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Written by Luke ( Avatar for Techgecko Techgecko ) (28 Oct 2019, 7:56 a.m.)

It’s a peaceful evening in the Table-Top-Tavern and you and several friends have been playing Dead of Winter for the last hour. As the day draws to a close and the full moon rises, a dark orange light fills the room. You look out the window and a shiver goes down your spine as you see the rise of the blood moon.

A smash is heard outside, followed by the sounds of tired feet shuffling along the cold flagstones. You get up from your game and peek outside. You spot a large group of monsters and ghouls slowly approaching, a mixture of zombies, werewolves, vampires and demons. You dart back inside, hoping to have not been spotted, and quickly barricade the door with what you can.

No sooner have you finished this before there are loud thuds and bangs against the door. It gives slightly but your barricade holds. A minute or so into this attack you hear a loud howl and the quick scampering of heavy feet to the door when it suddenly breaks open. Your barricade falls to the mighty werewolf, now standing in the doorway looking around the room. You draw your sword and ready your initiative, preparing for a fight… but much to your surprise the monsters simply enter the room and sit down for a game of Arkham Horror.


Hallo-Week!!! (OoOooOoOooOOoooo)

Yes, it’s Halloween again and time to don your spookiest costumes and join us at our very spooky BOO-ard games special on Wednesday. Feel free to come dressed up in as little or as much costume as you like and bring along some snacks if you wish to and join in in any of the society’s spooky themed games such as Dead of Winter (but you know, feel free to also just play anything you want as usual). We will also be hosting a Halloween-themed draft this week (specifically chaos). £10 buy-in with trick-or-treat Halloween prizes to be won!

Escape Room This Week - Now complete with cool artwork in the gallery!

"Enter a world of witches and wizards in Tabletop's first ever escape room! You're an apprentice in Magic University, and, together with some of your fellow students, you'll be helping out a pair of archmages with their menial tasks for the day."
Get involved with our custom made escape room, produced by the exec with help from our friends over at The Pocket Workshop. Book you and up to 3 other friends a slot for the hour to see if you have what it takes to be an Archmage's apprentice. Hour slots (including briefing, running the room, and debriefing) will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis to complete teams via our Escape Room Discord server (4XsFa3z). Full details, event times, sign-up and ticketing are available (when they open) on the SU page. Please ensure each person books their own ticket and make sure you're booking soon as we're running the event this week!

Friday’s Auction

A huge thank you to everyone that came along to the society auction on Friday last week, I hope you all bagged some absolute gems that you will undoubtedly treasure forever. We raised approximately £275 which will be reinvested in things across the society for you to enjoy!

New RPGs

For those of you seeking a new RPG adventure to take part in, either because you’ve never been in one before or your current campaign has just finished, there are some new RPGs for you to get into currently available for sign-ups online.

What’s happening this week?

  • Wargames - Monday, 5-10pm, B2.04/5
  • MtG Draft - Tuesday, 6-10pm, B2.02 - This week's draft is a Halloween 'Chaos' special. £10 buy in with trick-or-treat prizes to the winners.
  • Board Games - Wednesday, 2-10pm, B2.01 - Boo-ard Games this week, don't forget your costume!
  • Casual Card Games - Thursday, 5-10pm, LIB1
  • RPGs - Saturday - Ask GMs for times and locations for any you have signed up for. Reminder to sign up at the aforementioned link.
  • LARP - Sunday, 12-5pm, Starting in B2.02 - Remember to arrive on time if you do want to take part.

As a spooky little fact about the university to end this letter, did you know that ‘Gibbet Hill’ is called this as it was supposedly used as a site for hangings back in the days of old? Have you also heard that Cryfield is called this because it was often filled with the cries of those jailed nearby, ready to be taken to Gibbet Hill the following day? Spooky stuff huh… Anyways, whatever spooky activities you get up to this week, I hope it’s an enjoyable week for you. Until next time... Ah-ha-ha!
(Transforms into a bat and flies away)

Much Love
Count Dracu-Luke (Luke Scriven)

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