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Starfinder: Agents of the Outer Rim
11-5 on weekends next year, most days during Term 3 FAB

Starfinder is very similar to DnD but in space!

My first time running a Starfinder campaign, it will last till the end of next year and it will be in person in the FAB on the weekends next year, and fairly regularly during Term 3.

I would prefer people who are newish to Starfinder, and there will be homebrew.

Message "Hess" over Discord so I know your interested!

Run by: Hess

Players: 1/6

Oli's Summer of RPGs 2022
Second half of term 3 On Campus

rpg5ehomebrewd&d 5estar warsalienrwbyutrpgsith

D&D 5e, ALIEN, RWBYUTRPG, Force and Destiny (FFG)

Beginning rift conversion. Unredacted information below, for your eyes only. Adventurers wanted. Games Term 3 and Beyond, Starting Week 6 (possible session zeros beforehand). On Campus, days of play yet undecided


Decoded message:

"Greetings, great denizens of Tabletop. I come bearing gifts of various RPGs for all who would be available on campus in any of the weeks in the latter half of term 3, and/or beyond!"
"Since I will be graduating at the end of the summer, I wanted to run as much a…

Run by: Oliver ( EndeDoge5 )

Players: 23/50