Term 3 Week 5 - Tabletop Radio, Moderation and the CCGs Acronym

27 May 2021

Posted by Ares ( Avatar for morrowkei morrowkei )

You can view the meeting minutes on Google Slides here.

This meeting was conducted on 27/05/2021 at 5pm-6pm over Discord.

These minutes were published on 29/05/2021.


😊 Exec Present
  • Ares
  • Alex
  • Anakin
  • Finnbar
  • Hannah
  • Henry
  • Ike
  • James
  • Jamie
  • Jon
  • Lewis P
  • Lap
  • Oli (turned up later with notice)
  • Nathan (turned up later with notice)
  • Sol (turned up slightly late with notice)
🥰 Non-Exec Present
  • Artemis
  • AJ
  • Josh
  • Elena
  • Artock
😔 Exec Absent
  • Benji (with notice and no obligation)
  • Anna (no obligation)
  • J (no obligation)
  • Seb (no obligation)
📋 Orders of Business

Action Point Review, Reminders/Updates

  1. Tabletop Radio update
  2. Discord moderation update
  3. CCGs renaming

Action Points, Next Meeting


🏃‍♀️ Action Point Review

The action point review is given as an image below, as there is quite a lot to it (you can also see them on the linked powerpoint): Action Point Review

💭 Reminders/Updates

Expanding on action points from last meeting:

  1. 🏃‍♂️ Nathan, James and Anakin you must finish the handover pack ASAP please so that I can send it off.
  2. What’s the laser quest status? -> No update.
  3. We determined that we could indeed keep a list of members on the drive and then tick these off as people collect dice. Finnbar has made the spreadsheet for this year’s membership! If you want your dice, either come to a future meet up (pondcon??) or drop by Finnbar/my house.
  4. We had a Tabletop Radio meeting, but notes about that next section.

Other reminders/updates:

  1. We had pondcon!!!!! And we got vaccinated!! Thanks Dave.
  2. I put a link in the main discord where you can book a second vaccination.
  3. We got shortlisted for some socs awards! Online Society Event of the Year and Most Creative Society. 🤞 we actually win one.
    1. Awards are on 2nd and 4th June… not sure which is societies and which is student impact.
  4. Finnbar and I went through and changed permissions on everything in the drive (it took 4 hours…).

🕐 1. Tabletop Radio
  • We had an organiser’s meeting on Tuesday.
  • Meeting minutes can be found here.
  • Main points:
    • We shortlisted 3 charities and have put them to a vote over on the website. If you want to vote on the charities, deadline is Sunday midday and you can vote here.
    • We decided on segments (and I put them into a schedule afterwards)
    • We thought of some donation incentives
    • We put together a list of action points to be done
    • I made an organiser’s server. If you want to get involved, please contact me or directly contact the person who is listed as the organiser of the segment you’re interested in (see the meeting minutes linked above). We’ll yeet you into the organiser’s server.

🕑 2. Discord moderation update
  • At the AGM, we passed a motion that requires us to get a proper Discord moderation plan laid out.
  • Finnbar, Jamie and I had a meeting on Sunday where we went through what Finnbar had so far regarding a Discord moderation guidelines document (and we started a proper document, which is in the Drive, it’ll be shared more widely later on hence no link here).
  • We made an update in the #discord-moderation channel in exec chat, read that if you haven’t already.
  • We also have a timeline that we’d like to stick to:
    • Week 5-6: write lots
    • Week 7: exec/moderators meeting to write the infractions section (e.g. a step-by-step guide of what to do when a moderation case arises).
    • Week 8: finish 1st draft
    • Week 9: first round of proof reading from exec and trusted members (allows us this week to sort Tabletop Radio while others proof read)
    • Week 10: implementation of any changes from proof reading, ready to distribute to membership for…
    • Week 11: AGM style meeting with exec and members to discuss the document and gather feedback. Then finalise the document before....
    • Appointing mods:
      • Open applications middle of july, leave open for 1 week. 1 week to make decisions.
      • New mods should be able to take on their duties at start of August
    • Ultimate deadline: late August (results day), so we’re ready for the influx of new members
  • 🏃‍♂️ Action: Finnbar, Jamie and I will write the first draft in time for the Week 7 meeting.
  • 🏃‍♂️ Action: in the Week 7 exec meeting (Ares will organise), we will be writing the infractions section. Please try and attend that meeting if you want to be involved. Prior to the meeting, we’ll send you all the draft so far to look over so you’re not going in blind.

🕒 3. CCGs renaming
  • In the exec chat, Jamie put forward the idea to rename CCGs from Casual Card Games to Collectible Card Games. Is this a good idea?
  • Pros:
    • Better describes what we do - we don’t play any old card game (like Bridge), we play specifically Collectible Card Games (like MtG, Netrunner, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!)
    • CCGs commonly means collectible card games
  • Cons:
    • Casual in the name makes it explicit that it’s casual, welcoming to newcomers (solved by making it explicit in any advertising that it’s casual)
    • Collectible doesn’t necessarily quite cover every card game we play, at least, some are more obviously collectible than others (MtG vs. Keyforge) (solved by explicitly listing what games we play in advertising)
    • We need to change all the branding (we still have nice physical posters that use “Casual”, the banner…)
    • We are a proxy-friendly environment and collectible makes people think they need to own cards to get involved
  • If we changed it, we’d need to either make the change before Welcome Week calendar goes live (need to adjust titles/description of CCGs event) and accept we’ll be using an outdated banner (or get a new one) and posters for a year (WE’D NEED TO RUN AN EGM), or do it not this year, next year, after the next AGM.
  • We ran an informal vote on whether the name should be changed in the Discord chat - 11 didn't mind/didn't care, 7 wanted the change to Collectible, and 1 wanted it to remain Casual. As a result, we will run an EGM in week 11, that includes both this and the Discord moderation document. If we don’t get quorum we can just vote on the moderation document (don't need quorum to do this) and then take this to AGM next year.
    • 🏃‍♂️ Action: sort out organisation of an EGM, which will need to be advertised in Week 9 (Ares).

Vote on CCGs on Discord

🏃‍♀️ Action Points

Action points carried over from last meeting, but important ones are:

  1. Exec Handover pack:
    1. Nathan/James: fill in the “wish list” in the handover pack for LARP ASAP
    2. Anakin: do IME ASAP
    3. Ares: once the above is done, submit Handover Pack to SU (ASAP).
  2. Ares: organise the Week 7 exec meeting, in which we will be writing the infractions section.
    1. Please try and attend that meeting if you want to be involved. Prior to the meeting, we’ll send you all the draft so far to look over so you’re not going in blind.
  3. Ares: sort out organisation of an EGM, which will need to be advertised in Week 9 (Ares)

➡ Next Meeting

When: Week 7

  1. Discord moderation. Focusing: Finnbar, Ares, Jamie.