2019/20 Term 1 Week 4 Exec Meeting Minutes

23 Oct 2019

Posted by Finnbar ( Avatar for finnbar finnbar )

Welcome to another edition of Meeting Minutes with Finnbar! I'm gonna use this opportunity before we begin to remind you that you can come to any of our exec meetings - just message me and I can tell you what's happening and when.

Also come to LARP

You can view the full PowerPoint meeting minutes on Google Slides This meeting was conducted 23/10/19 at 1300-1400 in B2.02 Published slightly later than the 23rd...


Exec Present

Finnbar (Secretary)
Callum (President)
Benjamin (Treasurer)
Jakub (LARP)
Josh (Boardgames)
Jon Cheah (Wargames)
Ellie (CCGs)
Jon Bell (RPGs)
Thomas (Web Admin)
Luke (Comms)
Anakin (Assistant RPG)
Tim (Quartermaster)

Exec Absent

Ares (Draft, Graphic Design) - with apologies so all's good

Orders of Business

  1. No confidence in Tim
  2. Tabletop Weekend duties
  3. Hallowe'ek Reminder
  4. Big RPGs
  5. Quiz


Reminders and Updates

  1. We've got a lot going on this week and next week.
    * The auction is on Friday! Be there or be somewhere else. If there's anything extra you want to sell let me know.
  2. Next week there's an exam in B2.02 from 1-6pm, so games will need to be moved out of B2.02 from 1pm (preferably a little earlier). We've got B2.01 for this purpose. Callum will investigate whether this is necessary.
  3. Murder Mystery in progress - contact Tim, Jon (RPGs), Anakin, Jakub and a mysterious mafia person called Bayley if you’re interested. To the suggestion that it'd be alright, Jakub said "eeeehhhahhhhhhh".

1. No Confidence in Tim (As per the Constitution)

Direct from the Constitution, point 4.3.4:

A member of the Executive committee who is absent from any five exec meetings within a single term of office, or three consecutive exec meetings, without having offered prior apologies, shall face a vote of no confidence as per the SU’s constitution at the next exec meeting.”

(Note: due to the vagueness of the wording and the fact we had multiple different readings of it like whether term is academic term or a whole year, or whether those five meetings include apologies, we're going to try and fix this.)
Tim missed six exec meetings last term, and therefore we have to call such a vote, as run per the SU's guidelines.

The motion did not pass, so Tim is still an exec. However, we ask that he gives apologies in future.

2. Tabletop Weekend Duties

Tabletop Weekend is this weekend! We’re in B2.02 the whole time. Who’s available for:

  1. Saturday morning setup: Jakub and Callum
  2. Saturday during the day: Jon Cheah and Anakin
  3. Saturday/Sunday overnight: Josh
  4. Sunday morning 6am rescue: Finnbar and Callum (regret)
  5. Sunday during the day: Thomas
  6. Sunday packup: Anakin [After meeting note: the bus timetables played a prank on him, but fortunately Finnbar, Josh and Callum were still there.]

3. Hallowe'ek

Week 5 is spooky both because of Hallowe’en and also because it’s next week and that’s soon. What are we running?

  1. Chaos Draft (Tue): Ready - Ares will put out a Facebook event and proper advertisement after Tuesday’s draft session (so should’ve happened by now).
  2. Boo-ard Games (Wed): Ready
  3. Scary Commander or something (Thurs): Planeschase and Spooky Innistrad Planeschase are happening.
  4. Spooky RPGs (Various): Advertised, relies on DMs' own initiative. Will probably just be run as part of campaigns.
  5. Escape Room (Sun): Aaaaaaaaaa (in progress)
  6. RLT Boardgames (Sat): Nigel had no comment at the time (by virtue of not being there), but now it's set for 5-9pm Saturday.

4. Big RPGs

We want to run a D&D Epic! (Spoiler alert for Jon's post in #rpgs lol) Here's a bunch of things we considered:

  1. When, where, how: term two, week five, most likely in OC0.02! The people involved need to decide what they're running - could do a survey to work out what different sets of levels people want to work with (some Epics have multiple tiers).
  2. Tickets: kind of difficult legally given we can't actually buy Adventurer's League content - look into this. Also do we need to buy anything to even run this?
  3. Can we actually run this?
    • Sort player/DM ratio - more players means more DMs.
    • How do we allocate players to the tiers? (My note to Jon: do a survey...)
  4. Which Epic? Let the organisers decide... Need to contact WoTC first to make sure we can run it.

In conclusion, Jon needs to stop worrying and actually set up an organising committee to make decisions.

5. Quiz

Quiz is Friday Week 9, which isn’t that soon but it’s still worth thinking about (especially as our next meeting likely isn’t until Week 6). I'm organising it! Hooray.

I'm writing two quiz rounds. Luke, Jon Cheah, Callum and Ellie are writing one each.

Prizes will be discussed on Discord in #quiz.

Next Meeting

  1. Laserquest?
  2. More one-shots throughout term?