Term 1 Week 8 Newsletter - Winning a game of luck on 0.02% odds...

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Written by Luke ( Avatar for Techgecko Techgecko ) (18 Nov 2019, 10:28 a.m.)

After many sessions of confused failure and intense studying of how Magic: The Gathering works, you've finally gotten to a stage where you've won a couple of matches. The instructor has been watching you for some time from the edge of the ring, clearly gaining interest as you manage to pick up the game quickly. They approach you, suggesting you join the roster for an official beginners draft in a few days time, with a selection of different prizes, including a black lotus that they'd heard you were seeking.
You sign up and head back to the training grounds to continue your practice and studying of the immensely complex game, aware now that the item you seek is within your grasp if you can prepare yourself for it. You read article after article, depicting different functional deck combinations and slowly amass the deck you desire, ready for the duels the following day.


Another Reminder for Tabletop Weekend!

Once again we're approaching our next tabletop weekend at the end of week 9. Come along to B2.02 (and overflow in B2.01) anytime from 10am on Saturday November 30th to 10pm on Sunday December 1st and as usual feel free to stay for as little or as long as you like, including board gaming though the night!

Week 9 Quiz!

It's time for our first society quiz of the year and as usual will be held Friday of week 9, 5-7pm in OC0.01. As I'm sure you're all aware the quiz has in the past been a free event to members, but due to some slightly more hefty enforcement from the SU, we can no longer use society funds to purchase prizes. This means that the quiz will now be a ticketed event, £1.50 per person, cash at the door. We would recommend you arrive with a team of 4 people (including yourself) as there are 4 prizes, definitely no more than 5 though.

What's Happening this Week?

Only board games is moving from last week's location, back into B2.02.

  • Wargames - Monday, 5-10pm, B2.04/5
  • MtG Draft - Tuesday, 6-10pm, B2.02 - This week's draft is Throne of Eldraine, £10 buy-in (discounted by £2.50/pack brought). Pack prizes included.
  • Board Games - Wednesday, 2-10pm, B2.02
  • Casual Card Games - Thursday, 5-10pm, LIB1
  • RPGs - Saturday - Ask GMs for times and locations for any you have signed up for. Reminder to sign up at the aforementioned link.
  • LARP - Sunday, 12-5pm, Starting in B2.02 - Remember to arrive on time if you do want to take part.

What Happened Last Week?

During transgender awareness week last week, as I'm sure you know, we ran a cake sale in support of Mermaids. Thank you to everyone who brought in cakes to sell and bought delicious cake for themselves; we managed to raise a total of £133.70!
I was introduced to Quacks of Quedlinburg last week, a game I'd seen played around the society a fair bit but had never checked out myself. I'd highly recommend it to anyone that hasn't checked it out yet, a very enjoyable game indeed, with a small hint of insane luck. Nathan managed to pull off a round with a probability of 0.02% of happening, yes we did the maths, drawing three 4-space mandrakes in a row, doubling the value of the second two, and then doubling the value of a 6-space pumpkin, it was insane. Check out the photo of this madness in the gallery. Until next time!

Much Love,
Luke Scriven (Communications Officer)

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