Term 3 Week 7 Newsletter - Rainbow Pride Edition!

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Written by Luke ( Avatar for Techgecko Techgecko ) (10 Jun 2019, 10:24 a.m.)

I would highly recommend reading this week's edition on the website for the full effect of the 'Pride' theme.

Hello again! Hopefully after this week's edition I will be back to my normal self as my exams will be over. If there is anyone still going with exams, KEEP IT UP, YOU'RE NEARLY THERE, YOU CAN DO IT! If not I hope all your exams have gone well and you get the results you're after. Anyway, let's get riiiiiiiiiiiiiight, into the news!


EGM Reminder

Just another quick mention that our EGM will be taking place on the 19th of this month from 18:00 in B2.02. Please do come along as this is your chance to have your say in the identity of the new draft rep and on the constitution motions. Please make sure any constitution changing motions are in by this Wednesday (12th June) at 6pm or they will not be up for consideration at our EGM. Applications for draft rep can be as alte ass the day of the EGM. Hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Pride Week!

As you would've seen in last week's newsletter this week is 'Pride Week' in the society to celebrate 'Pride Month' and as a result we will be running multiple themed events:

  • Charity Cube - This week's draft is a charity cube in aid of Stonewall. There are still some spaces left for signing up on the website. The entry fee is £5 and there are prizes available to be won as well as a society d6 for all entrants.

  • Boardgaymes - Wednesday's boardgames session has become a boardgaymes afternoon with tea and cake etc. to raise money in aid of Stonewall and will be starting at 12pm with games available from 1pm. If you are planning on heading to the afternoon and want to help out by bringing in a cake or something, please could you quickly fill out this form so we know what to expect.

  • Pride Talks - We will be holding a 'Pride Talks' event on Friday evening from 17:15-19:00 (as a correction from last week's letter the event is THIS WEEK not next week, apologies for this mix up). This will include two talks - one on gender identity and one on asexuality and aromanticism. Light refreshments will be provided too!

RPGs Workshop Dates

You may remember about 2-3 weeks ago there was a poll on topics to include in a RPGs GM workshop. These have now been sorted and the next decision is when to run it. This is being decided using another poll which you can find at this link. Please fill it out if you would like to come so we can find a date that works for everyone.

What's happening this week?

Other than pride events mentioned above and the additions they will be making, the times and dates of which can all be found on the Facebook page our usual events will be running:

  • Wargames - Monday 5-10pm, R0.03/4
  • Magic: The Gathering Draft - Tuesday 6-10pm, B2.02 - Charity cube draft in aid of Stonewall.
  • Boardgaymes - Wednesday 2-10pm, B2.01 - Plus cake and tea in aid of Stonewall.
  • Casual Card Games - Thursday 5-10pm, B2.02
  • LARP - Sunday 12-5pm, B2.02

RPGs are, as usual, being run at the discretion of the DMs and more info can be found on them on the events page.

What happened last week?

Back from the travels to the UK Games Expo, Callum brought his own copy of 'Wingspan' to boardgames this week. The game essentially involves players taking on the role of bird 'enthusiasts' such as researchers and birdwatchers seeking to discover and attract the best birds to your network of wildlife preserves, achieved through playing birds, drawing food and laying eggs (the birds I hope... not the people...). That aside the game looks BEAUTIFUL and the artwork is just very pleasing to look at and can be seen in the gallery below. Callum has mentioned he will likely be bringing the game along to board games until the end of term so ask him if you'd like a chance to play.

So that's essentially it this week. Hope you all enjoy the pride week events and if you've got no exams to be prepping for please do get involved and donate if you can to support the brilliant cause Stonewall represents.

All the best,
Luke Scriven (Communications Officer)

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