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We're Warwick Tabletop Games and Roleplaying Society, the university's largest society for all things tabletop - board games, card games, wargames, tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs) and live action roleplaying (LARP).

We provide a friendly and welcoming environment for newer players and experts alike, so regardless of experience, you're always welcome at our events.

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Upcoming Events!: We have a lot of events coming up for the rest of the term.

  • Cheese and Chocolate BGs Collab - Fri 2nd Feb, 7-10pm B2.02 - come snack and relax while you game thanks to a collab with Cheese and Chocolate society !
  • Pride CCGs- 5-10pm B2.02 (Thurs) - A collab with Warwick Pride! Learn to play MtG, Netrunner or Yugioh in a supportive and actively queer environment
  • THE AGM!!! - 7-10pm B2.02 Wed 21st Feb - Do you like the continued existence of the society? Do you like Democracy? Do you want to be an exec? If you said yes to any of those things you should come to the AGM! It's our Annual General Meeting, the big once a year event where we vote on the new exec, any changes to our constitution, and if we don't make quorum we get to panic!
  • Murder Mystery - 12-4pm B2.02 Sat 24th Feb. As the name suggests, this is a Murder Mystery! You'll be given a character to play, and be part of a broader story where you're either trying to solve or cover up your role in a murder, all while trying to achieve your own personal goals on the side!
  • Sun 3rd March- Big RPGs - 2.30-5pm B2.04/5 - Do you like RPGs? Do you like collaboration? Do you just have a free Sunday and want to do something cool? A Big RPG involves multiple smaller rpg sessions running at once and all weaving together to tell a broader collective story! This year, we're running Last Orders at the Yawning Portal, a D&D 5e adventure about trying to track down a once-famous hero turned pub owner after they vanished into the maze of dungeons below their tavern.
  • Fri 8th March - End of Term Quiz - 7-9pm - OC0.01 - It's our termly quiz! There's prizes! Come along with friends or alone, and try to wrap your head around an array of very loosely tabletop-themed questions! Past rounds have included guessing the names of dice on Etsy, lateral thinking from images, identifying fake board games, and so much more!
You can also visit our timetable to see what is on regularly, both for our regular weekly events and these special events.
One of our Epic D&D events, in which many games of D&D merge together to be part of a big story

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