2019/20 Term 2 Week 8 Exec Meeting Minutes

25 Feb 2020

Posted by Finnbar ( Avatar for finnbar finnbar )

It's weird, now that I've been elected President these last sets of meeting minutes (this one and the next) are almost sad. It's been a fun adventure, being a cartographer of the exec's ideas as we map out where we're to go next. Perhaps I'll look on these meeting minutes in future and feel a fondness within them, a sense of warmth, comfort almost from their predictable prose.


You can view the full PowerPoint meeting minutes on Google Slides.

This meeting was conducted on 25/2/2020 at 1400-1500 in S0.20, the most exciting room I've ever been in.

Published 2/3/20.


Exec Present

Finnbar (Secretary) Callum (President) Benjamin (Treasurer) Josh (Boardgames) Jon Bell (RPGs) Ares (Draft, Graphic Design) Thomas (Web Admin)

Exec Absent

Ellie (CCGs, with apologies) Tim (Quartermaster) Jakub (LARP, with apologies) Luke (Comms, with apologies) Anakin (Assistant RPG, with apologies)

Non-Exec Present

Ryan (CompSoc President) Isaac (Board Games Hopeful) Lloyd (Weeb (also Weeb Treasurer)) Tamara (Here For The Food)


Jon Cheah (Wargames) AJ (Was Also Late)

Orders of Business

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaa! General Meeting!
  2. Tabletop Weekend Duties
  3. SocsMark
  4. Storage
  5. New Board Games


Reminders and Updates

  1. Game Design Collab was aight. Not many people showed up, but those who did had fun.
  2. Murder Mystery was a huge success, from what I heard! Congrats Jakub, Tim and friends.
  3. It's the SU elections this week. Limited advertising is allowed on Discord, none is allowed on Facebook. Please enforce this, and set post authorisation on the Facebook groups for this week only.
  4. Quiz prizes have been bought. Please get quiz rounds to me by the end of this week!
  5. Please give yourself your normal name back on Discord, ready for new exec and general handover.

1. Aaaaaaaaaa General Meeting

AGM is tomorrow at 6pm! If you don’t come and don’t have a good reason for not being there so help me. Fortunately every role has at least one candidate. [After AGM Note: no kidding, Comms Officers.]

We need to give a brief society update - so please think about if there’s anything short that you want to mention about what your part of the Society has been up to this year.

2. Tabletop Weekend Duties

It's that time again, folks! Who's around for the various parts of the Tabletop Weekend and what will you be playing?

  • Saturday Setup (10am): Jon Bell.
  • Saturday during the day: Finnbar.
  • Saturday-Sunday regretville overnight shift: Josh.
  • Early morning rescue: Nobody was decided on during the meeting. Callum stepped up, like a pro at 7-8am. (Meanwhile, I was sleeping for a very long time... Thanks, having a cold.)
  • Sunday during the day: Thomas.
  • Packup: Anakin.

3. SocsMark

SocsMark is due at the end of week 9. Ares (with Anakin to help with the environment stuff, as our Green Champion) will be dealing with this. For the sake of completeness, here's my first notes on what we could talk about:

  • Environment and Community - we’ve got a green champion and an action plan. Could also purchase some reusable cutlery before Tabletop Weekend. [After Meeting Note: wow, my first Presidential contribution.] We’ve done fundraisers too!
  • Inclusivity - we’ve done taster sessions, training, we’re all sober, we have a code of conduct, supported trans week, have an equivalent Postgrad Rep and Equal Opporunities.
  • Wellbeing - got a welfare officer, our events are all basically wellbeing events and attend training. Physics Wellbeing event is good also.
  • Development - we do collabs, we attend Socs Forum, keep our website up to date, attend elections training and have an AGM, inform Socs Officer of our successes, ran taster sessions.

4. Storage

Jon Cheah found a bag! It looks good! It’s £38.30. We're buying two, because Nigel's bag is seeing some wear and tear to the point where it might not be fair to return a broken bag to him.

Ares also bought some CCGs storage, which was larger than expected. Will invesigate whether it fits, and other uses if one or both aren't needed.

RPGs should also consider a folder for loose papers.

5. New Board Games

As well as the in-progress Zatu order, people are discussing new games.

  • Railroad Ink is so good, and on Amazon for slightly more than £15.
  • Letter Jam (Zatu, £12) could be considered? It's Codenames-like and positively reviewed.
  • Root will hopefully reexist at some point, right??

Next Meeting

This is the last meeting of the current exec, so the next one will be handover! Will probably be a weekend meeting so everyone can show up.