Week 4

15 May 2024

Posted by James ( Avatar for James_Hurst James_Hurst )

You can view the meeting minutes on Google Slides https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1iLkAQWKwseLWdwT6uUi41m4joaMbB03ZbM0SN90a5a0/edit?usp=sharing.

This meeting was conducted on 15/05/2024 at 11am-12pm.

These minutes were published on 17/05/2024.


😊 Exec Present
  • James
  • German
  • Hugo
  • Josh
  • Matthew
  • Lily
  • Izzy
  • Fran
  • Sam
  • Anna
🥰 Non-Exec Present
  • Ewan
😔 Exec Absent
  • Holly
  • V
  • Alex
📋 Orders of Business

Action Point Recap

  1. Merch
  2. Events
  3. Collabs
  4. Assistant Reps
  5. LARP Room Watching
  6. 1-to-1 Exec Training
  7. Welcome Week
  8. AOB

Action Points
Next Meeting


🏃‍♀️ Action Point Recap

The action point review is available on the slides and listed below:

  1. Exec to update usernames on server (Alex/Fran/Josh)
  2. Exec to update website with short bio on exec page (Fran/Josh) and in bio (Alex/Hugo/Fran/Josh)
  3. Continue looking for assistant reps, BGs/CCGs in particular.
  4. CCGs/BGs to update inventory in handover pack by end of Sunday at latest.
  5. CCGs to complete grant request in handover pack by end of Sunday at latest.
  6. James/Matt/Alonso to continue sorting out Merch order.
  7. Organisers of Megagame continue planning. Check about tickets, are these needed?
  8. Faction Reps think about equipment you no longer want for auction.
  9. James remove ex-exec from server once handover pack sent.
  10. German and any other exec available to signup for tabletop weekend and LARP room watching.
  11. Start thinking about quiz rounds.
  12. Sam contact improv and Kenilworth about events.
  13. Matt continue to contact mafia/game design about collabs.
  14. James signup soc for table at Soc Fair both open days.
  15. Exec review proposed changes to server and give any feedback.
  16. Sam to write moderation application, then mod changeover led by Izzy.
  17. Faction reps start planning welcome week events. James to create channel for this on exec server.
  18. Faction reps promote photos/use of highlights. All exec think about tabletop socials/crossover events between factions.
  19. Max should hopefully provide more information on one-to-one training sessions.
  20. Nominate for Socs Awards, signup for Active Bystander and attend exec mixer if interested.
  21. Exec meal Friday 10th at Shin, remember to bring cash!

🕐 1. Merch

Hoodies have been payed for and will be delivered soon. Matthew sorted badge design and order has been placed by Alonso. Alonso has okayed stickers proof and they will be delivered soon.

🕑 2. Events

Week 7 room bookings have been cancelled due to maintenance on the science concourse. Wargames and Draft are sorted but CCGs and BGs need to book alternatives. Megagame planners will be meeting next week. Need a new volunteer as contact for open day due to James being unavailable - Matthew volunteered. Sam, Lily, Matt, Hugo, Holly and maybe Izzy have volunteered to run quiz rounds. Potentially selling some boardgames at tabletop extravaganza - V's decision. Kenilworth has been phoned and LARP will go there week 9 Sunday. Exec will start planning tabletop radio replacement.

🕒 3. Collabs

Mafia collab still being decided, possibly something with an overnight board game session. Anna and Matthew will also discuss something with Fet soc hopefully for this term.

🕒 4. Assistant Reps

Ewan has come to run and been elected as CCGs assistant. Still looking for a boardgames assistant.

🕒 5. LARP Room Watching

Disappointing lack of signups from most exec. Asking for volunteers on the spot during meeting led to Hugo volunteered for week 5. Week 7 may still be an issue, Anna should hopefully be moving her DnD group for that week.

🕒 6. 1-to-1 Exec Training

Now confirmed to be individually per exec. Matthew will be arranging a meeting and letting us know if it's worth other exec going.

🕒 7. Welcome Week

Timetable of our events for welcome week decided upon. James will be creating a channel in exec discord for planning along with important information. All faction reps are to have their events submitted by week 6.

🏃‍♀️ Action Points

Action points are available on the slides or listed below:

  1. Exec distribute merch at events.
  2. BGs and CCGs sort room booking for week 7.
  3. Ewan to write bio on exec page and in profile on website.
  4. BGs search for assistant rep - continue advertising.
  5. Sam, Matt, Lily, Hugo, Holly and potentially Izzy start making quiz rounds. Ideally create directly on the drive.
  6. Matt schedule 1-to-1 exec training with Claire.
  7. All faction reps create their welcome week events by week 6.
  8. V decide whether to sell any BGs at Tabletop Extravaganza (and any other faction reps if they want).
  9. Anna check whether DnD group can be moved to B2.02 to watch the LARP room week 7.
  10. Anna/Matthew talk to Fet Soc about collab.
  11. Hugo/Matt talk to mafia about collab, overnight extravaganza? May be difficult with open day.
  12. All discuss tabletop radio replacement.

➡ Next Meeting

When: Week 6