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[Hallowe'ek] Nice Marines: The Emperor's (New) Halloween Party
Sunday 1st November Afternoon(ish) Discord and Roll20

It is 40,000 years in the future. The Emperor, who was once the most powerful being in known existence, is now little more than a corpse on a golden throne of lies. However, we all know if there’s one thing skeletons in shiny seats love, it’s a good Halloween Party! The duty of planning this event is acclaimed by all across the sector, and as the next on the conscription list the emperor’s current favourite space marines, you have been given this great honour! You’re not exactly built for a peaceful missio…

Run by: Jamie ( moehike )

Players: 5/6

[Hallowe'ek] DREAM HEIST
Saturday 31st October, 7:30pm - (roughly) midnight Discord and some dice rolling platform

It's said that everyone has their own personal books, a script to play out life from. You are all Readers, arcane thieves who are able to manipulate these books, take events from anywhere within them and play them out, no matter how it fits into the now. You work in the world of dreams and nightmares, but after a botched heist there the authorities are after you, and you need to find a way out...

DREAM HEIST is a new surreal RPG system written entirely for this one shot. It's pretty different from most RPG…

Run by: Finnbar ( finnbar )

Players: 6/6

[[Hallowe'ek]] [Blaseball]-[The] [Discipline] [Era]: Retribution
Saturday 31st October, Afternoon-ish The Internet, anywhere I can roll and show dice

We all know the story of how the Hall Stars defeated the Shelled One, freeing Blaseball from its tyrannical rule and possibly escaping Blaseball in the process. Through this, the Crabs, and Blaseball, ascended.

But what if they hadn't?
What if the crabs had limped back from their defeat, accursed and ashamed?
What if a newly angered shelled one watched over the league with anger in its peanut heart?
What if we ignored most of those deep questions that exist mostly to justify this being horror and thus run…

Run by: Hannah ( AceEmpress )

Players: 4/4

[Hallowe'ek] Ten Candles - A Tragic Horror RPG (Online?)
One night of Halloweek Online

Ten days ago something, or someone, blotted out the
sky. Now no stars can be seen, all communication with
satellites has been lost, and the sun no longer lights up the
sky. Five days after this anomaly occurred, They came. No
one knows exactly who or what They are, but two very
important things are clear.
They fear the light.
They’re coming for you.

Though you know your characters will die,
you must have hope that they will survive.

Ten Candles is a tragic horror, time based, cooperative story telling game…

Run by: Sol ( minijester1 )

Players: 4/4

One-Shot; Whaler's Song
Wednesday or Friday Night(s) Discord (Link coming soon)


D&D 5e Online

"Welcome to Cloudsea - a world of endless skies and hundreds of islands on which the last vestiges of the old world cling, held aloft above a unending, raging Storm. In this world of Magic and Metal, your characters have been hired by the Traskian Whaling Company to take part in a whaling mission. These jobs are notorious for their danger - and their lucrative payouts. So, grab your harpoons and nets; it's Whaling season."

Whaler's Song will be a One/Two-Shot run in my heavily homebrewed Arcanepunk/Magipun…

Run by: Isabelle (Izzy!) ( izzymandias )

Players: 4/4

DnD 5e For Beginners
See description Online


DnD 5e+ online (free) tools

A relaxed, informal few sessions (that I'm absolutely prepared to turn into a campaign if people enjoy them) to introduce people to DnD 5e. We'll cover everything from character creation to combat, and have a lot of memorable moments in the process! This will be run on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays (depending on player consensus, I'm free all 3) from 19:00-21:00/22:00, depending on the session and how people feel about it. Message me (Lewis.P) on discord or register for the group on this website if you're …

Run by: Lewis.P

Players: 8/8

Guilds of Ravnica
TBA Roll20+Discord


D&D 5e

The leaves have turn over, the streets are wet with chilly afternoon rain, and the looming signs of winter are beginning to incite paranoia amongst the citizens of district 10-a district in the ecumenopolis that is Ravnica.
Several Azorius guard were escorting a goblin as prisoner down the street whilst a cloud of misty, impenetrable fog creep behind them-waiting and surveying.
Days later you receive a letter from your dear friend Nassius Ven from the minister of the guild pact about organising a search f…

Run by: Lap ( TheRealLap )

Players: 6/6