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Shoebox Cube
30/11 B2.02, during CCGs

The shoebox cube is a yugioh cube I have been working on built out of ebay job lots and cards found in a shoebox that I am really excited to try and test out. I'm planning on running a 4 player draft of the cube in CCGs on Thursday, or at Tabletop weekend on Saturday if there is more interest in running it then.

The full list of the cube contents can be found here:

Run by: Matthew ( Secundus )

Players: 0/3

The walking dead man
6-10 PM sunday 3rd of December FAB (tbc)

the story takes place in the kingdom of Tridora, in a small village established near the tearful pass. The village is a junction between different mercantile roads in a small region. As a group of adventurers will spend time resting in a local inn, they will hear rumors about suspicious activities occurring in the area. the kind of activity subject to attract inquisitor's attention...

this is a homebrew personalised system, open to both veterans and beginners.

Run by: Andrea ( Friendlybastard09 )

Players: 0/4

Lancer One-shot : Fires of Rogul
10:00 - 16:00 1/11/23 FAB



Big Mech RPG!

That's about it! A group of 5 ragtag mercenaries make there way into a long forgotten cave system, where everything is absolutely, 100%, fine. Ill be your GM for the day and remember, mechs are the best. So is Titanfall 2.

Come along, new players welcome, we will be playing at LL 4, (License Level 4).


Run by: Hess

Players: 4/5

A New Term, a New Painting Competition
Tabletop Weekend 3/12/23, Exact Time TBD Tabletop Weekend, Likely B2.02

The Tabletop Painting Competition once again makes a return albeit with a new judge.
The Painting Competition is designed for people to have fun and celebrate the painting skill of our members or even (if you're like me) just provide an excuse to slowly shrink that pile of shame. Although there will be a winner, it is a friendly competition and members are encouraged to discuss and share tips to help everyone improve and enjoy the process.
Each competition runs a theme which may help provide inspiration wh…

Run by: James ( James_Hurst )

Players: 5/100

Blood Bowl League
Wargames/Board Games

A new year is upon us and so is another season of Blood Bowl.

Blood Bowl is a miniatures game about fantasy American Football. You start with a basic fantasy team from a variety of races (elves, orcs, undead, etc...) and throughout the league will develop them into star blood bowl players.

I will set up a schedule of games for the term, you will be expected to play one game every 2-3 weeks or so, this is probably best done at wargames or board games.

Usually players would build their own teams but I have a…

Run by: Alex ( Alder )

Players: 1/7

Mystery booster phantom draft - Saturday 28th
12pm Saturday 28th Tabletop weekend

Mystery Booster Convention Edition Phantom Draft!!!

Given its tabletop weekend, I want to play magic! On Saturday I'll be hosting a phantom draft (i.e. It's free to draft but I keep all the cards). I'll also bring along some cammander decks to play so we can jam those after.

Start time will be 12pm, so we should finish by 6pm ish and can then order some food and play commander.

What is the set?
- Mystery Boosters are basically chaos drafts in a box, full of random cards from all over magic's history. T…

Run by: Ross ( rossjsg )

Players: 8/8

One Last Drop II
Fridays wk7 + 8: 4-7pm FAB 2.31


Eat the Reich

The year: 1943. The place: Nazi-occupied Paris. You are an agent of F.A.N.G, the Allies' top secret undead commando unit. Your target? Adolf Hitler.


Hello and welcome to what should be a two-session mini-campaign of Eat the Reich to mark Halloween, because nothing says Halloween like the brutal exsanguination of fascists and all they stand for. Eat the Reich is a campaign and game written by Rowan, Rook and Decard (the people responsible for Honey Heist and Spire), w…

Run by: Ben ( nasenbaer23 )

Players: 6/6

Welcome to the Duchy of Egreria!
TBD TBD (potentially Cryfield Village Hall)

Hello there,

My name is James and I shall be your dungeon master. I am looking for about 3/4 people to join a new D&D campaign which I hope will run either weekly or every fortnight (once we get up and running). Previous experience with D&D 5e is preferred although not essential.

This campaign will take place in my own homebrew world of Aeldoria and our tale shall begin in the Duchy of Egreria located at the south end of the Free Planes of Pardinia. A little over fifteen years ago, Duke Irihan Glas…

Run by: James ( TheGreatForest )

Players: 4/4

The Ringed City
16:00 - 22:00 FAB4.80


D&D 5e

The barony of Ebenford, like most civilisation on the continent of Anderum and, indeed, the world of Kvaern, exists as an island of order amongst an ocean of chaotic wilderness - most notably the Barbwood, an arc of dense forest bordering the barony on the northern and eastern sides. The city of Ebenford, known as the Ringed City for its now-ruined layers of defensive walls, has been the seat of power for the noble house of Kenway for five generations - Lord and Lady Kenway are now dead. Their children, t…

Run by: Harry ( hotel )

Players: 6/6

Legacy: Life Among the Ruins
TBA, depending on player schedules Probably the FAB

The world ended. Maybe in fire, in darkness, in choking smoke or arcane error or a fate stranger still. Will the survivors build a home worthy of the name, something new arising like a phoenix? Or will we vanish into the black again, the last spark from a quenched fire?

Legacy: Life Among the Ruins is a PBTA game of survival and rebuilding in a world ravaged and altered by incomprehensible calamity. It is interested not only in the days and weeks after the end of the world, but the struggles that follow Ra…

Run by: Hannah ( AceEmpress )

Players: 1/1