Warwick Tabletop Games and Role-Playing Society Code of Conduct

This society aims to provide an open and welcoming environment for all people. To this end, we ask that all persons taking part in any of our activities or participating in any of our online communities follow these guidelines.

  1. We are a welcoming society. Please welcome new members and help them to fit in. Please invite newcomers to your games, or if you see someone without a group, invite them in!
  2. We support a large array of people from all kinds of backgrounds. Discriminatory language of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or religious slurs.
  3. People do not always conform to your expectations, and that’s ok. We have members of a diverse range of genders, many of which are not immediately identifiable. For this reason, you should not assume someone’s gender based on their appearance; please ask for and respect people’s pronouns. Many of our members wear badges to identify their pronouns and we encourage you to do the same. (Badges can be acquired from the University or occasionally us.) Deliberate misuse of pronouns is transphobic and will not be tolerated in this society.
  4. We treat everyone with respect. Bullying, harassment and discrimination are never acceptable. Directing any sort of unpleasant or unwanted behaviour towards another person violates the university's policy on dignity and respect, which is treated with the level of seriousness it deserves. Please refer to the university's policy for further details.
  5. We’re here to play games. We try to keep political debate out of the society’s activities. This rule exists to avoid heated debate about topics that genuinely have two sides, as opposed to anything that contradicts rule 2. The lived experiences of marginalised people will not be removed under this no politics rule. We ask that you refrain from discussion that could spark political debate at our events and in our online communities (like our Discord server).
  6. Our society should be a safe place for everyone to have fun. Like above, please avoid discussing potentially disturbing topics (such as gore and topics of a sexual nature) in public locations and channels without warning people who may come across this material. Online, this should normally take the form of warnings at the beginning of a discussion and spoiler tags if available. Offline this is more difficult, so please use your common sense.
  7. We like to cultivate a positive atmosphere. Please avoid excessive cursing. We are all adults, but overboard or extreme language can make some people uncomfortable. Please avoid directing insults or strong language towards people.
  8. We respect others’ opinions. If someone approaches you asking you to avoid doing something, please do so. There are many reasons someone may ask you to desist, and it often isn’t kind to require justification. If you have an issue with a request, please contact an exec to help resolve this dispute.
  9. Finally, if an exec makes a request, please follow it. We’re here for the benefit of everyone. If you have any complaints regarding a member’s conduct, you can contact the exec (particularly the Welfare exec or ED&I exec), or the SU directly for support.