Tabletop Radio 2021

Tabletop Radio 2021

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Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th June, 12pm-1am Both Days

What is it?

Charity fundraising has suffered greatly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and our usual in-person charity fundraising during our annual Tabletop Society Pride Week is still not possible over a year on from the onset of the pandemic.

Last year, we created Tabletop Radio: an epic 26 hour charity stream to bring together our community in this isolated time and to raise money for a deserving cause. It ran to great success, raising £600 for Stonewall – so we’re running it again!

This year, a community vote determined that we are raising money for Mermaids, a UK charity that supports transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse children and young people, as well as their families and professionals involved in their care.

The last few years has seen an unprecedented rise in transphobic rhetoric in the UK, from our grossly trans media and government inaction on improving trans lives, to court cases seeking to strip away the rights of trans people. We are raising money for Mermaids to directly support the transgender youth who are growing up in a country that is hostile to their very existence. We unequivocally stand with trans people. Trans rights are human rights.

For pride this year, Mermaid’s focus is on #MyPrideFamily! Whether family means your chosen LGBTQ+, biological or adopted family, we want to celebrate them for the support, kindness and shelter they bring. Here at Warwick Tabletop Games and Roleplaying Society, we have a beautifully diverse community, including many who are LGBTQUIA+. We have our very own pride family, and this stream is a celebration of our love for you all!

So please do join us for our weekend of fundraising1! We are streaming a wide variety of segments that cover many of the activities that we and the people in the tabletop community love, from the games themselves to talks on them, with plenty of incentives to reward those who donate. See you there!

Also, if you are a company interested in sponsoring this event, have a look at our Tabletop Radio sponsorship details page.

1 Editor's note: ffs2 Ares.
2 Editor's second note: ffs stands for "for fun's sake".

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Visual Schedule

Full Schedule

Schedule Breakdown

Interlude: a combination of an ad break and an interlude segment, where the various donation incentives are carried out.

Day 1 - Sat 26th June

12.00pm - 12.15pm The Opening: A big welcome and an introduction to the stream
12.15pm - 1.15pm Jackbox Party Fun: we play some Jackbox Party Pack! Audience participation will be happening.
1.30pm - 5.30pm RPG One-Shot #1: Thirsty Sword Lesbians - Hannah will be running a one-shot in the Thirsty Sword Lesbians system! Expect disaster and romance. See this event for full details.
6.00pm - 7.00pm Board Game #1 - Codenames: the first instance of some board gaming on Tabletop Simulator. See this event if you'd like to take part!
7.15pm - 8.45pm TableTED talks: join us for some "TED" talks on some of our favourite topics. Last year we had a talk about frogs and a talk about music. Who knows what we'll get this year!
9.30pm - 11.15pm Tabletopoly: last year, Callum (ex-President) said something about Monopoly being okay if you change the rules enough. Let's see how right he is when we add some Tabletop-themed chaos to Monopoly.
11.45pm - 12.45am Happy Little Accidents: a late-night Bob Ross paint-a-long.
12.45pm - 1.00am Night Night!: the outro for the end of the first day.

Day 2 - Sun 27th June

12.00pm - 12.15pm Welcome Back!
12.15pm - 1.15pm Board Game #2 - Wavelength: the second instance of some board gaming on Tabletop Simulator. See this event if you'd like to take part!
1.30pm - 5.30pm RPG One-Shot #2: Rainbow Paranoia - Jamie will be running a one-shot in the Paranoia system! Expect all the colours of the rainbow and much interruption from The Computer (who probably invented the rainbow or something idk) as oh no I've said too much and now I'm being tried for treason. More treason-free details can be found on this event.
6.00pm - 7.30pm Waging War: Watch an epic battle of X-wing (currently one of the society's most popular war games) unfold, featuring full commentary so everyone can get excited about what's going on!
8.00pm - 9.00pm Running the Nets: Watch a cool hacker trying to hack into an evil megacorporation to steal their agendas in some exciting games of Netrunner, one of the society's most popular CCGs! Featuring full commentary so everyone can get excited about what's going on, even if you have no clue what Netrunner is.
9.30pm - 11.00pm RPGs Don't Write Themselves: games are great, but how can we improve them and make new ones? An exciting look into RPG design from a variety of amateur game designers from the society.
11.30pm - 12.30am Extra-Dimensional Chess Tournament: the only correct way to end a long and exhausting stream is to watch some of Tabletop's finest minds [citation urgently needed, some would say this is a lie] play 5D chess. Featuring full commentary so everyone can understand that nobody understands what's going on. Please help, I'm going to be so tired.
12.30am - 1.00am The Closening: our final goodbyes and thank yous to everyone who has watched and donated! We might get emotional, although we'll mainly be sleepy.
Image detailing rewards, All rewards are listed in text below.


Donation Incentives

Every donation comes with a reward! More incentives may pop up as we get closer to the date of the stream, so keep your eyes peeled.

Any Amount A shout out and big thank you in the next edition of the weekly Tabletop Society newsletter.

Spin The Wheel! The exec of Tabletop Society spin The Wheel, which is loaded with four possible activities to do:

  • Origami
  • Drawing a Pokémon from memory
  • A dramatic reading
  • Jenga
£5 £5 nets you our resident kazooists, Finnbar and Anna, playing a song on the kazoo. You can choose any reasonable song, which you should include in the text of your donation. Other instruments are also available and Finnbar will likely use their judgement to decide what instruments will best help the song, although it will most likely be kazoo. Expect musical crimes.
£7 £7 gets you an "expertly" design RPG item by Hannah, local Co-Op Officer and forever GM.
£8 / £9 £8 will get an exec member to perform a wonderful a cappella rendition of a song of their choice. No, we cannot promise that a musical exec member will do this. For £9, you get to choose the song! You probably also get to choose the exec member.
£15 £15 gets you a commission from an artist that is not Ares. You will be randomly assigned an artist. Your commission idea must fit in a tweet - so is 280 characters max and can have up to four images associated with it. If it does not fit that description, artistic liberties will be taken.
£100 £100 will get you a full-body commission by our resident artist Ares. Note that only one commission slot is available.

Stretch Goals

We have a few bonus activities that will happen during and after the stream if enough money is donated! We will be slowly revealing these over the course of the next few weeks.

£150 Finnbar and co suffer due to food Ares will fill a half-hour interlude segment by making Finnbar (and possibly others) eat a variety of weird sweet foods to rate them from best to worst.
£300 Sol and Finnbar design the OFFICIAL TABLETOP RADIO BOARD GAME As the title suggests, Sol and Finnbar will sit in a voice call for half an hour and design a complete board game. Will it be good? No!
£450 Makeup Stream A makeup stream fit into one of the interludes. No, I don’t know how it’s gonna work in 30mins.
£600 A Bonus RPG Last year, Adventuring with Pride (a D&D; 5e supplement) was run to great success by its creators and friends of the society, Jack and Alex Dixon. Sadly they couldn't make it to the Tabletop Radio livestream this year, but instead they will stream a bonus RPG using the newly-Kickstarted Adventuring with Pride 2: Queer We Go Again! if we reach this goal. This is not to be missed! You can find the details about Adventuring with Pride 2 on their Kickstarter page.
£800 Tabletop Society Anime Intro We will write a script in one online streamed meeting, record and provide a soundtrack to the Tabletop Society Anime Intro that you never knew you needed. Because you didn't need it. But that's okay, because we're going to give it to you anyway. We might also link to it on the SU website (in very fine print) (okay this last bit might be a lie).
£1000 (!!!) Monsters on a Cruise Ship: The Reality TV Show 5 weeks of the pilot reality TV show Monsters on a Cruise ship, hosted by Freya and featuring 4 brand new contestants. With art and a full soundtrack. Fully streamed through July and August.
Pinz Banner

Sword in the Dice Charity Pin. $9 + shipping (about £7). All profits donated to Mermaids. Available now (while stocks last). Limited quantities available! Buy now from Storenvy!

Commission image

£100 Donation: full-body character commission. Entire donation goes to Mermaids! Donate on our Tiltify. Rules:

  • No NSFW or mecha; complicated designs will be simplified
  • I reserve the right to refuse a particular character / subject matter
  • Can be an OC or fan-art, but references must be provided (pictures or written)
  • I reserve the right to use the art in my portfolio, and it may not be used for commercial purposes by the commissioner