Term 3 Week 3 Newsletter - Potted Plant Prevarication

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Written by Luke ( Avatar for Techgecko Techgecko ) (14 Oct 2019, 12:32 p.m.)

Now a week deep into your campaign, you find yourself in your first encounter, a group of goblin bandits has stopped your party on the road to the city. They've heard about your purchasing of society membership and now the goblin king seeks to collect the society dice from all new and naive travellers, to add to his growing collection.

On the goblins' third round of attacks, the DM rolls to hit you. He looks up at you and laughs nervously... "Ummm, what's your DC..?" You reply with 14. "So a natural 20 hits then...?" Aware that you have a mere 8HP you gulp and bite your tongue, aware that your adventure may end before it even truly began. The DM rolls for damage before another look of dread and surprise fills his face. He looks up at you with more nervous laughter, "Yeah, it was almost two 1s so lets just say 4 damage?". You take the four damage, although you can't help but think the odds of two 1s is low and suspect the DM of saving your life, after all, wouldn't be much fun for him to kill you off before you've grown an attachment to your character now, would it...?


Board Games Auction!

As quietly mentioned last week, the society will be running a fundraising auction of many BGs... classics... Some old, some VERY old, and some that are just underplayed within the society, quite frankly we need the space and it gives you lot a chance to grab what might, by some small, tiny chance, be a game you enjoy and want to have forever... and ever... The auction is planned for Friday 25th October, 6-8pm in LIB1 and details of what will be available for you to get your hands on will be released and in next week's newsletter.

Dice Bags for Sale!

HI! I'M A SHOUTY MAN! Are you looking for a way to store your hundreds of rpg dice? Do you need a leather pouch for LARP that looks authentic enough to match your armour? How about a leather dice bag, made from vegetable tan leather by hand in the hills of wales! £20 each. For further details or to purchase one please contact Theo Ebbutt (@Theo of Clan Nel Toth on discord). Various colour combinations available. Pictures are available in the gallery.

Exec Meeting Minutes

Details of our recent exec meeting can be found here.

Bye Bye Awful SU Emailing System!

This will be the last newsletter you be receiving by email as default until further notice! From now on you should come to the society's Facebook page or, even better for the proper viewing pleasure I intend for you, on our website. You can click here to quickly subscribe to the website version. If you like receiving an email each week sign up on the website for full email, you get it (almost) exactly as if it has been sent from the SU system.

What's happening this week?

All rooms are the same as last week, the full term's timetable can be found on our website.

  • Wargames - Monday, 5-10pm, B2.04/5
  • MtG Draft - Tuesday, 6-10pm, B2.02 - This week's draft is once again Throne of Eldraine. Same prices as last week, a £10 buy-in (reduced by £2.50 for every pack you supply yourself) with pack and promo prizes available to winners.
  • Board Games - Wednesday, 2-10pm, B2.04/5
  • Casual Card Games - Thursday, 5-10pm, LIB1
  • RPGs - Saturday - Ask GMs for times and locations for any you have signed up for. Reminder to sign up at the aforementioned link.
  • LARP - Sunday, 12-5pm, Starting in B2.02 - Remember to arrive on time if you do want to take part.

As an aside from the newsletter, I have a question for you all. At board games this week, there was a rather heated debate, during a game of 'Deception', over what is the natural way to murder someone with a potted plant. So as if you were the forensic scientist, giving the clues for the rest of your team to get, would you describe the cause of death as: A) Severe injury or B) Poisoning? You can answer that question here.

But that's it for this week, thank you very much for taking the time to read if you have. I hope you have an enjoyable week!

Much Love,
Luke Scriven (Communications Officer)

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