Warwick Tabletop Games and Roleplaying Society


Coronavirus: In response to the relaxing restrictions around COVID, we are slowly reintroducing in person events - but our Discord is still home to some online events during this transitional period and is a generally fun place to be!

Awards: We won some awards at Socs Awards! To commemorate this and definitely not just because we should have done this a while ago, we have a new Awards page - please take a look!

About Us

We’re Warwick Tabletop Games and Role-Playing Society, the university’s largest society for all things tabletop. We have a packed calendar of events covering board games, card games, wargames and RPGs of all varieties (both pen and paper as well as live action), so there’s bound to be an event for you! We provide a friendly and welcoming environment for newer players and experts alike, so regardless of experience, you’re always welcome at our events. Members of exec (in their purple hoodies) will always be around and are happy to help, so if you’d like to try something new just show up and we’ll help you out.

Discord: We have a Discord! You can find it using the code xdDZnYQ in the Discord app or on the Discord site.

Weekly Events (Term Time)

We run six events each week, which are listed below! You can find our schedule here along with Google calendars you can subscribe to.

Wargames (Monday 1700-2200) Wargames Facebook Group

Every Monday we run an open session for playing wargames, games where you field armies which do battle on your table! These range from small scale skirmishes to huge battles in games such as Warhammer 40,000, X-wing, Star Wars: Armada, and many more - if you can think of a wargame and two people have the armies for it, you’ll likely get a game out of it. We have a number of society armies for you to borrow and play with as well, so if you’re undecided on whether to invest in a game, you can try it out first. Games are mostly organised in advance via the Wargames Facebook Group. If you’re interested in coming along to a session, have a look there to see what people are bringing.

Magic: the Gathering Draft (Tuesday 1800-2200) Magic the Gathering Draft Facebook Group

If you like drafting Magic: the Gathering, then this is the event for you. We draft an assortment of the latest standard set, cubes, unusual sets (e.g. Masters, Unstable, Battlebond...), chaos and flashbacks, which are all scheduled in advance on the events page of our website here.

Entry to standard drafts £10, reduced by £2.50 for every booster you supply yourself - this includes 3 boosters to draft with and an extra booster per player being added to a prize pool. Price and prize structure may change when we draft sets other than standard, so check the schedule! We meet between 6 and 6.30pm to organise pods and play casual games, then begin the draft proper at 6.30pm. There are normally 3 matches (swiss pairings), with the pack prizes given to first place and everyone who wins at least 2 of their matches.

Draft is a competitive format, so if you’re completely new to playing Magic, we recommend you turn up to a Casual Card Games session and talk to one of our reps before attempting this!

Boardgames (Wednesday 1400-2200) Boardgames Facebook Group

Our weekly boardgames event runs from 2pm until 10pm and is your chance to drop in for as long or as little as you want to play some board games. We have a collection of over 130 board games (we have an inventory which will be live on the site soon, but you can bring your own games too) ranging from small half-hour party games to session-long epics, so whatever your taste in games we’re sure you’ll be able to find something you’ll enjoy! Don’t feel like you have to come with a group or have to already know everything about board games - exec and existing members will be on hand to help group people up and teach new games.

Casual Card Games (Thursday 1700-2200) Card Games Facebook Group

Thursday evenings are home to Casual Card Games, the event where card games such as Magic: The Gathering (mostly Commander, but also Modern), Android: Netrunner, and Yu-Gi-Oh are played. This is the place for competitive and non-competitive players alike to play in a friendly environment, whether they’re practising for an upcoming tournament or just wanting casual games with some silly decks. We also have intro decks and players happy to teach their favourite games, so if you’d like to try Magic (before plunging into the world of Magic Drafts) or any of the other great games listed, this is the event for you! Games can be organised in advance via the Casual Card Games Facebook group (linked above), so you can ask which games are being played, and see if there is interest in playing games aside from those listed above.

RPGs (Various Times, but usually Saturdays) RPGs Facebook Group

If you’ve been wanting to try Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) or any of the other tabletop RPG systems available, this is the part of the society you’ve been waiting for! Many campaigns and one-shots (self-contained adventures that only take a single afternoon) are run through the society, with signups found on the events page of our website here. While the majority of games here are run in D&D, other systems have also been run, such as Age of Rebellion (Star Wars roleplaying!), Call of Cthulu, and even some more obscure ones like Dread.

Furthermore, at the start of term 1 (during Welcome Week), we run Introductory RPG one-shots, where GMs both old and new run beginner games aimed at those interested in trying out role-playing. This is a great venue to meet GMs who may be looking for players to participate in new, long-term campaigns.

Finally, we support GMs by providing a small collection of materials for them to borrow, and by booking rooms for them to run their sessions in (if you need a room, just contact us).

LARP (Sunday 1200-1700) LARP Facebook Group

Live Action Role-Playing takes the fun of tabletop RPGs and brings them to life! Rather than sitting at a table describing your actions, you don foam weaponry and costumes (provided by the society, but you can bring your own LARP-safe kit) and go to the nearby woods to act as your character. This is all run within the Unity system - a beginner-friendly LARP system unique to the society, so don’t worry about knowing all of the rules as it’s new to everyone. These sessions are run by our knowledgeable LARP Reps and let you play both heroes and monsters in combat and social encounters. This means you can live out your character’s experiences as well as fighting as them!


We also run a reduced schedule of events during the holidays, so if you’re a postgrad still around outside of term time or are otherwise still nearby, you can still get your weekly fix of board, card and wargames! Schedules for these can be found with the term time schedules on our schedule page (these are typically released a week or so before the respective holiday starts).

Special Events

Outside of our usual weekly events, we run a large variety of special events throughout the year.

Tabletop Weekends

Term 1 (Weeks 3 and 9), Term 2 (Weeks 4 and 9), and Term 3 (Week 9)

The most frequent of these is our Tabletop Weekends, which we run twice in terms 1 and 2 and once (as a special three day weekend) in term 3. The premise is simple - we book a room for the entire weekend (including overnight) for people to come in and play whatever tabletop games they like! This is the perfect time for you to try some of our longer games that struggle to fit into a normal session like Diplomacy or a longer Magic Cube Draft, and if you’re feeling particularly brave you can try to stay for the whole 36 hours of gaming.


Every Term, Week 9

We also run a termly quiz featuring all manner of quiz rounds, from naming things that sound like the things pictured, to guessing whether something is the name of Ikea furniture or a D&D monster! This is a fun chance to try answering ridiculous questions with people from all parts of the society and win some cool trophies and tabletop-themes prizes.

Other Special Events

Finally, we’ve run some other one-off events in the past, including a collaboration with the Game Design society involving making your own board game, a murder mystery LARP, and even a megagame! You can see all of the different events we’ve run in the past over here and those we will be running in the future on Facebook.

We really look forward to playing some games with you!

You can buy membership (optional, but it helps the society) on our SU page here.😮