Content Policy

Like all of our spaces, we expect to you read and follow our code of conduct.

Additionally, please follow these website specific rules:

  1. Don't spam. This includes, but is not limited to: constant messaging, repeated low effort replies to the same thread within a short space of time, or creation of many events within a short space of time with intent to flood the events page.
  2. Do not post, link or encourage others to seek pirated content (scans, official pdfs, etc.). Please ensure any reference material posted verbatim is covered by an open licence. Spoilers are allowed (such as for new releases in an LCG), but it is recommended you tag them as such.
  3. If an Exec (see the Exec page) asks you to stop something (through the Messaging system or just through a reply on our Forums), you should stop. Just because something isn't explicitly outlined in the rules doesn't mean Execs aren't going to use their own discretion.

We reserve the right to delete any content that breaches these rules, and any accounts for breaching these rules at the Execs’ discretion.