2019/20 Term 2 Week 5 Exec Meeting Minutes

5 Feb 2020

Posted by Finnbar ( Avatar for finnbar finnbar )

Welcome to hyperspeed meeting minuting with Finnbar! I didn't think I'd have to run an exec meeting this coming week so postponed writing these minutes and now it's Sunday evening. Aaa.

You can view the full PowerPoint meeting minutes on Google Slides.

This meeting was conducted on 5/2/20 at 1300-1400 in S0.10

Published 9/2/20.


Exec Present

Finnbar (Secretary) Callum (President) Benjamin (Treasurer) Jakub (LARP) Josh (Boardgames) Jon Cheah (Wargames) Jon Bell (RPGs) Luke (Comms) Anakin (Assistant RPG) Ellie (CCGs) Ares (Draft, Graphic Design) Tim (Quartermaster) Thomas (Web Admin)

Also, AJ and Charles both turned up, thus making this a party! Woooo get hyped.

Exec Absent

None! Wow!

Orders of Business

  1. The Next Exec
  2. Constitution changes?
  3. Welcome to Event Hell
  4. Buying stuff owned by the people that are leaving
  5. Storage
  6. Big RPGs 2.0
  7. Volunteering / Special Events


Reminders and Updates

  1. We're in the Physics Common Room for board games today, so all hands on deck!
  2. Also keep up the AGM promo - if we don't make quorum I'll be very sad.

1. Board Games Weekend

Just like when this question was proposed in the week 1 meeting, do we know of people who'll stand for exec this year? This isn't binding and isn't the current exec choosing the next one, this is just making sure that at least one person is running for each role.

  • President and Secretary: Anakin and Finnbar (help PhD applications hard) are hoping to be these.
  • Treasurer: Benjamin will likely rerun.
  • Wargames: Jon will likely rerun.
  • Draft: Henry is interested!
  • Board Games: possibly Jakub, but we'll see if anyone else wants it.
  • CCGs: Raghav and Jared are interested.
  • RPGs: Sol is interested, and knowing the role, likely others.
  • LARP and Quartermaster: A number of people are interested in the pair.
  • Comms: Nobody yet. [After meeting note: we've had Alex state their intent to run!]
  • Web Admin: Thomas plans to rerun.

2. Any Other Constitution Changes?

We briefly discussed if anyone had any ideas for constitution changes. We need to remove the stipulation that we use STV for voting, but since that is factual we can do that without a vote. No other changes came up, but we'll consider it next meeting.

3. Welcome to Event Hell

We have many events coming up! Let's quickly make sure that all's good there.

  • X-wing tourney: all prepared!
  • Epic D&D: group allocation in progress. Need more players, although we've got enough to run the event. We're now one NPC short, and need to advertise more. [After meeting note: both of these events have run now, and were great! Big thanks to everyone involved in running those.]
  • Game Design Collab: I need to talk to Dan Illet. [After meeting note: I've talked to him!]
  • Murder Mystery: seventeen people have signed up! Prep is underway.
  • AGM: we've talked about this already. [After meeting note: forum post and base advertising done.]
  • Tabletop Weekend: too far away to think about.
  • Quiz: same. But need to talk to Pocket Workshop! [After meeting note: this is sorted, will discuss next meeting.]

Luke needs to make a few Facebook events for these. [After meeting note: all done!]

4. Buying Stuff That People Will Take As They Leave

Callum is leaving this year, and he provides some of our best games:

  • Root (with expansion)
  • Wingspan
  • Skull
  • Railroad Ink
  • Dinosaur Island

We're gonna get the top three for certain, and Railroad Ink if that's possible (it's out of stock basically everywhere, my copy is in German for example, Callum's is in Spanish, it's a whole thing). Callum may also sell Dinosaur Island to us for cheap. Notably, Callum will get the new copies given his are well worn by society use.

Josh will investigate all of this.

5. Storage (featuring Jon Cheah)

Jon went on an adventure to find new suitcases for Wargames. He found some good ones in House of Frazer in Leam - a 26inch one for £9, a cheap big one for £25 and a pricier, but more solid big one for £45. Jon is gonna buy a small one and an expensive one! [After meeting note: he did and they're good.]

We also need to replace Nigel's bag, which Jon has had less success with. There are some £30 holdalls, but they aren't the same. Keep investigating.

Also we'll go to IKEA before handover meal. You definitely want to be part of exec now!

6. Big RPGs 2.0 (featuring Charles, aka Chudd on Discord)

Charles is interested in a second Big RPGs! Notably this one will be homebrewed by Charles and others, which is very exciting! We can't run it term 3 (too much other stuff and exams of course), but it would be great for term 1. We'll see how Big RPGs was before making any big decisions.

Regardless, this is something to bring up with the next exec! Come back term 3, it sounds like a great idea. Also it was really nice to have someone come and propose a cool idea.

7. Volunteering and Special Events

Currently Benjamin and I are overworked with organising volunteering and much of the work we do involving special events. We considered a special events rep, but struggled to find many roles for them - in conclusion, it would be an exec to just throw odd jobs at and as a result wouldn't be fair.

So instead we're gonna add to Comms' remit - Luke is gonna write an AGM proposal adding events to Comms and thus renaming them to Communications and Organisation Officer or similar.

Next Meeting

Suddenly in week 6 (much to my surprise!)

  • Quiz prep
  • Wellbeing Physics event
  • Any constitution changes?