Society Execs

You can see all of the current exec below. To see exec from previous years, please consult our Exec History page.

  • President - Ben ( Avatar for nasenbaer23 nasenbaer23, Nasenbaer23#8574 )

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    Muhahahahaha! Finally, I have fulfilled my destiny and risen to the top of the Society TREMBLE AND QUAKE BEFORE ME!
    Hi folks! I'm Ben (he/they) and I'm the President of the Society for the year 23/24. This means that not only am I ultimately responsible for everything going on within our community and making sure everyone is welcome to play whatever games they want, I'm also the person who handles a lot of the administrative bits and pieces as well as our primary liaison with the SU, academic departments and anyone else who might want to talk to us!

    Away from the society, I'm a Politics and International Studies student, going in to my third year. When I'm not flailing my way through my degree or coming up with convoluted RPG plots to subject my group to, I'm overthinking, listening to my chaos smoothie of a Spotify playlist, going on walks or trying to resolve disability issues on campus, one tedious meeting at a time.

    As President, I will show my face at a lot of our events, please also feel free to DM me over Discord or through the Website or email me if you have any questions whatsoever- (also I promise I'm nice). Hope to see you around!

    • Represents the society and oversees all of its activities
      • Thus should be involved in every part of the society in some way
      • Assists in running events where needed
    • Ensures every exec is fulfilling their duty
    • Makes executive decisions on matters that are time-sensitive, that don’t require exec discussion, or that are a point of conflict amongst the exec
    • Is the principle contact point between the Society and the SU/University
      • Principle respondent to SU communication
      • Responsible for any collaborations with the SU/University, such as Postgraduate Board Games
      • Represents the society at the termly Societies Council.
    • Is the principle contact point between the Society and other Societies
      • Is responsible for any collaborations that may be made (though may delegate this to other exec where appropriate)
      • Is responsible for inter-society events, such as Laser Quest vs Compsoc
  • Vice President - Kelsey Edwards ( Avatar for kelseyk157 kelseyk157, Kelseyk#5830 )

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    Hello everyone! I'm Kelsey (she/her) and I am your Vice President for the 2023/24 academic year. I'm going into my third year of English Lit and Creative Writing and am on a mission to educate everyone on how awesome poetry is.

    As VP, I deal with organising stuff to make sure that our society runs smoothly! I'll help with room bookings, sorting out Welcome Week and leading meetings. I also look forward to hosting the termly quiz and watching the chaos unfold.

    Contact me on discord if you have any questions about anything, especially organis-y ones. If I can't answer you then I'll get back to you ASAP or refer you to someone who can.

    Outside of exec stuff, I'm also interested in DnD podcasts and Warhammer painting so would love to talk about that :) and Bananagrams- it is my all-time favourite game.

    • Books rooms at the start of the year, and ad-hoc as needed throughout the year
    • Organises, runs, and minutes exec meetings
    • Takes responsibility for various admin duties within the Society, including but not limited to:
      • Maintaining the society google account in cooperation with the Web Admin, including the drive and calendar
      • Applying for the Societies Fair table and organising Welcome Week
      • Assisting the co-op, web admin, and faction exec in keeping our various social media outlets up to date (Facebook page and groups, website, and Discord)
    • Alongside the President, should represent the society at the termly Societies Council
    • Is responsible for organising and running the termly Quiz
    • Is responsible for organising the AGM in Term 2, and any EGMs that might happen.
  • Treasurer - Avatar for Alonso Alonso (Alonso )

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    Hello! I am Alonso Cabañero Otero, a third year PPE student currently away on a placement year and soon returning to university to finish my degree.

    As treasurer I have the extremely exciting job of filling spreadsheets, meticulous filing and... you know what... this really doesn't sound as exciting on paper. Overall, I just handle finances and make sure everything is correctly listed and handled. I assign faction budgets, ensure sensible spending, and take care of the merchandise order when that comes up. Finally, I take care of any potential sponsorships, both seeking them out and ensureing the currently existing ones are properly carried out.

    Outside of my thrilling job in the society, I am currently sorely missing TTRPGs, especially D&D and Blades in the Dark. I also like to read, draw, play videogames of different kinds, and pick up completely random obsessions on the fly.

    Hope to see you around!

    • Is responsible for the society bank account
      • Oversees the budget by allocating spending amounts to each faction of the society and making sure they don’t overspend
      • Approves or declines purchases from the other exec members
      • Approves online monetary reimbursement forms when purchases have been made
    • Is responsible for organising the application for the start-of-year society grant from the SU
    • Is responsible for sponsorships:
      • Looks for new sponsorships
      • Makes sure our ongoing sponsorships are upheld
    • Is responsible for any merchandise sold by the society:
      • This includes, but is not limited to: society hoodies, society dice, and pin badges
      • Responsible for liaising with the SU to set up order forms
    • Is responsible for overseeing the ticketing and budgeting for any big event the society might run
    • Is responsible for any fundraising the society might choose to do; this includes fundraising for charity or for the society itself.
  • Communications and Operations Officer - alysha ( Avatar for alysha.vd alysha.vd, alyshaaa#6447 )

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    Hi! I’m Alysha (she/they) I’m a Psychology student going into my third year and I’m the co-op officer for 2023/24!
    This means I’ll be sending out weekly newsletters to update on society shenanigans, any announcements and generally being around to support other exec & the society!
    I’m a big fan of RPGs and love learning new systems!
    Outside of the society I’m a big video games fan especially animal crossing and pokemon! As well as being a big music fan and loving going to concerts!
    Hope to see you soon!

    • Writes and promotes the weekly newsletter
      • Publishes it to the website, cross-posts it to the Facebook page, and announces it on Discord
    • Makes separate promotions/announcements of any news - e.g. new timetables, special events - to the relevant places (Facebook page/groups, Discord announcements channel)
    • Acts as support role for any big events that need an extra hand to organise - e.g. the Megagame, the big RPG, the Escape Room, the AGM
    • Maintains the main Facebook page, and helps maintain the individual Facebook groups alongside the relevant reps
    • Keeps an eye on the society’s communication channels - the email, Discord, and the Facebook page inbox
      • Delegates the answering of messages to those who are most knowledgeable (and makes sure they answer them) - i.e. Wargames-related questions should be answered by the Wargames rep.
  • Tech Officer - Hannah Collins ( Avatar for AceEmpress AceEmpress, AceEmpress#9631 )

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    It's me, Hannah/Fern (she/they/fae/it), I'm back, dragged kicking and screaming into another year of exechood. You may know me from constant Netrunner, infrequently LARPing, running wild indie RPGs, or the rare sighting at Board Games. I'm a fourth year MChem student, previous Vice President and Co-op officer, and this year I'm Tech Officer - which means it's my job to keep the website, Discord, and other society tech running. Poke me if you have any questions about anything related to any of that, or honestly anything at all - I can't promise I'll answer unrelated questions but it might be funny.

    • Works with various exec and members to ensure the website is updated with appropriate content.
      • Ensure Events are correctly updated and archived appropriately
      • Ensure the timetable (and associated google calendars) are kept up to date
      • Ensure that static pages, such as the Exec History, are kept accurate
      • Manage the moderation of the forum (in the rare cases that it is used), including spam removal and pinning
    • Leads the management and moderation of the Discord server, including the appointment of moderators
    • In cooperation with the Vice President, maintains the society google account, including the drive and calendar.
    • Is responsible for the rest of the tech that the society uses, whether that is directly improving it or delegating any necessary improvements. This currently includes:
      • Our website
      • Our Discord bot
      • Our Twitch channel
    • Maintain oversight of society GDPR compliance
  • Wargames Rep - Liam O'shea ( Avatar for Liam_0 Liam_0, Liam_0#9044 )

    Photo for Liam_0

    Hey all! My name is Liam (he/him), and I am the Wargames Rep for 2023-24! I am going into my third year studying History!

    As the Wargames Rep, I'll be running our regular Monday Wargames sessions from 5pm-10pm, where we play games such as Warhammer 40k, Star Wars: Legion, Gaslands, and many more! I am also available to help you learn new games, and provide society armies if you wish to dip your toes into wargaming without the financial commitment just yet!

    Outside of the society, I am a great fan or strategy video games - ones which make me have to use my brain more than I already do for my degree. I also enjoy RPGs, especially the ALIEN system - one of my favourites which I have run numerous times!

    I hope to see you all around at our various society events!

    • Runs the weekly wargames session on Monday evening
      • This includes welcoming and teaching new players, as well as ensuring established players are getting games.
    • Is responsible for the wargames equipment and budget. This includes:
      • Purchasing new equipment when needed (this includes minis, armies, terrain, playmats)
      • Keeping an inventory of wargames equipment that the society owns
      • Moving equipment to and from storage
    • Runs extra wargames-themed events, including
      • Tournaments, during sessions or as standalone events
      • Terrain making and/or painting sessions
    • Makes the weekly “who’s bringing what” announcement in the Society Discord
    • Facilitates ideas and works towards improving any wargaming related activities the society does.
  • Draft Rep - Dan Maloney ( Avatar for maldan maldan, maldan#5790 )

    Photo for maldan

    Hello nerds, I'm Dan, the 23/24 draft rep. As such I'm in charge of the Tuesday mtg draft sessions. On top of this I hope to indoctrinate introduce more people to the game, so let me know if there's a magic related event you'd want to see in the future.

    I aim to make the drafts as diverse and enjoyable as possible for everyone which includes:

    • Running recent and flashback standard set drafts
    • Supplementary set drafts and cube drafts
    • prize supported constructed (modern/pioneer), to help keep everyone's wallets healthy!
    • Beginner friendly events aimed at those less familiar with mtg/drafting.

    With respect to magic I've been playing almost 10 years and play modern, legacy, pioneer and draft (I love dredge, storm and delver!)
    Outside of magic I'm a 3rd year maths student and am an avid follower of football and rugby. I'm also an Evangelion and Pokemon shill and love live music.

    • Runs the weekly Draft session on Tuesday evening. This includes:
      • Creating events on the website where appropriate (i.e. for special drafts or online events)
      • Welcoming and teaching players unfamiliar with the draft format, and signposting those new to Magic to the Thursday CCGs session
      • Organising pods, setting up the tournament, and recording results.
    • Is responsible for the Draft equipment and budget. This includes:
      • Managing the money box, and purchasing booster boxes.
      • Maintaining the lands box
      • Purchasing new equipment when needed (this includes sleeves for players to purchase, lands, playmats)
      • Keeping an inventory of draft-related equipment that the society owns (together with the CCGs rep)
      • Moving equipment to and from storage
    • Runs special draft events, with flashback sets or cubes, in addition to or at regular Draft sessions.
    • Runs the joint Draft/CCGs Facebook group alongside the CCGs rep
      • Makes the weekly Draft reminder announcement (on Discord too)
    • Maintains our relationship with the Games Den, and works towards having our results recorded officially if possible.
    • Facilitates ideas and works towards improving any Draft related activities the society does.
  • Boardgames Rep - Alvis Huijsmans ( Avatar for Alvis1218 Alvis1218, Alvis1218#6447 )

    Photo for Alvis1218

    Hey all! I’m Alvis (they/them), a Physics student going into my third year, and I’m the Board Games Rep for 2023/24.

    I'll be running the Board Games weekly events and some others down the line; trying out new games, enjoying old ones, and always happy to teach games to those who are new to them or might just need a refresher! There are still many games we own that I've not had the chance to play, and I intend to fix that!

    I'm also a big RPGs fan and play D&D very often, and intend to try out many new systems this year! On top of that I can't wait to try some of the other factions properly (looking at you LARP) if I get the chance! Outside of the society, I'm also a massive Nintendo fan, and my music tastes largely lie there too, Xenoblade Chronicles especially! Also show soundtracks like Steven Universe, and anything by TheFatRat or Rush Garcia.

    • Runs the weekly board games session on Wednesday afternoon.
      • This includes welcoming and teaching new players, as well as ensuring established players are getting games.
    • Is responsible for the board games equipment and budget. This includes:
      • Purchasing new equipment when needed (this includes board games, replacement parts and protective parts, such as sleeves for popular games, as well as storage solutions)
      • Keeping an inventory of board games equipment that the society owns
      • Moving equipment to and from storage
      • Keeping a record of items that have been lent out
    • Runs extra board games-themed events, including:
      • The board games and tabletop weekends
    • Facilitates ideas and works towards improving any board gaming related activities the society does.
  • Collectible Card Games Rep - Mina Hayden-Swain ( Avatar for Westenra Westenra, Mina#9295 )

    Photo for Westenra

    Heya! I'm Mina (She/her), a Chemistry student going into her fourth year, as well as being your Assistant CCGs Rep for 2023/24!

    I'll be working alongside Lap to bring you the CCGs events on Thursdays.

    I'm a fan of many card games, both physical and digital. I mainly play Magic the Gathering in person, but I'm willing to learn and play others!
    In other interests, I like to play RPGs, write poetry and play random indie games I find in my spare time.

    • Runs the weekly CCGs session on Thursday evening
      • This includes welcoming and teaching new players, as well as ensuring established players are getting games.
      • This also includes facilitating a diverse selection of CCGs, not just Magic: the Gathering. The CCGs rep should preferably know how to play/learn more than one CCG.
    • Is responsible for the CCGs equipment and budget. This includes:
      • Purchasing new equipment when needed
      • Keeping an inventory of CCGs equipment that the society owns (together with the Draft rep)
      • Moving equipment to and from storage
    • Runs extra/alternative CCGs-themed events, including:
      • Tournaments, like the Modern league or Boxing league
      • Alternative format events, such as Planechase for MtG and Snake Draft for Netrunner
    • Runs the joint Draft/CCGs Facebook group alongside the Draft Rep.
      • Makes the weekly CCGs reminder announcement (on Discord too)
    • Facilitates ideas and works towards improving any CCGs related activities the society does.
  • RPGs Rep - Ethan Hall ( Avatar for Ethan.Hall Ethan.Hall, Vortex_Creed_113#8446 )

    Photo for Ethan.Hall

    Hi everyone! I'm Ethan (he/him), I'm going into my third year of Politics, Philosophy and Law, and I'm RPGs rep for 2023/24.
    This means I'll be organising events, booking rooms, and generally be around to ask any questions about RPGs.

    I'm a big RPGs fan, as well as loving anything with lore behind it (Warhammer, Bloodborne, etc.). Outside of RPGs, I love music, writing (if I get the time), and anything game or film related.

    • Facilitates the running of RPGs
      • Ensures that GMs and players are aware of the Events page on the website for organising games
      • Promotes events and games that are being run, via Discord, the newsletter, and Facebook
      • Books ad-hoc rooms when necessary for people to have RPG sessions in
      • Keeps an eye on what’s being run and helps new players find games where possible
      • Runs their own one-shots or campaigns to help people play RPGs
      • Encourages diversity of RPGs, not just D&D
    • Is responsible for the RPGs equipment and budget. This includes:
      • Purchasing new equipment when needed (rulebooks, dice etc)
      • Keeping an inventory of RPGs equipment that the society owns
      • Keeping a record of items lent out
    • Runs special RPGs-themed events, including:
      • The Introductory RPG One-Shot events at the beginning of Term 1 and 2
      • Special themed one-shot days, such as at Halloween, Christmas or Easter
      • The Big RPG
    • Runs the RPGs Facebook group
    • Facilitates ideas and works towards improving any RPGs related activities the society does.
  • LARP Rep - Matthew Phillips ( Avatar for Secundus Secundus, secundussy )

    Photo for Secundus

    Good day! I am Matthew (he/him), a maths student in my third year, and I am your Live Action Role Play rep! This means I will be running the weekly adventures on Sundays, and teaching you how to LARP both enjoyably and safely. I'll also be organising and running other LARP-adjacent activities as well as keeping track of and adjusting the rules and setting of our Unity system.

    If you have any questions or queries regarding LARP, then I urge you to message me on Discord: I'm always happy to give out help and advice, no matter how simple (or not!) your question may be.

    When I'm not in my natural habitat (Tocil Woods), I have been known to be found flexing my "skills" at Board Games, running and playing in assorted RPGs, and slumbering beneath the Isle of Avalon until the world needs me once again.

    Remember: come to LARP.

    • Runs the weekly LARP session on Sunday.
      • Welcoming and teaching new players how to LARP
      • Planning out the weekly adventures
      • Handling player downtime between sessions
      • Making sure players are safe during LARP
    • Is responsible for updating and balancing the Society’s UNITY system
    • Together with the Quartermaster, is responsible for the LARP equipment and budget this includes:
      • Purchasing new equipment when needed (clothes, weapons, armour etc)
      • Keeping an inventory of LARP equipment that the society owns
      • Moving equipment to and from storage
    • Runs extra/alternative LARP events such as:
      • Murder Mysteries
      • The end-of-year Kenilworth Castle LARP
      • A trip to Empire
    • Facilitates ideas and works towards improving any LARP related activities the society does.
    • Is responsible for filling out the society risk assessment
  • Quartermaster - James Hurst ( Avatar for James_Hurst James_Hurst, drukin57 )

    Photo for James_Hurst

    Hey, I'm James (he/him), a mathematics and statistics student going into my 2nd year who takes far more programming modules than the expected value for stats students, and I'll be LARP Quartermaster for 2023/24. As such I'll be spending a good deal of the next year living in the LARP cupboard maintaining the equipment and playing tetris with boxes.

    I can typically be found at wargames or LARP every week and occasionally boardgames, if you have any suggestions for new LARP equipment I'd love to hear about it! I can also always be reached on discord and am happy to discuss any aspect of the society. During my spare time I'm usually playing video games, painting miniatures for Warhammer 40k or coding up my latest program.

    I hope to see you all at LARP.

    • Helps the LARP rep run the weekly LARP session
    • Together with the LARP rep, is responsible for the LARP equipment and budget
    • Helps the LARP rep run extra/alternative LARP events
    • Helps run the LARP Facebook group
  • Assistant CCGs Rep - Jonathan Jenkins ( Avatar for Scruffwuffulous Scruffwuffulous, Scruffwuffulous#1690 )

    Photo for Scruffwuffulous

    Hello, I'm Jonathan (They/He), but most people just call me Scruff. I'm a third-year maths student and I am the Assistant CCGs Rep for 2023/24.

    You'll probably find me most Wednesdays at Board Games, and Thursdays at CCGs, or loitering on the Tabletop Discord. I'm always down to talk about any insane MtG decks, or interesting RPG ideas, or anything really.

    In my role as Assistant it's my job to defer to our CCGs rep, Mina, and otherwise help try and keep things running smoothly.

    Hope to see you next Thursday!

    As the Assistant CCGs Rep, I will:

    • Help run the weekly CCGs session on Thursday evening
    • Runs extra/alternative CCGs-themed events
    • Runs the joint Draft/CCGs Facebook group alongside the Draft Rep.
    • Facilitates ideas and works towards improving any CCGs related activities the society does.
    • Assist the rest of the exec in general duties
  • Assistant Wargames Rep - Adam Gayner ( Avatar for ObtuseRubberGoose ObtuseRubberGoose, Adam*The*Boss#6613 )

    Photo for ObtuseRubberGoose

    Hello, I'm Adam (he/him)! I am Assistant Wargames Rep. for 2023/24. I'm a computer science student going into my third year.

    I play lots of different wargames, such as Warhammer, Star Wars: X-Wing, Legion, Bolt Action, Bloodbowl, A Song of Ice and Fire Minis Game and Gaslands! As Assistant Wargames Rep. I'll help with the running of our weekly Monday Wargames, and as many other events (tournaments, painting competitions, terrain days etc) as can be fit in! Of course, I'll always be around to teach new players or help returning players alike.

    Outside of wargaming, I love CCGs (mostly MTG but also Keyforge), video games, airsoft and - related I know - miniature painting, which is probably my biggest interest. I also like listening to an assortment of music consisting of heavy metal, anime intros and 90s pop...? I hope to see you at Wargames on a Monday!

    • Assists the Wargames Rep in running events
    • Provides help and Wargames advice for those that need it
    • Suggests and runs Wargames events
    • Takes care of the equipment and ensures that everyone at our events has what they need to play
    • Promotes the Wargames faction to recruit for the Wargames Coup expand the opportunities people can have to play a game weekly
  • Assistant RPGs Rep - Isaac Drake ( Avatar for Isaac_Drake Isaac_Drake, A Person#2780 )

    Photo for Isaac_Drake


    I'm Isaac (he/him). I'm this year's Assistant RPGs Rep. That means it's my job to help the actual rep (Ethan) with anything that needs doing. That includes writing announcements, planning events, and various admin stuff.

    I initially got into RPGs through D&D, but have since played Alien RPG (sci-fi horror, set in the Alien universe), and Orbital Blues (space-western). I'm also looking at trying other systems, especially since helping with RPGs inventory, and seeing just how many systems we have (it's a lot).

    • Help draft/write announcements
    • Help plan events, especially ones relating to RPGs
    • Help the RPGs rep with admin stuff, like checking inventory
    • Do most of the public writing stuff for RPGs, like describing the various game systems we have
    • Anything else that gets delegated to me
    • Any sneaky extra promotion I can do

    And, most importantly: * Make sure everyone's having a good time ;)

  • Graphic Design - Avatar for Alyssa Alyssa

    Photo for Alyssa

    To be filled in, perms have just been sorted

    • Creates all physical advertising material for the society, including the banner, business cards, posters/flyers per individual section of the society and the society as a whole, and stickers.
    • Creates all event promotion, including digital posters for events such as the Tabletop Weekends, quizzes and collaborations.
    • Looks into other methods of advertising and investigates their cost-effectiveness.
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer - Kelsey Edwards ( Avatar for kelseyk157 kelseyk157, Kelseyk#5830 )

    Photo for kelseyk157

    Hi! My name is Kelsey (she/her), I'm a third year English Lit and Creative Writing student, and I am your ED&I officer for 2023/24.

    Essentially, my role is to ensure that the society makes everyone feel welcome and included. Whilst we all strive to do this, I will pay extra close attention to any feedback we receive as a society, from event-attendees or otherwise, and work to ensure that everyone is represented and listened to. I also work closely with Alysha, our Welfare Officer, communicate with the other exec, and strive to collaborate with other societies to rectify any (under/mis) representations.

    I'm your point of contact for any concerns over under-representation, or queries about collaborations, or anything else! If I can't sort it as ED&I Officer, I will put on my Vice President hat and go from there.

    • Work with the Welfare Officer to ensure section 7 [of the constitution] is adequately fulfilled.
    • Strive to attend any ED&I related training that the SU/University offers and feedback any information learned to the exec as a whole.
    • Strive to obtain the society’s demographic breakdown from the SU if available, and note where we are under representative of certain groups.
    • Lead initiatives to try and rectify this (e.g. via collaborations with other Societies).
  • Welfare Officer - alysha ( Avatar for alysha.vd alysha.vd, alyshaaa#6447 )

    Photo for alysha.vd

    Hi! I’m Alysha (she/they) and I’m also your Welfare officer for 2023/24!
    This means I’ll always be around to help with any welfare issues & find the support you need!
    See you around!

    • Is the first point of contact between exec and members regarding issues relating to welfare (e.g. mental health)
    • Signposts anyone with welfare-related issues to the appropriate support
      • Works with the rest of the exec, the equal opps officer and the SU to make sure welfare issues are resolved where appropriate
    • Attends the SU welfare training and any other appropriate workshops/training