Term 1 Week 7 Newsletter - Pipeline: Sidereal Confluence for Math-Addicts

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Written by Luke ( Avatar for Techgecko Techgecko ) (11 Nov 2019, 11:26 a.m.)

You arrive through the gateway into Ravnica, a large bustling city... and by large, I mean literally the entire plane. Before you left, the wizard gave you a crude map to help you roughly find your way around. It appears as if the city is divided into many different districts, each with their own "function". To find a black lotus, and to get some practice in this 'gathered magic' you would need to head to the 4th district. You catch a cart and begin your hour's journey through the busy city, taking in the many new sights, buildings and people.
Your cart drops you off outside what appears to be a Colosseum. You head through the main doors and are greeted by a receptionist of sorts, who directs you down to the training arenas below the Colosseum. You head down the cobbled staircase, which opens out into a large room. Much to your surprise, having come prepared with a spell book and a rudimentary staff you purchased from your guild's quartermaster, you see the arena is filled with small wooden tables; at each a small yet complex looking card game is taking place. Ares, the instructor for the session, directs you to a beginners corner, where a Cube is being run and taught for a small buy-in...


Transgender Awareness Week!

As mentioned last week, it's transgender awareness week this week and to support this the society will be hosting a bake sale during this week's board games event in support of Mermaids, a charity that supports young transgender individuals. Please bring along some change and buy some cake to help us raise some money or, if you can, bring along some cake to sell (register your cake making intentions here. Further info can be found on the Facebook event.

Escape Room Results!

Thank you to everyone that took part in our Escape Room! I hope those of you that did partake found it enjoyable. As far as I'm aware no one has been left locked up in B2.04/5 since I last checked so I guess you all succeeded one way or another. There are a couple of photos in the gallery below for you to check out. The full list of prizes can be found on the Escape Room discord (4XsFa3z) but the top 3 teams are listed below, congrats to those of you that did so well!

  • FIRST PLACE - 'Transfiguration 101'
  • SECOND PLACE - 'Josh no longer needs to buy his ticket'
  • THIRD PLACE - 'Shorty and the Hot Ones'

What's happening this week?

Only board games is moving from last week's location, now in B2.04/5.

  • Wargames - Monday, 5-10pm, B2.04/5
  • MtG Draft - Tuesday, 6-10pm, B2.02 - This week's draft is Throne of Eldraine, £10 buy-in (discounted by £2.50/pack brought). Pack prizes included. There will also be a single cube running alongside Eldraine, voluntary £2 buy-in to go towards the society cube, no prizes for this one I'm afraid.
  • Board Games - Wednesday, 2-10pm, B2.04/5
  • Casual Card Games - Thursday, 5-10pm, LIB1
  • RPGs - Saturday - Ask GMs for times and locations for any you have signed up for. Reminder to sign up at the aforementioned link.
  • LARP - Sunday, 12-5pm, Starting in B2.02 - Remember to arrive on time if you do want to take part.

What happened last week?

I managed to get a little time to check out Pipeline this week, one of our new games from Zatu. It is DAUNTING at first, the first 40mins of my game were spent just making sense of the rules and getting the board slowly set up, placing a million different cards into their respective places on the board. The game itself runs fairly simply however, once you make sense of the mammoth rule-book. The essential goal is to make the big cash-money by producing large oil pipelines, buying up crude oil and upgrading it to higher grade oils to the sell, all the while bettering your network, upgrading small aspects. In our little 1v1 game, I was the victim to an agonising $15 defeat ($775 vs. $760), all down to one measly little $20 fine I almost didn't risk in the final two turns of the game. I'm totally down for another game if people did want to quickly get into it, it does take some explaining, but I'd really recommend it to anyone who, like myself, is a board-game masochist and enjoys the vicious complexity of games similar to Sidereal Confluence. To put it into perspective though, I was halfway through this game while Jakub was only one round into the explanation of Sidereal.

Anyways, that's it for this week; Until next time!

Much Love,
Luke Scriven (Communications Officer)

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