2020/2021 Term 1 Week 5 - A Rather Short Meeting

8 Nov 2020

Posted by Anakin ( Avatar for Anakin Anakin )

There was some development with a LARP event so that was discussed and some difficulties in modding our discord came up so we discussed that too. Nothing quippy. Too tired for quips. Unless this is a quip?

Slide to the left. Slide to the right. Well actually they're right here. Google Slides.

This meeting was conducted on 08/11/2020 at 13:00-14:00 via tabletop discord in the exec meeting voice channel. Huh Deja Vu. Huh Deja Vu. Huh Deja Vu. Huh Deja Vu

Published 07/01/2021


Exec Present

Anakin (Vice President) Finnbar (President) Sebastian (CCGs Rep) Oli (Assistant RPGs Rep) Alex (BGs Rep) Jared (Assistant CCGs Rep) Nathan (Quartermaster) Ares (Co-Op Officer) Thomas (Wed Admin) Sol (RPGs Rep) James (LARP Rep) Benjamin (Treasurer) Jon C (Wargames Rep)

Exec Absent

Henry (Draft Rep)

Non-Exec Present

AJ Jamie Ike

Order of Business

  2. Discord Modding


Reminders and Updates

  1. Hallowe'ek Sucessful
  2. X-Wing Tornament 21st of November
  3. A gentle reminder about quiz.


The LARP reps wanted to run a discord version of the kids TV show "TRAPPED" and are now currently working on that. How that develops is yet to be seen. There were several questions that were answered. We concluded that it would be inspired by the show, so some minigames may be original. Also that some would need to be edited for Discord. It was also mention that the RP aspect remain so characters may be given to make things interesting.

2. Discord Modding

There were two incidents of the past few weeks on our discord that we need the whole exec to decide whether what was done was right and how to do things in future. These were, an instance of people leaking Tasha's content and a political meme. The slides give lots of detail but the conclusion is that we allow neither of these to protect our community.

Next Meeting

Next meeting happened week 10 but plans to check in with Quiz and Tabletop Weekend and plan for the Holidays were made.