Promo Video and Transcript


We’re the Warwick Tabletop Games & Roleplaying society, the university’s largest society for all things tabletop. We have a packed calendar of events from board games, card games, wargames and role playing games of all varieties (both pen and paper, and live action), so there’s bound to be an event for you! We provide a friendly, welcoming, and inclusive environment for newer players and experts alike. So regardless of experience, you’re always welcome at our events. At all of our events, you can borrow society equipment if you don’t have your own, and we always have exec on hand willing to teach you how to play!

In Wargames, we do battle using painted miniatures. From small skirmishes to planet-wide conflicts, players use a mixture of luck and skill to strategically position units and roll dice to resolve the resulting combat.

We have 8 hours of board gaming fun on our lecture-free Wednesdays. The society has a huge collection of 150+ games for you to play, from mini games like codenames to full-blown epics like Battlestar Galactica.

We play various collectible card games in a casual environment, like Magic: the Gathering, Netrunner, and Yu-Gi-Oh! We have decks to lend and people to teach you if you’re new!

Draft is a competitive limited format for Magic: the Gathering, and we run some of the cheapest drafts in the country. We do a combination of standard sets, flashback drafts, premium sets like Modern Horizons, and we do cubes.

We facilitate many tabletop role playing games, from Dungeons and Dragons to Starfinder, to the Star Wars RPG and many more! For all your dice rolling needs!

Also a part of the society is Live Action Role Play (LARP), where you create a character and we run adventures with other people playing the enemies.

In addition to our weekly events, we also run various special events throughout the year. From our bitermly weekend Extravaganzas and tabletop themed quizzes, to yearly events such as a megagame, Epic D&D, and an escape room. We also raise money for LGBT charities, with this past year raising over £600 for causes such as Mermaids and Stonewall.

We hope to see you in some of our events... soon!