Term 3 Week 9 Newsletter - "Mega Week" Edition

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Written by Luke ( Avatar for Techgecko Techgecko ) (17 Jun 2019, 10:19 a.m.)

Hello again! Welcome to the penultimate society newsletter for the 2018-19 year and hell, are we ending the year with a bang. As you would've seen in previous newsletters there are LOADS of society events happening this week so prepare yourselves for a big recap on that in the year's final newsletter next week. But without further ado, lets crack on with the news!


EGM Reminder!

The EGM will be taking place on Wednesday from 18:00 in B2.02. Please do come along as this is your chance to have your say in the identity of the new draft rep and on the constitution motions. If you'd like to suggest amendments to the constitution-changing motions, you need to do so by Tuesday or they will not be able to be considered at the meeting! Reminder that applications for draft rep remain open until the meeting itself happens.

Special Events Reminders

As mentioned above this is going to be a very busy week for the society. Here's what you can get involved with this week:

  • Laser Quest vs. Comp Soc - Tuesday 18th July - For the fourth year, Tabletop games faces Compsoc in a LASER BATTLE TO THE DEATH. With Compsoc winning the first round, and Tabletop winning both the second and third round, Tabletop are in the lead. Can Compsoc make a comeback or will they be defeated yet again?

  • Term 3 Quiz - June 20th - We're back for our termly tabletop quiz, complete with 6 rounds and a mystery bonus round for your brain powered pleasure.

  • Watch the Skies Megagame - June 21st - Prepare yourselves for a full 8hr kinda turn-based, kinda RTS, RPG of global defence or domination! Wage wars or form mighty alliances, steal alien tech or trade with our extraterrestrial... visitors... and attempt to emerge victorious over the other great nations at the end of the day. There are still 2 tickets left for the event! Please speak to Callum/Finnbar to get your ticket ASAP if you want one!

  • Tabletop Extravaganza - June 22nd-24th - Whether you merely want to stop by for a few hours of board games, CCGs, draft, RPGs and wargaming, or challenge yourself to stay for 3 days straight (although please wash, that room may get hot and... yeah...) feel free to join us for what should be the perfect celebration to the end of the exam season, the term and the year!

GM Workshop

After many polls and sorting out of content etc. the GM workshop is finally here! Aimed to get more people into GM'ing and share wisdom around from those who have already tried it out, the session would be very useful to you if you did want tips and tricks on running your own RPG. Please feel free to come along regardless of experience, there should be something useful for everyone. Full information such as time, date and location can be found at this link.

Zatu Games

Our sponsors, Zatu Games have delivered two new games to the society: Splendor (described as being "a fast-paced and addictive game of chip-collecting and card development."), and the new X-Wing (which I'm sure many of you are familiar with). Don't forget you can get 5% of all orders with Zatu on their website using the code 'EDU99'!

What's Happening This Week?

Only one change from last week's schedule

  • Wargames - Monday 5-10pm, R0.03/4
  • Magic: The Gathering Draft - Tuesday 6-10pm, B2.02 - This week's draft is Modern Horizons.
  • Board Games - Wednesday 2-10pm, B2.01
  • Casual Card Games - Thursday 5-10pm, B2.01 - Room change to B2.01.
  • LARP - Sunday 12-5pm, B2.02

What Happened Last Week?

As I'm sure you are all aware last week was pride week in which the society held our 'Boardgaymes' cake and coffee session, the charity cube and our 'Pride Talks' event. In total we managed to raise a whopping £230 for stonewall at these events so a big thank you to everyone that bought things/donated and to those who brought in and/or made cakes for sale. The two talks given at the 'Pride Talks' event can be accessed in slide format at the two links here: A Quick Tour on Gender Identity, Asexuality and Aromanticism.

Wargaming also hosted an Apocalypse match on Sunday. The combined forces of Tau, Orks, Harlequins, and Necrons assaulted an imperial stronghold (special thanks to Stephen Bell for lending terrain) in an attempt to steal a pair of big legs.The attackers managed to destroy a segment of the defensive wall, and take out several heavy units. With infinite respawns the “offenders” (to quote Nigel) would have eventually succeeded, but at great cost, and not swiftly enough for the legs to be worthwhile. See the gallery for some good pictures!

Thank you very much for reading this week's edition, looking forward to writing about all the week's events next weekend. Enjoy the week, hope to see many of you at quiz, megagame and extravaganza!

Much Love,
Luke Scriven (Communications Officer)

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