2019/2020 Term 3 Week 2 - Events, Events, and More Events!

30 Apr 2020

Posted by Anakin ( Avatar for Anakin Anakin )

This one isn't as late as the last set of minutes, but I guess that's how time works. Wow, its almost like I've written them at the same time.

If you enjoyed the PowerPoint from the last set of minutes, you can find this week's on Google Slides.

This meeting was conducted on 30/04/2020 at 11:00-12:00 via discord, this time on the main tabletop server.

Published 10/05/2020


Exec Present

Anakin (Vice President) Finnbar (President) Sebastian (CCGs Rep) Oli (Assistant RPGs Rep) Alex (BGs Rep) Henry (Draft Rep) Jared (Assistant CCGs Rep) Nathan (Quartermaster) Ares (Co-Op Officer) Thomas (Wed Admin) Sol (RPGs Rep) James (LARP Rep)

Exec Absent

Benjamin (Treasurer)

Non-Exec Present

Callum (Ex-Pres) Jakub (Ex-LARP Rep) Jon B (Ex-RPGs Rep) (And a few others who's usernames I didn't recognise)

Order of Business

  1. Quiz
  2. Pride Week
  3. Tabletop Live
  4. Tabletop Extrav
  5. Megagame


Reminders and Updates

  1. Hoodie orders end 10th of May (day of publishing)
  2. Regular events are good and consistent
  3. Training (grr) shakes fist at sky
  4. Handover movie soon

1. Quiz

After some discussion we've decided to try and do this during pride week (see next section), and instead of the entrance fee going towards prizes, the money will contribute to pride charities. Rounds will be given out later, with priority going to outgoing exec.

You can expect quiz to be run over discord. Each team will have a channel where they can pin answers.

2. Pride Week

Pride week is going to be run week 9, same as last year, as its clear of exams (mostly). Quiz and Boardgaymes will be run for this, and next meeting we'll discuss anything else we want to run.

3. Tabletop Live

This will be run on the 20th and 21st of June (the weekend of week 9). We'll be live for 13 hours each day, with several 10-15 minute breaks.

4. Tabletop Extrav

While we could replace this with Tabletop live, instead we're running this the weekend after (27th/28th of June). While traditionally this is run for 3 days, the current situation means we'd rather don't run for longer than we need to. However, we made this decision with the idea that we can change it if we so wish.

5. Megagame

Taking a closer look at this, the best way to make this work digitally would be to design our own version using the experience from last year. We had a look into the Den of Wolves game, which has been run online but it seems like more effort than its worth.

However, because of the effort required to get this up and running, we don't have time with exams. So after exams we'll mock something together for us to run during summer.

Next Meeting

The next meeting we'll be finalising event details, namely quiz rounds and tabletop live. See you next time!