Society Execs

You can see all of the current exec below. To see exec from previous years, please consult our Exec History page.

  • President - Anakin Newbigging ( Avatar for Anakin Anakin, Dr_Natrium )

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    🚀 Hi, I'm Anakin (they/them) I'm an undergrad Physics student and also the President of this here society.
    🟣 As President, I'll be organising all the activities and the exec who run those events with the help of the Vice-President and hopefully organise plenty of larger events for everyone to enjoy!
    🎲 I'm an avid fan of RPG, enjoying long-form campaigns but I'm always willing to try out new systems. You may catch me at board games (though I've yet to catch a game online), and in the past I've gone to LARP (RIP) and learnt X-Wing.
    ✏ My other hobbies include Star Wars (Seriously don't start a conversation with me about it. It won't stop.) digital art, video games, cooking, sleeping and being tired.

    • Represents the society and oversees all of its activities
      • Thus should be involved in every part of the society in some way
      • Assists in running events where needed
    • Ensures every exec is fulfilling their duty
    • Makes executive decisions on matters that are time-sensitive, that don’t require exec discussion, or that are a point of conflict amongst the exec
    • Is the principle contact point between the Society and the SU/University
      • Principle respondent to SU communication
      • Responsible for any collaborations with the SU/University, such as Postgraduate Board Games
      • Represents the society at the termly Societies Council.
    • Is the principle contact point between the Society and other Societies
      • Is responsible for any collaborations that may be made (though may delegate this to other exec where appropriate)
      • Is responsible for inter-society events, such as Laser Quest vs Compsoc
  • Vice President - Ares Osborn ( Avatar for morrowkei morrowkei, dovahbutt#7544 )

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    🙇‍♂️ Hi, I'm Ares (they/them), I'm a third year Astrophysics PhD student, and I'm your Vice President for this year.
    📝 I'll be managing the behind-the-scenes, day-to-day running of the society, doing all the admin and paperwork and organising the other exec.
    🎴 You'll also be able to find me playing Magic: the Gathering at Draft on Tuesdays and CCGs on Thursdays, and (🤞 hopefully) running an Escape Room at some point...
    🌈🐸 Outside of the society, I spend my time being gay and doing LGBTQIA+ advocacy, creating digital art, baking, reading, wearing the colour yellow, and appreciating the existence of frogs.

    • Books rooms at the start of the year, and ad-hoc as needed throughout the year
    • Organises, runs, and minutes exec meetings
    • Takes responsibility for various admin duties within the Society, including but not limited to:
      • Maintaining the society google account in cooperation with the Web Admin, including the drive and calendar
      • Applying for the Societies Fair table and organising Welcome Week
      • Assisting the co-op, web admin, and faction exec in keeping our various social media outlets up to date (Facebook page and groups, website, and Discord)
    • Alongside the President, should represent the society at the termly Societies Council
    • Is responsible for organising and running the termly Quiz
    • Is responsible for organising the AGM in Term 2, and any EGMs that might happen.
  • Treasurer - Ike ( Avatar for Shaadowmaaster Shaadowmaaster, Shaadowmaaster )

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    Hi! I'm Ike (He/They). I'm a first year Discrete maths student and your treasurer for this year. I will be managing the societies finances - for more detail see the Responsibilities box below.

    You should be able to find me at draft, wargames and CCGs once in person events are going again, I also plan to try LARP when it becomes legal to do so. I enjoy most things the society does so you will probably see me around in other areas as well, although not as reliably.

    Outside of the society I enjoy playing video games, reading far too many books and occasionally writing.

    • Is responsible for the society bank account
      • Oversees the budget by allocating spending amounts to each faction of the society and making sure they don’t overspend
      • Approves or declines purchases from the other exec members
      • Approves online monetary reimbursement forms when purchases have been made
    • Is responsible for organising the application for the start-of-year society grant from the SU
    • Is responsible for sponsorships:
      • Looks for new sponsorships
      • Makes sure our ongoing sponsorships are upheld
    • Is responsible for any merchandise sold by the society:
      • This includes, but is not limited to: society hoodies, society dice, and pin badges
      • Responsible for liaising with the SU to set up order forms
    • Is responsible for overseeing the ticketing and budgeting for any big event the society might run
    • Is responsible for any fundraising the society might choose to do; this includes fundraising for charity or for the society itself.
  • Wargames Rep - Jon Cheah ( Avatar for Nahjo_Che Nahjo_Che, @Nahjo_Che#2025 )

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    Hello! My name is Jon (he/him), and I'm your Wargames Rep. I run our weekly wargames session and organise extra events like our terrain-making/painting days and wargaming tournaments. I play mainly Star Wars: Armada, and Star Wars: X-Wing but have also played Legion, ASOIAF, and Kill Team. I'm a third year mathematics student and a big Star Wars Fan. You can find me at wargames on Mondays and occasionally at board games on Wednesdays.

    • Runs the weekly wargames session on Monday evening
      • This includes welcoming and teaching new players, as well as ensuring established players are getting games.
    • Is responsible for the wargames equipment and budget. This includes:
      • Purchasing new equipment when needed (this includes minis, armies, terrain, playmats)
      • Keeping an inventory of wargames equipment that the society owns
      • Moving equipment to and from storage
    • Runs extra wargames-themed events, including
      • Tournaments, during sessions or as standalone events
      • Terrain making and/or painting sessions
    • Runs the wargames Facebook group
      • Makes the weekly “who’s bringing what” announcement
    • Facilitates ideas and works towards improving any wargaming related activities the society does.
  • Draft Rep - Henry Phan ( Avatar for hoph19 hoph19, hoph19#4181 )

    Photo for hoph19

    Hello! My name is Henry (he/him), I am a second-year Maths student.
    I run the weekly Magic the Gathering drafts, I will be scheduling and making sure the weekly sessions run smoothly. I have been playing Magic: the Gathering for over 3 years. Hope to see you on Tuesdays! You will also find me at CCGs on Thursdays or participating in a dnd campaign. My other main hobby is watching anime.

    • Runs the weekly Draft session on Tuesday evening. This includes:
      • Creating events on the website where appropriate (i.e. for special drafts or online events)
      • Welcoming and teaching players unfamiliar with the draft format, and signposting those new to Magic to the Thursday CCGs session
      • Organising pods, setting up the tournament, and recording results.
    • Is responsible for the Draft equipment and budget. This includes:
      • Managing the money box, and purchasing booster boxes.
      • Maintaining the lands box
      • Purchasing new equipment when needed (this includes sleeves for players to purchase, lands, playmats)
      • Keeping an inventory of draft-related equipment that the society owns (together with the CCGs rep)
      • Moving equipment to and from storage
    • Runs special draft events, with flashback sets or cubes, in addition to or at regular Draft sessions.
    • Runs the joint Draft/CCGs Facebook group alongside the CCGs rep
      • Makes the weekly Draft reminder announcement (on Discord too)
    • Maintains our relationship with the Games Den, and works towards having our results recorded officially if possible.
    • Facilitates ideas and works towards improving any Draft related activities the society does.
  • Boardgames Rep - Alex Walters ( Avatar for Alder Alder, Alder#9444 )

    Photo for Alder

    Heya, I’m Alex (they/them), a third-year MMORSE student and I am the society’s Board Game rep for the second year running. This means I’ll be running weekly Wednesday Board Games either online or in-person (covid permitting). Most likely I’ll also be running the night shifts at tabletop weekends and extravaganzas. I play games from the short to the long and from the simple to the overly complex. My favourites being Nemesis, Mansions of Madness and Battlestar Galactica.

    If you want to find me I’ll be at board games on Wednesday and at Wargames on Monday.

    • Runs the weekly board games session on Wednesday afternoon.
      • This includes welcoming and teaching new players, as well as ensuring established players are getting games.
    • Is responsible for the board games equipment and budget. This includes:
      • Purchasing new equipment when needed (this includes board games, replacement parts and protective parts, such as sleeves for popular games, as well as storage solutions)
      • Keeping an inventory of board games equipment that the society owns
      • Moving equipment to and from storage
      • Keeping a record of items that have been lent out
    • Runs extra board games-themed events, including:
      • The board games and tabletop weekends
      • Runs the board games Facebook group
    • Facilitates ideas and works towards improving any board gaming related activities the society does.
  • Collectible Card Games Rep - Scarlett Clark ( Avatar for ORCH1D ORCH1D, ORCH1D#3686 )

    Photo for ORCH1D

    Hi! I'm Scarlett (she/her), and I'm your brand, shiny, new (maybe not that new depending on when you read this) CCGs rep! I'm a second/third (delete as appropriate I wasn't gonna update this but hey, here I am) year Discrete Maths student, and it is my job to oversee the CCGsening that happens in the society! I mainly play Android: Netrunner and Magic: The Gathering (tho other CCGs are available), but I'm also involved in a number of other parts of the society, such as playing/running the odd RPG, playing some Boardgames, and playing the odd game of Warhammer 40k or X-Wing. Outside of that, I'm a fan of power metal, the MCU, and even some video games when I spare the time.

    • Runs the weekly CCGs session on Thursday evening
      • This includes welcoming and teaching new players, as well as ensuring established players are getting games.
      • This also includes facilitating a diverse selection of CCGs, not just Magic: the Gathering. The CCGs rep should preferably know how to play/learn more than one CCG.
    • Is responsible for the CCGs equipment and budget. This includes:
      • Purchasing new equipment when needed
      • Keeping an inventory of CCGs equipment that the society owns (together with the Draft rep)
      • Moving equipment to and from storage
    • Runs extra/alternative CCGs-themed events, including:
      • Tournaments, like the Modern league or Boxing league
      • Alternative format events, such as Planechase for MtG and Snake Draft for Netrunner
    • Runs the joint Draft/CCGs Facebook group alongside the Draft Rep.
      • Makes the weekly CCGs reminder announcement (on Discord too)
    • Facilitates ideas and works towards improving any CCGs related activities the society does.
  • RPGs Rep - Oliver Williams ( Avatar for EndeDoge5 EndeDoge5, EndeDoge5#2032 )

    Photo for EndeDoge5

    Hello there! I'm Oli (he/him) and I'm your RPGs representative for this year. I'm coming into the final year of my history undergraduate course, still trying to figure out exactly what it is I want to do after graduating.

    My exec responsibilites are detailed below, but broadly speaking I'm here to ensure that everyone has fun playing RPGs and I'm looking to expand people's horizons with regards to game systems other than D&D, though it remains for good reason the bread and butter of the faction. I'm very active on discord so feel free to reach out to me about anything. Lap and I are always on hand to help you find games or rooms to book, so don't feel out of place to just approach us about it!

    For a few things about me:

    • I have been working for a long time on an unofficial RWBY tabletop game, and should have it ready to playtest by the time term 1 starts. I'm very eager to try it out with anyone who's interested in a fast-paced, personalised action RPG and look forward to running other games like Alien and Star Wars in the future as well
    • My favourite form of media is high-fantasy escapism, particularly if it has well-developed characters and good fight scenes
    • I can speak pretty good conversational German
    • I play plenty of video games and sometimes stream them on twitch

    Hope to see you all at events!

    • Facilitates the running of RPGs
      • Ensures that GMs and players are aware of the Events page on the website for organising games
      • Promotes events and games that are being run, via Discord, the newsletter, and Facebook
      • Books ad-hoc rooms when necessary for people to have RPG sessions in
      • Keeps an eye on what’s being run and helps new players find games where possible
      • Runs their own one-shots or campaigns to help people play RPGs
      • Encourages diversity of RPGs, not just D&D
    • Is responsible for the RPGs equipment and budget. This includes:
      • Purchasing new equipment when needed (rulebooks, dice etc)
      • Keeping an inventory of RPGs equipment that the society owns
      • Keeping a record of items lent out
    • Runs special RPGs-themed events, including:
      • The Introductory RPG One-Shot events at the beginning of Term 1 and 2
      • Special themed one-shot days, such as at Halloween, Christmas or Easter
      • The Big RPG
    • Runs the RPGs Facebook group
    • Facilitates ideas and works towards improving any RPGs related activities the society does.
  • LARP Rep - James Newton ( Avatar for Blickster53 Blickster53, blickster53#1279 )

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    Hi i'm James a Third-year discrete mathematician and the LARP representative. I will be in charge of running the weekly LARP sessions with help from the Quartermaster. I will also help organize other LARP related events such as murder mystery. If you need to ask me anything you can find me on Sundays all dressed up and prancing about Tocil woods with foam weapons or, more practically, you will often catch me at Boardgames on Wednesdays.
    Thank you for listening to my TED talk and remember to #cometoLARP.

    • Runs the weekly LARP session on Sunday.
      • Welcoming and teaching new players how to LARP
      • Planning out the weekly adventures
      • Handling player downtime between sessions
    • Is responsible for updating and balancing the Society’s UNITY system
    • Together with the Quartermaster, is responsible for the LARP equipment and budget this includes:
      • Purchasing new equipment when needed (clothes, weapons, armour etc)
      • Keeping an inventory of LARP equipment that the society owns
      • Moving equipment to and from storage
    • Runs extra/alternative LARP events such as:
      • Murder Mysteries
      • The end-of-year Kenilworth Castle LARP
      • A trip to Empire
    • Runs the LARP Facebook group.
    • Facilitates ideas and works towards improving any LARP related activities the society does.
  • Quartermaster - Nathan ( Avatar for Chilloutnitro Chilloutnitro, Chilloutnitro#5830 )

    Photo for Chilloutnitro

    Heya! I'm Nathan, a second-year systems engineering student and the LARP quartermaster. Thus I'm in charge of making sure we have enough foam weaponry to batter each other with, along with other Larp gear like shields, clothing and the like. Furthermore, I maintain the condition of gear, storage of said gear and usage of gear in society events where it may be needed. In addition to those responsibilities I sometimes run adventures alongside the Larp rep and handle some of the other management when I'm needed.

    You can usually find me either at Larp on Sundays or occasionally at board games on Wednesdays should you need to speak with me.

    • Helps the LARP rep run the weekly LARP session
    • Together with the LARP rep, is responsible for the LARP equipment and budget
    • Helps the LARP rep run extra/alternative LARP events
    • Helps run the LARP Facebook group
  • Communications and Operations Officer - Hannah Collins ( Avatar for AceEmpress AceEmpress, AceEmpress#9631 )

    Photo for AceEmpress

    Hi! I'm Hannah (she/they/fae), a first year chemistry student and the Communications and Operations Officer. Basically, that means I write the newsletter and help with anything that needs major organisation, as well as pointing questions anyone has at the relevant exec members. My main interests in the society are CCGs - both MtG and Netrunner, RPGs (GMing more often than playing because I have been cursed with the ability to read RPG rulebooks for fun), and the occasional board game. I also accidentally unleashed the gender cube upon our unsuspecting world and society mascothood in particular, and am apparently "funny." (citation needed-most of faer humour is in-jokes)

    Outside of the society, I write things, look at the ever growing pile of books that I own and will definitely read at some point, and play video games. I'm also apparently doing a degree or something but really I'm just here to call out Finnbar.

    • Writes and promotes the weekly newsletter
      • Publishes it to the website, cross-posts it to the Facebook page, and announces it on Discord
    • Makes separate promotions/announcements of any news - e.g. new timetables, special events - to the relevant places (Facebook page/groups, Discord announcements channel)
    • Acts as support role for any big events that need an extra hand to organise - e.g. the Megagame, the big RPG, the Escape Room, the AGM
    • Maintains the main Facebook page, and helps maintain the individual Facebook groups alongside the relevant reps
    • Keeps an eye on the society’s communication channels - the email, Discord, and the Facebook page inbox
      • Delegates the answering of messages to those who are most knowledgeable (and makes sure they answer them) - i.e. Wargames-related questions should be answered by the Wargames rep.
  • Web Admin - Finnbar Keating ( Avatar for finnbar finnbar, finnbar#1659 )

    Photo for finnbar

    Hi, I'm Finnbar (they/them) and after a mad three years of exec (as Co-Op, then Vice President, then President) I have done the only sensible thing and have taken full control of the Internet as Web Admin. I'm also a second year PhD student in Computer Science working on functional programming languages. I'm mostly active in the board games, CCGs (I'm very involved in Netrunner), and RPGs (running every indie RPG I can get my hands on) communities; but I've also played a bit of X-wing in the past.

    My new job this year is to make sure that the society's internetting is up to scratch - keeping an eye on this here website, our Discord server and any new exciting bits of technology we pick up on the way. I've also been involved in running many special events in the past such as our escape room and megagames and will likely do some of that this year too!

    • Maintains and improves the society website
      • Facilitates suggestions from exec and members as to how the website needs modifying
      • Facilitates bug-reporting and squashes any bugs that pop up
    • Works with various exec and members to ensure the website is updated with appropriate content.
      • Ensure Events are correctly updated and archived appropriately
      • Ensure the timetable (and associated google calendars) are kept up to date
      • Ensure that static pages are kept accurate
      • Manage the moderation of the forum, including spam removal and pinning
      • Deal with data requests, and account requests
    • Leads the management and moderation of the Discord server
    • In cooperation with the Vice President, maintains the society google account, including the drive and calendar.
    • Maintain oversight of society GDPR compliance
  • Assistant Wargames Rep - Lewis Price ( Avatar for Lewis.P Lewis.P, Lewis.P#7804 )

    Photo for Lewis.P

    Hi everyone! I'm Lewis, your first ever Assistant Wargames Rep! I'll be helping Jon organise and run tournaments and events for Wargames this year, as well as showing up pretty much every Monday to try out some weird concoction of units or another. I primarily play Star Wars: X-Wing, but have varying degrees of skill (and quick access to rulebooks if I don't know what I'm doing) with other formats too, such as Star Wars: Legion, and Armada, so if ever you want a game, or to learn how to play, please feel free to get in touch with me over Discord, and we can schedule a game.

    When I'm not at Wargames, you can find me playing Netrunner, running D&D campaigns and one-shots, and occasionally playing Magic: the Gathering. As for who I am, I'm going into my second year of Law studies, hoping to go on and become a barrister. I'm a huge history nerd, particularly medieval history, as well as a fan of strategy videogames, anything from Halo Wars to Europa Universalis. So, that's me, I look forward to getting to know you all better!

  • Assistant RPGs Rep - Lap Chow ( Avatar for TheRealLap TheRealLap, TheRealLap#3793 )

    Photo for TheRealLap

    Hi, I'm Lap, a First-year Maths & Stats. Student and your Assistant RPG rep.
    I'm here to helping others to enjoy or run RPGs and assist Oli in arranging society RPG events. You can often find me lurking with the RPG sections of Discord, encouraging people to try GMing or answering people's question. (Along with some occasional jovial rants as "No plan survives contact with the players")
    I am also here to listen to any of your wildest ideas, whether it be events, one-shot or campaigns that you wish to run; I will attempt to support you.
    I am a D&D main but have some experience in Pathfinder, 40k and other more niche systems. If you have any recommendations, please drop me a note, for I will love to try them out.

    You may also find me dabbling in mostly the Magic the Gathering side of CCGs or engaging in random discussions about video games, music and (annoyingly) Maths.

    My discord username is TheRealLap#3793, looking forward to seeing you.

  • Graphic Design - Ares Osborn ( Avatar for morrowkei morrowkei, dovahbutt#7544 )

    Photo for morrowkei

    Ayo it's Ares 2: Electric Boogaloo and I'm continuing my reign of terror as Graphic Design Rep (alongside the Vice President role)! I create all of the promotional material for our society - the graphics for our banner, posters/flyers and Facebook events, business cards, stickers, badges... You've probably already seen a lot of my work without realising it!

    ~ graphic design is my passion 🐸 ~

    • Creates all physical advertising material for the society, including the banner, business cards, posters/flyers per individual section of the society and the society as a whole, and stickers.
    • Creates all event promotion, including digital posters for events such as the Tabletop Weekends, quizzes and collaborations.
    • Looks into other methods of advertising and investigates their cost-effectiveness.
  • Welfare Officer - Scarlett Clark ( Avatar for ORCH1D ORCH1D, ORCH1D#3686 )

    Photo for ORCH1D

    Hey there, it's me again! I'm the Welfare Officer. My main responsibility is to attend SU training, but I'm also here as the point of contact for any welfare issues you might be having. My DMs are always open (even if I might not be looking at them), so just drop me a message on Discord @ORCH1D

    • Is the first point of contact between exec and members regarding issues relating to welfare (e.g. mental health)
    • Signposts anyone with welfare-related issues to the appropriate support
      • Works with the rest of the exec, the equal opps officer and the SU to make sure welfare issues are resolved where appropriate
    • Attends the SU welfare training and any other appropriate workshops/training
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer - Ares Osborn ( Avatar for morrowkei morrowkei, dovahbutt#7544 )

    Photo for morrowkei

    Welcome to Ares 3: Electric Boogalee and this time it's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion! This role was newly overhauled from previous years at the 2021 AGM to bring ED&I to the forefront of what we do!

    My goals for this year are as follows:
    🌈 Help the Web-Admin and Welfare exec to create a comprehensive moderation guide for our Discord
    🌈 Facilitate the set-up of the Warwick Inter-Society Announcements (WISA) group, a collaboration to bring our #external-announcements channel to a wider audience
    🌈 Analyse the membership stats to determine where our membership is under-representative of the student body and think of some ways to try and rectify this
    🌈 Continue making the society a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone to enjoy

    If you have any ED&I-related suggestions, comments, issues etc within the society, please do contact me:
    📧 su303 [at], or contact me personally at e.osborn [at]
    💬 dovahbutt#7544 on Discord

    • Work with the Welfare Officer to ensure section 7 [of the constitution] is adequately fulfilled.
    • Strive to attend any ED&I related training that the SU/University offers and feedback any information learned to the exec as a whole.
    • Strive to obtain the society’s demographic breakdown from the SU if available, and note where we are under representative of certain groups.
    • Lead initiatives to try and rectify this (e.g. via collaborations with other Societies).
  • Health and Safety Officer - James Newton ( Avatar for Blickster53 Blickster53, blickster53#1279 )

    Photo for Blickster53

    WhAt a heckin' bamboozle, its James 2: the return, As Health and Safety officer It'll be up to me to ensure that the that the heath and safety of everyone at the society is properly kept. If you have any H&S concerns feel free to message me on discord, on here or in person.

    • Fills out the yearly Health and Safety Assessment Form
    • Makes sure that injured society members are taken care of properly
      • This will require getting health and safety training
    • Minimise the risks of injury to society members during society events