2019/20 Term 2 Week 3 Exec Meeting Minutes

22 Jan 2020

Posted by Finnbar ( Avatar for finnbar finnbar )

It's Sunday evening on a BGs weekend and I'm sitting here writing meeting minutes. Bet you're jealous.

You can view the full PowerPoint meeting minutes on https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1xKsCEwiqAG779CmEUsK365WsCG8WWt4AsWU3QfyH-2A/edit?usp=sharing.

This meeting was conducted on 22/1/20 at 1300-1400 in B2.02

Published 26/1/20.


Exec Present

Finnbar (Secretary) Callum (President) Benjamin (Treasurer) Jakub (LARP) Josh (Boardgames) Jon Cheah (Wargames) Jon Bell (RPGs) Luke (Comms) Anakin (Assistant RPG) Ellie (CCGs) Ares (Draft, Graphic Design)

Exec Absent

Tim (Quartermaster, with apologies.) Thomas (Web Admin, with apologies)

Orders of Business

  1. Upcoming Board Games Weekend
  2. Moneyyyyy
  3. Newsletter survey results
  4. Jumanji?
  5. CCGs exec presence
  6. Special events rep


Reminders and Updates

  1. Volunteering started last Friday! Went off without a hitch (mostly), although we didn’t get any actual volunteers other than Benjamin and Finnbar because nobody replies to their emails...
  2. Murder mystery progressing well! It's Wednesday Week 7, 6-9pm in B2.04/5.
  3. Epic D&D has stalled due to the SU not dealing with tickets. So, the plan!
    1. Wait for tickets.
    2. Get advertising going pronto.
    3. Organise DMs based on player interest. Need to consider Facebook stuff as well as Discord.
  4. A number of our announcements for special events have been a bit late this year. Who in general is responsible for this? Conclusion: Comms in general, specific organisers for events with those (e.g. RPG Rep for Intros). Other points:
    1. Ask for posters well in advance!
    2. Make Facebook events as soon as they appear in the newsletter. Always advertise with links.
    3. Create an advertising calendar so we advertise at the right times. Could do this via Discord reminders!

1. Board Games Weekend

Who's around for?

  • Saturday morning setup: Jakub, Luke, Benjamin
  • Saturday during the day: Jon Cheah, Anakin
  • The Overnight™: Josh, obvs
  • Sunday 6am rescue: Callum
  • Sunday during the day: Thomas, Callum
  • Pack up: Josh, Finnbar

2. Moneyyyy

Benjamin has investigated the society funds, and has allocated an extra £50 to the budgets of all parts of the society (except draft, which is self-sufficient).

We should also consider some new storage. The following shopping list was constructed:

  • New wargs suitcase, as the current one is falling apart.
  • New Nigel Bag, as Nigel is leaving soon.
  • New Draft/CCGs box, and a new land box.
  • A money box or two.
  • Trolleys (to do: investigate that they're okay with the new Big Boxes)

Jon Cheah will investigate suitcases and bags.

3. Newsletter Survey Results

Oh boy here we go. The survey was generally positive, with one mention of making it less of an essay, some complaints about the gallery and some mention of a lack of colour. To this end, Luke has decided that the old newsletter format is worth nothing and thus wants to overhaul the whole thing with next to no notice. It's been a bit of a week, huh.

To quote the points on the slides, he wants to do the following:

  • PDF newsletter, created in Publisher or whatever. Little boxes, skimmable etc. Intros are good when they’re good, might keep up. Allows for colours (but colour blindness), exciting formatting.
  • Luke will make a mockup so we can actually work out if it’s good.
  • Newsletter is being culled down.
  • We’ll trial it this weekend. Should make a mini survey, simple A/B test.

Also, please be more active in #highlights.

4. Jumanji?

We're organising a trip to Jumanji! We got cheaper tickets and advertised it. We got advertising in response. Some people went, and they seemed to enjoy it. Ah, a happy ending.

5. CCGs

Ellie can no longer make the start time of 5pm for CCGs due to being stuck in a seminar in Milburn House until 5:30pm. Who’s around to cover for the first ~45mins of CCGs? (They need to be around at 5pm, if not slightly earlier to try and grab stuff from B2.02.)

None of the exec can consistently make it, so we've consulted with Lawful Tim and Jared Who Does Not Have An Alignment Yet.

6. Special Events Rep

There was no time to discuss this.

Next Meeting

  1. Welcome to event hell (Big RPGs, Game Design Collab, Murder Mystery)
  2. Buying stuff that people will be taking with them as they leave™ (e.g. Railroad Ink, Skull)
  3. Storage buying, featuring Jon Cheah
  4. Special Events Rep

This will happen in week 5! Ahhhhhhhhhhh