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Intro To RPGs Online Edition 2: The Sequel!
Midday, Saturday 16th January Various Online Locations

It's Term 2 and that means...

...another Introduction to the wonderful world of Tabletop Roleplaying Games!

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is perhaps the most popular Tabletop Roleplaying Game (RPG) of all time. If you have ever been interested in trying out RPGs, including D&D, this is your chance! Tabletop RPGs are something of a precursor to modern-day videogames, where a group of friends gather around a table to experience and interact with a thrilling story devised by a Dungeon Master (DM). The D…

Run by: Sol ( minijester1 )

Players: 20/100

Midday, Saturday 16th January Roll20 and Discord

Earth is a desolate wasteland. The few people left struggle for survival in a world drained of life. Martian colonies have taken everything left, leaving only scraps for those that still try to live on this planet. Only one source of entertainment remains - Gaslands, a no-holds barred, high-stakes show of death races. A chance for humans to get off this planet, for if they win, they get a one-way fully paid ticket out of this hellscape and into the haven that is Mars. There's just one snag - you're a group…

Run by: Finnbar ( finnbar )

Players: 5/8

[Intro to RPGs 2] The Work in Progress
Saturday 16th January, 2pm-6/7pm Discord, Roll20

Homebrew, characters at level 5. For new and experienced players on Discord and Roll20.
A party of skirmishing adventurers, well rested after a successful raid against a Rainforce outpost, are welcomed back to the town of Charlogh with thunderous applause as they walk triumphantly through the central road. Suddenly, and to the utter bewilderment of everyone in the crowds, the group vanishes into thin air with a burst of mist.
As the party slowly regains their senses they realise that they are in the centre…

Run by: Oliver ( EndeDoge5 )

Players: 4/5

[Intro to RPGs 2] Unravelling Times
12:00 - 18:00 Saturday 16th 2021 The Internet!



All of you have been part of the guild for various small adventures for the better part of a year, and this new adventure isn't anything out of the ordinary; travel to a bandit camp, intimidate or otherwise break them up, return, with evidence, to get the reward.
However, before you can even begin this latest quest, something strange catches all of your attention...

This game is designed for somewhat experienced players, or new players, as the characters are level 6; it's fine if this is your first or seco…

Run by: Benjamin ( Benji )

Players: 5/6

[Intro to RPGs 2] Defiance in Phlan
16th January Online

rpgd&d 5eintro to rpgs

Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Strange goings on are afoot in the city of Phlan, and it’s up to you and your fellow adventurers to uncover them in this series of mini adventures. Explore different areas of the city, learn what you can from it’s people, and fight to foil villains and save your lives.

This game is designed for new players, with characters at level 1, but experienced players are also welcome. Pregenerated characters are provided, and available to view on Roll20 once you have signed up, though players are welcome to make th…

Run by: Timothy ( Tim )

Players: 5/6

[Intro to RPGs 2] Tales from the Loop: Killer Birds
Midday, Saturday 16th January Roll20/Discord

rpgintrotales from the loop

Tales from the Loop

Summertime. Neverending days spent roaming the countryside looking for something to do. Boredom and bliss in equal measure.
But underneath the sweet Swedish summer, something stirs.
Something is wrong. It begins with a talking bird, and soon the Kids are involved in a nefarious plot.
Can they solve the Mystery before it is too late?

You will take on the role of Kid's in the "80's that never was", solving a weird and wonderful mystery of the loop!

No prior experience to RPGs required this Narratively dri…

Run by: Sol ( minijester1 )

Players: 2/5