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💮 River Rising: Xianxia text-based D&D 💮
No set time (suitable for busy / inconsistent schedules) Discord


D&D 5e, play-by-post, text based, using Avrae.

River Rising is a D&D 5e Westmarches server with Asian mythology and history-inspired themes, stories, and settings, played in the progression fantasy, or cultivation xianxia genre (a form of Chinese high fantasy where characters seek to become immortal beings).

We offer:
✦ A high magic campaign, with magic items readily available.
✦ Fast levelling through roleplay, PbP games, or server contribution.
✦ Both text and voice games; WotC modules or house adventures are all allowed.
✦ …

Run by: Devon ( crow )

Players: 4/48

T2 W2 MTG Kaladesh Booster Draft
18/1/2022 6pm-10pm B2.02 Science Concourse


Magic: The Gathering

Kaladesh Draft

Buy-in: £12 (no Prizes)

Check out the schedule for the rest of the term here.

Please note: draft is a competitive format, and is thus not suitable for people who have never played Magic: the Gathering before! If you want to learn how to play Magic, we recommend you check out our CCGs events, where someone can teach you how to play. We expect everyone attending our events to follow our code of conduct, which can be found here:

Run by: Henry ( hoph19 )

Players: 5/8

A Tabletop Painting Competition
29/12/21-29/01/22 Board Games Weekend

I've been hit with a sudden and wonderful font of painting inspiration and given how much fun I've had painting far too late into the night I thought it could be really fun to have a painting competition!
In the run up to Board Games Weekend you can paint whatever model you like, be it Wargs, Borgs, RPGs or even CCGs and Larp if you can. All you need is a currently unpainted (or only primed) model and the will to paint! In terms of a competition, this is more about having fun and learning from each other, …

Run by: Reylynn ( Fanged_Cutie )

Players: 6/100

Here I Stand

Here I Stand

We have 4 players and looking for 2 more! We're planning to play after the new year, probably sometime in the first week. We'll play on Tabletop Simulator.

This is a long game and will probably take the whole day and we might need to have a 2nd session as well, so know what you're getting into.

Here I Stand: Wars of the Reformation 1517-1555 is the first game in over 25 years to cover the political and religious conflicts of early 16th Century Europe. Few realize that the greatest feats of Martin Luther, J…

Run by: SpikyTurtle

Players: 0/2

Stille Nacht - A Supernatural Murder Mystery
Monday 20th 18:00 (TBC) Online

A small group of people living in a squalid village at Germany’s coast follows the invitation of a Medium and gathers in a lone house. It is the eve of December 24th, 1720. These Villagers have been haunted by the same spirit since a terrible flood killed more than a third of all residents three years ago. Like all the people who died that night, this spirit, too, returns to the village once a year. They come to mourn their death, but also to seek justice.

The Villagers know why they have been singled out.…

Run by: Sol ( minijester1 )

Players: 3/4

RWBY UTRPG Playtesting
TBD On Campus

rpgrwbyutrpgplaytestinggame design

RWBYUTRPG (original work)

As some of you may know I've made my own RPG, from scratch, over the past year or so. It's finally ready to playtest, and I need help ironing out the bugs and adding clarifying features etc. (Only very basic knowledge of the show and setting is requested, but not required). The jist of it is rapid and superhuman combat mixed with character individuality, utilising a d20 system with some notable quirks.

I have a server for this that some of you will already be acquainted with. To access the game material, y…

Run by: Oliver ( EndeDoge5 )

Players: 4/12

Blood Bowl Campaign/League
Monday Wargames

warhammerwargamesblood bowl

Blood Bowl 2020

Hey, so I've spoken about this for a while now and I thought I'd finally throw up the event.

Blood Bowl is a game that combines American football and fantasy. In a league, you get to develop players and watch your team evolve through the weeks and overall it just makes the game a whole lot more fun so I kind of want to run a league.

Feel free to join if you don't quite have a team yet or are just thinking about joining, I'll probably make a spreadsheet for the campaign in a couple of weeks and decide on p…

Run by: Alex ( Alder )

Players: 6/11

City of Mist: Nights of Payne Town
Saturdays 1-6 (but we can be more flexible) (starting 23/10) H0.66

rpgcity of mist

City of Mist (based on Powered By The Apocalypse)

Hello one and all! After the (surprising) success of my intro one shot and my (questionably) successful integration into the Warwick lifestyle, I've found some time to run a full campaign set in the City of Mist!. So, I've decided to run Nights of Payne Town, the full campaign arc published by Son of Oak Studios.

It is a time of turmoil in the City. The police are helpless against a new wave of crime, powered by forces they neither see nor understand. Ancient legends that were scheming in the shadows for…

Run by: Ben ( nasenbaer23 )

Players: 3/7

Extraordinary Challenge
12-6pm, Saturday 15th FAB3.33

You need coin. A lot of it. You’ve been tirelessly taking on adventuring jobs or even odd jobs, however you can’t save up enough.

However today you received a mysterious letter and upon opening it, a magical sound message came out saying:

If you yearn for coin
This midnight come to the Blue Cauldron
And if worthy you shall be rewarded

The message is suspicious and bizarre, but you need the coin now. Will you take the plunge and go?

Extraordinary Challenge is a one-shot for both newcomers and experienced pl…

Run by: SpikyTurtle

Players: 5/5

Tales from the Yawning Portal: The Forge of Fury


Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

3 players already in. Looking for one more to fill the party.

Running 'The Forge of Fury' Adventure from the 'Tales from the Yawning Portal' Book

Delve into Stone Tooth Mountain and the Legendary Dwarven Fortress Khundrukar seeking the wealth of treasures and ancient weapons hidden within. An adventure starting at 3rd Lvl through to 5th... if the party survives that long, in a dungeon packed with a variety of monsters and threats.

Message SnakeVortex9779#6234 on discord for more info. Will be invited to Di…

Run by: SnakeVortex9779

Players: 1/1