2019/20 Term 1 Week 2 Exec Meeting Minutes

9 Oct 2019

Posted by Finnbar ( Avatar for finnbar finnbar )

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's a goose help I'm trapped in Computer Science and don't want to do real work so I'm writing meeting minutes to procrastinate

You can view the full PowerPoint meeting minutes on Google Slides This meeting was conducted on 9/10/19 at 1300-1400 in H0.58 Published 11/10/19


Exec Present

Finnbar (Secretary)
Callum (President)
Ares (Draft, Graphic Design)
Benjamin (Treasurer)
Jakub (LARP) Josh (Boardgames) Jon Cheah (Wargames)
Ellie (CCGs)
Jon Bell (RPGs) Thomas (Web Admin) Luke (Comms)

Exec Absent

Anakin (Assistant RPG) Tim (Quartermaster)

Orders of Business

  1. Auction
  2. Quiz
  3. The bad suitcase


Reminders and Updates

  1. Boardgames is straight after this meeting (B2.04/5) and there’s a seminar going on from 1-3. We’ve got permission to pop in during their break, but that means we need to be speedy. (This is a problem for a number of weeks.)
  2. We found the new (old) Westwood storage, the stuff is in it now. (This is where we found a bunch of the board games we're selling!)
  3. Theo messaged the exec about advertising dice bags, we're sorting that. (Will be in #external-announcements.)

1. Auction

  1. We agreed to hold an auction to make some space and get some funds for the society. When? Week 4 Friday / Saturday was discussed. There was a vote: 6 for Friday, 1 for Saturday, 0 for Neither and 2 abstentions.
  2. What's the plan? Grab games from Westwood before Wed Week 4 so people can try before they buy. Also remove CCGs stuff from cupboard at that time to Ares’ office so we have space for the stuff from Westwood. [After meeting note: on Friday we move stuff from B2.02 to LIB1, do the auction and all's good.]
  3. Who's the auctioneer? I'd like to do it, and nobody objected so tough luck it's me.
  4. What are we auctioning? We have a spreadsheet tracking the games that aren't played, it'll be those. Important though to let people say "actually this game is really good please keep it".
    • Also we need to make sure that this is all good with the SU. [After meeting note: it is.]
    • We'll put a reserve of about 50% on high cost (£30+) games to avoid losing too much money.
  5. Publicity? Facebook event including list of what's being sold (cleaned up spreadsheet with reserves clearly listed). Need to explain the auction process, including anything relating to auctions (reserves, bidding when you're not there etc). Google Calendar entry also needed.
  6. What are we going to use the money for? Main aim is buying sleeves for our existing (but frequently played) games so they don't fall apart (especially while at the pub). Josh needs to pick games to sleeve, find out what's needed and order. [After meeting note: if we can get the details worked out before the auction, we can use this as an incentive to bid.]

2. Quiz

The SU are following their financial guidelines and now won't let us subsidise the quiz (competition prizes can only be bought with entry fees to such an event). We need to consider how to continue with quizzes, remembering to think about:

  • Attendance (needs to be reasonably priced, but also some people might object to no prizes).
  • Availability of tickets (people probably make a snap decision about the quiz, so tickets in advance can be annoying).

With this in mind, we have some options:

  • SU ticketing (now requires no event planning pack!) Slow, has the issues mentioned with availability of tickets, includes SU surcharge.
  • Money on the door (QuizSoc do this.) Allows for snap decisions, simple, although gives us no safety net if fewer people turn up than expected (and budgeted for).
  • Continuing as we have. Extremely dodgy, to the point that this isn't sensible.
  • Not having prizes. Removes a big draw of the quiz. If we find that people don't like paying for the quiz at all, then sure.

We went with taking money on the door. Pricing wise, we're going to go with £1.50 per person, but also reduce the size of teams (or at least the number of people we buy prizes for). We don't want to split up groups but also don't want a group of twelve people stomping everyone, so decided on four people recommended per team but any groups of six or more need splitting up.

3. The Bad Suitcase

There's still a broken suitcase to be disposed of in Ares' office. We don't really have a good solution to this, sorry Ares. I'll make it up to you somehow. [After meeting note: Benjamin asked the SU, there's someone who may let us use their skip!]

Next Meeting

The next meeting will happen in week 4, just before Tabletop Weekend and the auction. We'll discuss:

  • Upcoming events (Tabletop Weekend, Auction)
  • Murder Mystery
  • Big RPGs