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Into the Weird West
Tuesdays. 1700-onwards Wherever I can get a room



Hi folks, or should i say Howdy.
Now I know that DnD is the most popular game system here. And don't get me wrong, dashing around as the mighty heroes of fantasy, seducing dragons, smiting rogues, and generally eldritch blasting everything that moves is good fun. But perhaps you're interested, like me, in something a bit different. A little grittier, riskier and more dramatic. With still plenty of opportunities for insane heroics and regrettable decisions.

If so might I suggest to you Deadlands. A system a…

Run by: Ciaran ( sum1 )

Players: 6/7

Adventures in Middle Earth (Looking for Interest)


Adventures in Middle Earth, D&D 5e

Hi there,

I am looking to start running some games this term, looking particularly at Adventures in Middle Earth, whether a campaign or series of oneshots.
I ran sessions back last year and those who took part in them will remember how great they were. Scoping out the system over multiple weeks I am convinced by it as a great alternative to normal 5e. It manages to capture that LoTR feel perfectly and the games always felt (at least for me) natural and complete.

So, I am looking to gather a bit of informat…

Run by: Sol ( minijester1 )

Players: 25/30

Invasion at the Observatory
12:00-18:00, 7/12/19 WA1.10

rpgd&d 5e

D&D 5E

When mages are kicked out of their various institutions for practising dangerous magic, they come to the Observatory. Here they can experiment on the forefront of magical technology to further our growth, while keeping the general public safe from their 'mistakes'. As the Meltdown Crew, it is your job to clean up when experiments go wrong.

One day in winter, the alarm is raised from the portal labs. Most likely, they've just summoned a dangerous elemental by mistake again.

This is a 12th level one-shot. We…

Run by: Callum ( soupsmith )

Players: 1/1

On The Run
one weekday evening per week If there is interest, I will request a room from the society.

On The Run is planned to be a D&D campaign taking place within the Greyhawk setting. The players will start the game as novice adventurers from Ogard, leading a band of refugees away from the wrath of the orcish host which the ambitious Pomarji chief Turosh Mak drove upon their lands. What will become of the party and their frightened protégés will depend upon the players' capacity for clever improvisation. This is meant to be a story-heavy campaign, best suited to players who enjoy role-playing, inves…

Run by: George ( zpentomino )

Players: 5/5

The Eternal Isles
Saturdays or Fridays, depending on availability

I originally wasn’t really planning on GMing this year, but I’ve decided that I need more reasons to not study. I know it’s a bit late to start a longterm game, but it you are like me it should make for an excellent excuse to not do work, which is what we’re at uni for after all.

The Eternal Isles is a dnd 5e campaign set in a homebrew world comprised of 13 islands as old as time itself. The current empire and its not so glittering cities are built on the ruins of their predecessors; all except the white t…

Run by: Joey ( chilifiend )

Players: 5/5

D&D 5e Campaign
1-4:30 Saturdays MB0.08


D&D 5e

I thought I was happy not running a long-term campaign this year but no, I caught the itch again.

This would be a High-Ish level (starting at at least 5, using XP levelling) (thats high for me, I've never DMed above 4 before), high magic, fairly combat-heavy game. I love running complex and tactical combats so if that's not your thing then maybe this game isn't for you. That being said, I'm also more than happy with roleplay, I don't want to sound like I'm anti-story, quite the opposite.

Ideally, I'd DM f…

Run by: Wilkie ( wilkieds )

Players: 4/4

A Vault Worth a Mint
Saturday 12:00 (Flexibile) TBD


D&D 5e

Puddledeep - The City That Never Sweeps. For such a city, the sum of one-half-million gold dragons may be a drop in the bucket; but with taxes so low, the loss of the City Redevelopment Fund is a bucket to the face. The Lord is gone, we haven’t lost him too, we just think he’s run away, and the only clues to the location of the cash may have fled with him.
So, is the city crying out for a group of random level one heroes to restore the lost kitty? Not really, to be honest... we’re a bit strapped at the mom…

Run by: Hailey ( Hazell )

Players: 3/3

Of Sanest Deities and Maddest Men
Saturdays 12:00 Onward (is flexible) TBD


D&D 5e

I pondered, with mind at pruritus, profusely at the Peaks of Truth;
I scoured, scorched the rank and file of Reason’s marches;
Roused I with jaundice from cirrhosis of the heart.
I could not answer, under oxymoronic syllogism-
‘How come the Gods are sane, if men be mad?’

~Maldaros, 6th Verse, Temptations of the Dawn

The world is much overdue for a campaign of serious character interactions, and the building of genuine catharsis. I will deliver a D&D 5th Edition long term campaign- the …

Run by: Roman ( Pycaler )

Players: 7/7

The Shores of Bywick
Saturdays - 12:00 Onwards S1.141


I'll be running a campaign for Pathfinder 1E, staring from Level 1. It'll be my first time running a campaign, though I have a solid amount of one-shot DMing and playing through a long-term campaign. I'm very happy to have newcomer players or people who've had some interest in Pathfinder but haven't had a chance to play it before, as I'll be starting from a lower-level nonetheless.

The overall setting is the world of Eidolon, a swathing continental world with sweeping oceans, grand forests, strange …

Run by: Christopher ( Cerenarian )

Players: 5/5

The World of Gadrei
To be determined

The world of Gadrei is far from young one and has faced many a tragedy in its lifetime. Watched over by the three Gods: the Brother of Beginning, the Sister of the Present and the One of the End; has persisted. As of late the world has seen advancements from the discovery of light stone to the advent of new forms of transport in the form of train networks which connect several of larger cities and some key local places. It while it’s past a present are known, it’s future yet to be seen.

The world of Gadrei…

Run by: Nathan ( Chilloutnitro )

Players: 2/2