Finnbar (Secretary) Callum (President) Thomas (Web Admin) Ares (Actually Draft now (woo), Graphic Design) Jon Cheah (Wargames) Benjamin (Treasurer) Jakub (LARP) Anakin (Assistant RPG) Josh (Boardgames) Ellie (CCGs) Nigel (Holiday Rep) Jon Bell (RPGs) Luke (Comms)

Exec Absent

Tim (Quartermaster, I've given up guessing where he is.)

Non-Exec Present!

Alex and Sol turned up! Wow they must have been bored

Non-Exec Absent

Literally every other member of the society wasn't there. A bad turnout from the non-exec.

Orders of Business

  1. Tabletop Extravaganza
  2. Code of Conduct
  3. Data Security
  4. Mini Societies Fair
  5. Sponsorships
  6. Society Storage
  7. Holiday events


Reminders and Updates

  • Society documents? Constitution vote happening today! Health and Safety in progress (we found an older one which can be updated). Budget form in progress. (After meeting note: All of the core documents were submitted just in time. Budget form isn't due for a while, but is in progress.)
  • B2.02 cupboards? We've been busy with the megagame.
  • Warhammer tourney? Happening 20th July, planning pack in progress. Tickets are £20 including food and organisational costs.
  • EGM in a few hours. Luckily for all the exec, they all turned up. Any exec not turning up would have faced my wrath. It's almost a shame, I've not got to use my wrath fully yet. At this point Ellie said something like "what's an EGM?" to which I charmingly replied "I'll kill you". We're very serious exec.
  • Quiz! Everyone who hadn't sent their quiz rounds in should do. (After meeting note: they did. Quiz was good, from what I heard... I hate Socs Awards. Callum and I did 1v1 it (along with Patrick and a few others, so I guess it was 1v1v1v1), I think Callum won? I got lots of points in the Magic round though so props to me.)
  • Megagame is on Friday! (After meeting note: it was so good.)

1. Tabletop Extravaganza

Tabletop Extrav was about to happen, so we had to work out who would be around, especially for those sweet sweet overnight shifts. Let's go:

  • Saturday morning setup, including moving games to H5.45 at 9am: Benjamin, Jakub and Jon Cheah.
  • Saturday evening changeover from H5.45 at 6pm: Ares and Ellie.
  • Saturday-Sunday overnight: Josh.
  • Rescuing Josh at 10am: Thomas.
  • Sunday-Monday overnight: Callum and Finnbar. Here's a cryptic crossword clue: six letters, a river bird happens again - formal disappointment in hindsight. Ah yes, regret.
  • Rescuing Callum and Finnbar at 10am: Luke.
  • Packup (Monday 10am): whoever's around at this point.

2. Code of Conduct (carried over from last meeting)

We actually discussed the Code of Conduct this time.

  • Thomas (with others proofreading) is going to write a Code of Conduct. He'll then convert this into rules for a moderation team.
  • To this end, he's going to make an online form to get the opinions of the membership about this and how to improve the society as a whole. He'll work with Benjamin to make this happen. (After meeting note: this is out! If you're reading this and haven't filled it in... go do that.)
  • Benjamin is also going to email the SU to get demographic data to further aid this.

3. Data Security

Our current system is that all of our data is stored on Google Drive, which is accessible to past and present exec. This current system is invaluable for collaborative documents and things that need to be publicly accessible after a while, such as the exec meeting slides.

Thomas has audited the files on our current system and has noticed that there are few that should be deleted ASAP as they constitute personal data (such as old members lists and old exec sheets). Thomas and I are in charge of sorting this.

The main question is whether we're okay with past exec having access to this data. Thomas is looking into alternative storage systems for improved security (including paid Google services), which he'll present to exec at some point. There was also discussion of using a second data store for more sensitive material (such as personal data) - moving to one system has a huge movement cost but is likely simpler in the long run, but may lose features fundamental to the running of this exec. Conclusion - we'll see what Thomas finds (and get stuff off the Drive).

4. Mini Societies Fair

We're doing mini societies fair again! Money's a good thing, and some publicity is always nice. Problem - it clashes quite badly with our events on both Friday (Megagame) and Saturday (the Extrav itself). To this end, people were polled for their availability (see the slides for the full list) and then a schedule was drawn up. Efficiency™.

Transport was also discussed - Ares (as the one exec with a car, the most mystical of beasts) had to pick up a bunch of megagame things for Friday morning as well as Socs Fair stuff. This was planned outside of the meeting, and miraculously worked out in what I'm calling the Second Most Exhausting Day.

5. Sponsorships

In short, these were put on hold because second year Computer Science exams are horribly timed. But hey, Benjamin is still alive last I checked so that's a plus. More seriously: we're going to email Chaos Cards with the email that has a lot of store credit to show that we mean business and could have a formal agreement.

6. Society Storage

We never came to a conclusion as to what to buy! So we decided to go on a shopping trip to get storage. (After meeting notes: guess what didn't happen? Fortunately Ares came across a good suitcase in Tesco's that was even on discount, so we've made a start.)

7. Holiday Events

Summer events exist! We should probably run them. Fortunately we elected a position for this, so Nigel as Holiday Officer is in charge. A few questions arose:

  • Who's around? Nigel of course, but he can delegate to James SF or John temporarily if need me.
  • When? Do we merge the events? The events are mostly distinct so are being merged. We're polling the membership to find the best day. (After meeting note: despite what the newsletter says, it's running on Mondays.)
  • Where? I've got to book rooms, hooray. Look into MB0.08, MB0.07 (might require keycard though), or otherwise the standard bunch of Avon or WT rooms.
  • Is CCGs a thing? We'll poll. It can just be grouped with the generic megaevent, with extra ad-hoc bookings being made if required.

Also Nigel is going to step down from the Holiday Officer position after the holidays, so we'll need to find a new one.

Next Meeting

No more meetings this term! Thank goodness, I'm so tired. To deal with over the summer:

  1. Sponsorships
  2. Dice (possibly moving from RPGs to Treasurer)
  3. Draft Purchases (need to give Games Den enough notice)
  4. Code of Conduct
  5. Advertising (including a society flag, general poster printing, business cards and maybe big screen advertising)
  6. The banner is slightly broken, may need a new one