Society Documents


You can find the current constitution here. This is the document that details how the society is run and what each member of the exec is responsible for. If you want to discover the nitty-gritty of this organisation's structure, you need look no further! It's a thrilling read, I promise*.

* The executive committee of this society is in no way responsible for the consequences of reading this document. Known side effects of reading this document include boredom, drowsiness and unconsciousness. Do not read while operating heavy machinery. Always read the label.


Handover Document

Here you can find the handover document. This goes into significantly more detail about what and how each exec role is fulfilled. It contains within its copious pages tips and tricks for the duties and responsibilities of each role in turn. Want to know how to book rooms or format newsletters for facebook? It's all here in this document.


Moderation Guidelines

These are the guidelines for moderators of our Discord server. These include the different roles in the server, a closer look at our code of conduct, and what to do in the rare case of an infraction occurring.


How To Website Really Good

A document so useful that it has been proposed as Society mascot and has even been termed Tabletop Holy Scripture, How To Website Really Good takes you through how to run the website in just many easy steps. It's filled with screenshots so should hopefully be easy to follow, and it has code commentary on those looking to further improve the website.


How To Tablebot Really Good

The much shorter sequel (?) to the critically-acclaimed How To Website Really Good, explaining all things about our discord bot, Tablebot!


ED&I Report

This is a report written up by our ED&I officer going through the society's demographics as taken from the SU website and analysing them.