2020/2021 Term 3 Week 5 - Tabletop Radio Organisers' Meeting (Prelim Planning)

25 May 2021

Posted by Ares ( Avatar for morrowkei morrowkei )

You can view the meeting minutes on Google Slides here.

This meeting was conducted on 25/05/2021 at 1pm-3pm over Discord.

These minutes were published on 31/05/2021.


😊 Exec Present
  • Ares
  • Alex
  • Anakin
  • Benji
  • Finnbar
  • Hannah
  • Ike
  • James
  • Jamie
  • Nathan
  • Oli
  • Jon
πŸ₯° Non-Exec Present
  • Artemis
  • Jon B
  • AJ
  • Lawful Tim
πŸ˜” Exec Absent
  • Not a compulsory meeting
πŸ“‹ Orders of Business
  1. Who we're raising money for
  2. Segments and schedule
  3. Donation incentives

Action Points, Next Meeting?


πŸ• 1. Who are we raising money for?
  • We've decided to not raise for Stonewall again this year, as we've raised a lot for them and it's time to give another charity some live.
  • Tabletop Radio is for Pride Month, so it should be an LGBTQUIA+ charity of some description, and preferably UK based as we're in the UK.
  • Options:
  • We should pick 3, then get the membership to vote on them
    • Mermaids, Galop and Kaleidoscope International Trust picked
    • STV vote via the website - πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Action: Finnbar will do this by the end of today, and it'll be advertised via #announcements (Ares)

πŸ•‘ 2. Segments and Schedule
  • You can see the full mess of our segment planning on the powerpoint linked at the beginning of these minutes!
  • The segments (+ their responsible organiser) that we decided on were:
    • Tabletopoly (Monopoly but Tabletop themed with an extra deck) - 2 hours - Alex
    • RPG segments (either Adventuring with Pride, Thirsty Sword Lesbians, or Rainbow Paranoia) - 2, 1 per day, 4 hours each - Finnbar, Jamie and Hannah
      • πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Action: Finnbar to contact Alex Dixon ASAP about Adv with Pride, if he's happy with soethig being done, then we'll definitely schedule that in (then the 2nd slot can be fought over)
    • Game Design Chat (format to be determined) - 1.5 hours - Oli and Finnbar
    • 5D chess - 1 hour - Benji
    • Jackbox - 1 hour - Jamie
    • Bob Ross - 1 hour - Ares
    • Netrunner - 1 hour - Jamie
    • TED talks - 1.5 hours - 5 talks by Jamie, James, Hannah, Finnbar and Anakin, with Ares chairing
    • Board Games - 2, 1 per day, 1 hour each - Jon, Alex
    • Wargames - 1.5 hours - Jon
    • Interludes - between 15 and 30 mins between each segment - Anakin
  • πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Action: Ares to sort out scheduling (by the exec meeting later this week), if anyone has any scheduling conflicts/times they can't do, please let me know. You can find the schedule spreadsheet here
  • πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Action: segment organisers need to make sure to organiser their segments and find players ASAP, with the aim to lock in their segment by the 13th of June with the major themes and overall logistics sorted and players found.
    • Segment organisers are responsible for sourcing players however they see fit, if you’re interested in participating in a segment, let them know
    • Segment organisers: if you want something advertised, remember to ask Hannah to put it in the newsletter, post it in announcements channel, post on Facebook etc etc

πŸ•’ 3. Donation Incentives

Incentive ideas:

  • Shout out in newsletter (any amount)
  • Spin the Wheel (set amount - Β£3)
  • Kazoo-ing by Finnbar (set amount - Β£5 - choose a song)
  • Karaoke (set amount - Β£7/you don’t choose song | Β£9/choose a song)
  • We have spare pins from last year that can be sold
  • πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Ares: think about any further merch and art we could offer as incentives

πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ Action Points
  1. Finnbar: contact Alex about Adv w Pride segment (ASAP, today)
  2. Ares: create Tabletop Radio Server for organising (ASAP, by exec meeting this Thursday)
  3. Finnbar: set up voting for charity ASAP today, then Ares make an announcement about the vote by the end of today (vote closing on midday Sunday)
  4. Finnbar: sort out new Tabletop Radio page, archive old page at a new url (can only be done after Socs Awards on the 4th, ASAP after that)
    1. Steps: move radio to radio-2020, create radio-2021, make radio a redirect to the most recent
  5. Ares: set up Donation Page (once we’ve voted on a charity, Sunday evening)
  6. Ares: sort out advertising materials in time for page going up.
  7. Everyone who’s a segment organiser: make sure you organise your segments and FIND PLAYERS ASAP (lock in your segment by the 13th of June with the major themes/overall logistics sorted and players found).
    1. You can advertise for players via all our various platforms if necessary (website, newsletter via Hannah, Discord channels, Facebook).
    2. Note: segment doesn’t need to be finished but needs to be on track.
  8. Ares: think about additional merch and art (by the time the page goes up preferably)
  9. For everyone doing segments: make sure you have good mics (maybe good webcam if necessary for segment), by week 9 when we do testing.
  10. Everyone on Twitch: LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE, RING THAT BELL ding ding

➑ Next Meeting

When: Week 7 weekend, separate to other Week 7 exec meeting

  1. Check in on progress. Focusing: anyone organising a segment. If you’re not able to turn up to the meeting (that’s okay, exams suck and also they come first), please just make sure to write a few sentences summarising your progress so we know where everything is at.