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Twilight Imperium
Game begins Saturday 24th October, finishes Sunday 25th Discord, Tabletop Simulator

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Twilight Imperium 4th Edition on Tabletop Simulator

Twilight Imperium 4th Edition is an epic boardgame of galactic conquest, politics and trade. It's THE definitive long-form space-opera strategy game, and it's produced by Fantasy Flight, so you know it's good.

3-6 players each take control of one of 17 completely asymmetric races seeking to win supremacy over the galaxy. The aim: to use cunning strategy, skilful diplomacy and a bit of brute force to outmanoeuvre your opponents to be the first to reach 10 victory points and claim the imperial throne.

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Run by: Alasdair ( Puns_and_ships )

Players: 9/12