2020/2021 Term 2 Week 1 - A New Term, A New AGM

16 Jan 2021

Posted by Anakin ( Avatar for Anakin Anakin )

Nani!?! Anakin is on time with meeting minutes??? IMPOSSIBLE!!! 😮

Nay I say, for I am now organised. I'm gonna stay on top of these even if it kills me. (don't worry it literally can't) 😬

Anyways, we've got an AGM to plan. Run for exec y'all, because like I always say before these meetings, I'd love to have your input! 😊

These are the Google Slides you are looking for. 👋

This meeting was conducted on 16/01/2021 at 14:00-15:00 via tabletop discord in the exec meeting voice channel. Whoops, its still the same. 🤷‍♂️

(Yes I'm adding emojis everywhere don't @ me. Don't worry though, I've stopped.)

Published 23/01/2021


Exec Present

Anakin (Vice President) Finnbar (President) Sebastian (CCGs Rep) Alex (BGs Rep) Henry (Draft Rep) Jared (Assistant CCGs Rep) Nathan (Quartermaster) Ares (Co-Op Officer) Thomas (Wed Admin) Sol (RPGs Rep) James (LARP Rep) Benjamin (Treasurer) Oli (Assistant RPGs Rep) Jon C (Wargames Rep)

Exec Absent

No one!

Non-Exec Present

Af Jamie Jon B

Order of Business

  1. AGM
  2. Handover/The Next Exec
  3. Events
  4. Newsletter Update (Not actually covered this meeting, tune in next meeting for that!)


Reminders and Updates

  1. RPG Intros 2 was Saturday week 1, we had 4 solid tables playing some games!
  2. Handover document deadline is end of week 2. That's Sunday the 24th! (Something for exec to worry about)
  3. Membership verification has been added to this site! A detailed instruction can be found on our discord, but if you take 2 minutes you can find this feature when editing your account details.

1. AGM

First up we needed to decide a time for the AGM. We discovered that some people have some crazy timings for their Lectures and Seminars; we had accounts as late a 9pm! We decided to stick to our guns with this one, Wednesday Week 8 19:00-21:00, which is only an hour later than the previous two years. Since this is online, those who can't be there can submit their presentation on why they'd be a good exec, so you needn't worry about missing it.

For this meeting, we'll be using teams. Its something everyone hates but everyone has thanks to the university. While the meeting itself will take (hopefully) only a few hours, voting will probably take place over the following week.

Because of this change, running on the day for a role after hearing the results of the original role you were wanting is impossible. Instead, we ask that you put yourself forward for all roles you want, with the intention of only taking on one role. This'll be a lot of calculations on our end but I'm confident the combined powers of Thomas and Finnbar can create a system that'll work.

2. The Next Exec

Not much was said about handover, in retrospect it was already handled with the document. However, we have confirmed the roles that desperately need filling.

Web Admin could definitely do with more interested parties, since I quote "pls can someone else run, pls" - Finnbar 2021

Finnbar also wants you to run for president, because they like change. And I guess so do I. So run for VP too!

We have interest in Co-Op, VP, Treasurer and CCGs, though no one has proudly tried to stake their claim.

This is not to say that all the other roles are taken. It is important I say that all roles are democratically elected. Just because other people are running doesn't mean you can't too! In fact, if you're the only person running, it doesn't mean you automagically get it. Our diligent and faithful RON will always run for all roles, always. We don't want RON to win, but his persistence is inspirational.

3. Events Planning

Besides AGM we had some events we wanted to start planning. Tabletop weekends are week 4 and 9 this term. Big RPG is happening around middle of term (week 5 or 6), and there's some exciting stuff that Wizards has provided on DM's guild to help this along. LARP is undergoing its revival, stay tuned for more. Also stay tuned for more info on a potential Game Design event, though doing this online will be interesting.

4. Newsletter Update

Postponed because we ran out of time.

Next Meeting

Up next!

  • More AGM planning (woo!)
  • The newsletter update
  • Crossover events. Maybe?
  • Dice, that thing y'all voted on and Benji is now hoarding.