2020/2021 Term 1 Week 1 - Post Welcome Week

8 Oct 2020

Posted by Anakin ( Avatar for Anakin Anakin )

Perhaps the longest of the meetings so far. We did a big ol' break down of each event of welcome week.

Can I offer you some slides in these trying times? Google Slides.

This meeting was conducted on 08/10/2020 at 14:00-15:00 via tabletop discord in the exec meeting voice channel. Huh Deja Vu. Huh Deja Vu

Published 07/01/2021


Exec Present

Anakin (Vice President) Finnbar (President) Sebastian (CCGs Rep) Oli (Assistant RPGs Rep) Alex (BGs Rep) Henry (Draft Rep) Jared (Assistant CCGs Rep) Nathan (Quartermaster) Ares (Co-Op Officer) Thomas (Wed Admin) Sol (RPGs Rep) James (LARP Rep) Benjamin (Treasurer) Jon C (Wargames Rep)

Exec Absent

Sol was late, but was later present.

Non-Exec Present

Lil Jamie Lap Jon B (Ex-RPGs Rep)

Order of Business

  1. Welcome Week Retrospective
  2. Lending Board Games
  3. Board Games Duration
  4. Events Planning


Reminders and Updates

  1. Money request form needs doing but not yet as we soon find out

1. Welcome Week Retrospective

I highly suggest you look at the slides for more info but I'll recap here: - Wargames: Overall went very well. Several members look for games outside of events. Playing the same thing gets people talking. - Draft: 1 Pod of 10 - good for online. 4 or 5 new players with a few returning. Less appealing than in person but went well otherwise. - Boardgames: A spooky but healthy 30 people turned up (the number was spooky and healthy not the people). We learnt that having large games on stand-by is good and that you should not teach games on Boardgame Arena. - CCGs: Plenty of new Netrunner players. Arena good for teaching magic. Finnbar was happy. - RPGS: Seeing the games in various voice channels was good. Many people have come asking for one-shots post welcome week.

2. Lending Boardgames

For a short period of time we could lend boardgames. We discussed the rules and regulations by which we'd do this by. Later Alex collected all boardgames at his place.

3. Boardgames Duration

A brief discussion took place to change boardgames from 14:00-22:00 to 17:00-22:00 as online boardgames is very tiring.

4. Events Planning

We discussed various events. - Boardgames Weekend - Hallowe'ek - Quiz - LARP? - Escape Room/Murder Mystery/anything else This discussion was short but Boardgames weekend and Hallowe'ek were decided dates.

Next Meeting

New meeting, we finalise anything for Boardgames weekend, and continue discussion on our events.