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Knights of the Squared Circle- Play By Post
Whenever people can reply to Discord messages! DISCORD!


World Wide Wrestling RPG (2e) - Powered by the Apocalypse

You know what sucks? Third year. Means I can't run in person games as much as I'd like because I don't have the time, energy or headspace. What that means though is that I have to get... a little creative. A little inventive if you will. A little bit FUNKY Ben don't descend into Dusty Rhodes promos just yet


So, I want to run a silly play-by-post game which won't take itself too seriously, be too much of a time commitment for me or for anyone else and lets me indulge a silly passi…

Run by: Ben ( nasenbaer23 )

Players: 4/7

Travel on the Misha Maruu
Tuesdays 6-10, starting Term 3 FAB3.30

rpgtravellersci fi

Classic Traveller

The Misha Maruu is a freighter ship converted into a mid-quality cruise liner. It takes a route from Rhylanor to Regina, first stop Equus, and it'll jump you there alive. Mostly. Hopefully.

Your character has been hired by Tyrell Risk Management for a mission on Equus to kidnap a crime boss, and has chosen to take this ship for a nice (enough), affordable travel experience to put on company dime.

Traveller is a 2d6 sci-fi system set in the far-flung future where faster-than-light travel exists and always t…

Run by: Sam ( smol_mcstabby )

Players: 5/5

Worlds out there where the sky is burning
Weekly Term 3, day and time tbd tbd, on campus

rpgdoctor who rpg

The Doctor Who RPG

"According to all known laws of physics, time travel is a complete impossibility. Even if it didn't violate every theoretical and experimental principle, the mere existence of time travel should rightly have already utterly bastardised the history of the universe so as to be incomprehensible. Despite this, evidence of time travel has been observed on multiple occasions. Attempts to resolve this contradiction have as of yet been unsuccessful." - Extract from UNIT Archive

I am finally going to be running thi…

Run by: Matthew ( Secundus )

Players: 4/4

Into the Mist
16:00 to 22:00 Sundays FAB 6.01


DnD 5e

This will be a high fantasy campaign taking place in my homebrew setting of Coren. As a band of adventurers, mercenaries or whatever else, you all have found yourself in the city – state of Awldin. Known for its old university and vast quarries of marble, it lies in a circle in the middle of the Gauswood, a deadly forest with trees that pierce the clouds. Now, you all gather together in the office of a historian at the university after seeing an advertisement for adventurers. Who knows where this mission m…

Run by: alantree

Players: 6/6

Guards! Guards!
Tuesdays, 6-10pm S0.52


Resistance Toolkit

Guards! Guards!
We’ve all heard the tales: groups of adventurers roll into town, trash the tavern, get into fights, and steal anything not nailed down; and no one dares do anything about it because they’re the people keeping us all safe from the bandits/monsters/rats in the basement. Well, no longer!

As the latest batch of recruits into the recently re-founded City Guard, the keys to the city (and some other keys nobody recognises) are now yours, but don’t expect an easy life. Your new responsibilities wil…

Run by: Sophie ( Sopphic )

Players: 1/1

The Wild Sheep Chase
13th Jan 2024, 12-5pm TBC

The party’s attempt to grab a rare afternoon of downtime is interrupted by a frantic sheep equipped with a Scroll of Speak to Animals and a fierce determination to get their attention. This is no mere beast, however, but a wizard fallen victim to an embittered apprentice wielding a Wand of True Polymorph! Transformed assassins are looking to grab themselves a mutton dinner, while the only object capable of restoring his opposable thumbs lies in the hands of his former pupil and current nemesis. Fortunatel…

Run by: crevg

Players: 4/4

INTRO TO RPGS: Help! Supervillains keep blowing up my school!
Saturday 13th FAB


Masks: A New Generation

"A giant robot is smashing down Main Street. Your best friend tried to kiss you. Your mom thinks your grades need work. Your mentor thinks your team is bringing you down. Oh, and your costume is ripped." - Masks Main Rulebook

Have you ever been involved in teenage melodrama? Have you ever spent your nights patrolling the city as a superhero? What if you had a system that could do both?

Masks is a PBTA system about teenage superheroes struggling to find their place in a city straight out of your favourite c…

Run by: Scruff ( Scruffwuffulous )

Players: 5/5

Honey Heist!

rpgintro to rpgs

Honey Heist

It's HONEYCON 2024 and YOU are going to undertake the greatest heist the world has ever seen!

There are two main points to this operation:
1. You have a complex plan that requires intricate timing.
2. You are a GODDAMN BEAR

This is a very silly, beginner-friendly rpg that's simply about being a bear and committing crime. You can also wear a silly hat!

We will do all the character creation on the day and all you'll need is some six sided dice, something to write with and snacks!

Run by: Scarlett ( scarlett.s )

Players: 6/6

Defiance in Phlan
Saturday 13th FAB 6.01

Strange goings on are afoot in the city of Phlan, and it’s up to you and your fellow adventurers to uncover them in this series of mini adventures. Explore different areas of the city, learn what you can from it’s people, and fight to foil villains and save your lives.

Dungeons and Dragons 5e is a game of high fantasy adventure, where you play as a group of friends or allies looking to get by, get rich, help others, or achieve personal goals by taking on a variety of quests and challenges. You all have ski…

Run by: Timothy ( Lawful_Tim )

Players: 5/5

Welcome to the Duchy of Egreria!
TBD TBD (potentially Cryfield Village Hall)

Hello there,

My name is James and I shall be your dungeon master. I am looking for about 3/4 people to join a new D&D campaign which I hope will run either weekly or every fortnight (once we get up and running). Previous experience with D&D 5e is preferred although not essential.

This campaign will take place in my own homebrew world of Aeldoria and our tale shall begin in the Duchy of Egreria located at the south end of the Free Planes of Pardinia. A little over fifteen years ago, Duke Irihan Glas…

Run by: James ( TheGreatForest )

Players: 4/4