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We're Warwick Tabletop Games and Roleplaying Society, the university's largest society for all things tabletop - board games, card games, wargames, tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs) and live action roleplaying (LARP).

We provide a friendly and welcoming environment for newer players and experts alike, so regardless of experience, you're always welcome at our events.

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Upcoming Events!: We have a lot of events coming up for the rest of the term.

  • Tabletop Weekend - 4th/5th May (10am-10pm) B2.02 & B2.04/5 - Do you like playing boardgames? How about some Wargames? Maybe even some LARP? Come to a weekend full of them, a perfect time to relax from Term 3 stress! Jam packed with good gaming vibes, all you need is to bring along yourself, and maybe some friends.
  • Megagame - 16th June (10am-6pm) WT1.01/1.03/1.04/1.05/1.06 - 'What is a Megagame?' I hear you ask, well our termly Megagame is a day long event which is a combination of all things tabletop, something between a RPG, LARP and a boardgame, designed to allow a huge player count to all play simultanously! This year we're running Watch the Skies, with two main factions: human nations trying to survive and achieve their goals as aliens invade. That's right, you can try and ruin everyones day by being a nefarious alien, trying to achieve your own secret goals >:) Keep an eye out for tickets going live soon!
  • Tabletop Extravaganza - 21st/22nd/23rd June (10am-10pm) B2.02 & B2.04/5 (Friday) + H0.02 & H0.03 (Saturday) + B2.02 & B2.04/5 (Sunday) - If you liked the sound of Tabletop Weekend, you'll love the sound of Tabletop Extravaganza! 3 entire days of tabletop activies, as exams come to a close, come and celebrate with a game or two!
  • End of Term Quiz - 21st June (7-9pm) B2.02 - It's our termly quiz! There's prizes! Come along with friends or alone, and try to wrap your head around an array of very loosely tabletop-themed questions! Past rounds have included guessing the names of dice on Etsy, lateral thinking from images, identifying fake board games, and so much more!
You can also visit our timetable to see what is on regularly, both for our regular weekly events and these special events. Check our discord for more information on these events.
One of our Epic D&D events, in which many games of D&D merge together to be part of a big story

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