Upcoming Special Events

Online Quiz (Discord, Week 38, Friday 19th June, 6pm to 8pm)

Tabletop Radio (Week 38, Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st June, 12pm to 1am)

Tabletop Extravaganza (Discord, Week 39, Monday 27th June 10am - Saturday 29th June 10pm)

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Term 3 2019-20

Week number30313233343536373839
Week commencing20 Apr27 Apr4 May11 May18 May25 May1 Jun8 Jun15 Jun22 Jun
Isolation Tabletop
Mon 17:00-22:00
Isolation Draft
Tue 18:00-22:00
Not running Discord
Isolation CCGs
Thurs 17:00-22:00

Games are currently being run using a variety of online tools. Please join our discord, as games a being organised through that.

Term 3 Draft Schedule

Week number313233343536373839
Week commencing27 Apr4 May11 May18 May25 May1 Jun8 Jun15 Jun22 Jun
Draft Type
Subject to Change
IKO MB1 Chaos ISD Cube KTK Cube MM2

Drafts will be done on Dr4ft, and then played using Cockatrice.

See the respective week's event for more information.